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  1. Greetings Manut. If you stay around long enough - I'm sure you'll catch the allure of stereo music!
  2. Hey there Gav, plenty to 'test and spend' on in the classifieds! Good luck with the upgrades.
  3. Thanks for the advice Muon. We were able to get DSD playback going via the plugin, but Tidal seems like a pipedream haha. Have you seen an easy step-by-step to get it going? Neither of us are truly computer-literate.
  4. Hi there team, Looking for some advice (for a friend) running Windows 10, looking for a Tidal-integrated player that supports MQA. He was originally using Audirvana but the trial has ended, the Tidal desktop app is a little lacking comparatively. Are there any free players out there that have Tidal integration, and also support MQA? Just looking for some options to test out against the Tidal-app, while he waits for paycheck to secure Audirvana! Thanks as always all, David
  5. Bump Also very interested to hear feedback from an active user !
  6. Thanks for the kind words J, I am looking forward to slowly discovering what Adelaide has to offer !
  7. Hi Kym, I'm only 29, and while I do have experience with LPs, a majority of my listening over the years has been done digital. I'm more saying that I know some albums so well, I don't feel like I have found a sound system that can play back all the different aspects of the song that I *remember*, something is always missing. But I'm excited to start the journey and see if it is possible !
  8. Thanks AI.M, I had found this in google searches. Surprisingly very few offering USB out though. I've actually just finalised a great deal on a Lumin U1 Mini. I'll report back in a few days for a quick review!
  9. Hey Dude, the Node 2i looks great, and good to know the UI is workable for you after Audirvana/iPad, but the Node doesn't seem to include USB OUT. Cheers to a (previously) fellow Audurvaneer though!
  10. The Moon looks gorgeous but I don’t think it has a USB output. The CXN and the Node are the same! It seems my USB requirement are thinning out the options. Thanks for your recommendations Turtle. I’m having a good look at the Rendu now.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation guys. I had actually reached out to Cameron last week, but he has sold this one already. The Aries is a real consideration.
  12. Thanks for the kind words gents, very happy to be here!
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