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  1. Hi, I upgraded from using Audirvana on a Macbook Air, I haven't had any experience with the famous Node2i. The most obvious improvement was a real lowering of the noise floor. Instruments seemed to have more 'space' to 'flesh out' and the decay became a tad more natural. Improvements in overall dynamics were less pronounced, but still apparent. But in all honesty, I couldn't speculate on how it compares with the Node2i.
  2. Hi Con, I haven't come across NB Cables before, so thanks for the suggestion. Considering some of the other advice, I think I will be increasing my budget beyond entry level upgrades like NB. I'll revise my original post now to include a price range and required length. Thanks again for reaching out. Hi Init, thanks for the link to Cullen range. Looks like Mick (075Congo) seconds your suggestion so I'll have a good look at them. It is a little more than I was hoping to spend but might be worth trying to get my hands on a set to try them out. Thanks Mick, looks lik
  3. Hi gents, thanks for the comments and suggestions. This was very much my thinking, but I was interested to see if someone would come out of the woodwork with a great matching budget cable, one can only dream ! I'll be increasing my budget and checking out some reviews of midrange cables. Thanks again for the suggestions
  4. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence re Mogami, Dan. Will definitely keep it on the list.
  5. Hi Bill, I have your boutique copper cables on the short list already ! Thanks for reaching out.
  6. Hi all, I am running a Halcro MC20 with one of Chris Daly's passive preamps. I get a lovely full sound running balanced between the 2, but am using a very basic XLR cable. I'm looking for suggestions on an upgrade. Cables need to be minimum 2.5m, 3m would be perfect. In price range $200-500. I prefer copper to silver in my limited experience. Thanks all, David
  7. Very glad to hear the pricing will be coming back It's a great feature
  8. Hi Bodge, I sent you a PM earlier; please check the time stamps ! Sorry Naggots !
  9. Trusted seller (and good guy all ‘round!), buy with confidence. GLWS
  10. Really enjoying the podcast you sad bastards, keep it up! An episode on matching components - impedance etc, wouldn't go a miss
  11. Seems like you wondered onto the Penrose Staircase hahaha. I'm still looking for a door..
  12. Hahahaha, I had exactly the same thing! Literally swapped DACs and seconds later started skipping...
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