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  1. Hi Keith, The LXMini is a bit of a unique speaker designed by the late Siegfried Linkwitz, most commonly known as the co-inventor of the Linwitz-Riley crossover filter. SL explains the speaker better than I can so the general introduction can be found at https://www.linkwitzlab.com/LXmini/Introduction.htm I haven't demo much high end audio equipment so its hard for me to give an honest comparison, but personally I couldn't be more impressed with the system and judging from reviews around the net its highly praised. I originally built it using a kit from https://www.magiclx521.com/ Plus in this case means its the speakers + subwoofers following Davey's design at ( https://oplug-support.org/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=3369 ). I've got two 3 channel hypex ucd amps powering the system with crossovers & equalisation handled on a htpc... so its not really stacking as much since each speaker has its own sub and is fully digitally controlled its more of an active 3 way system. Cheers, Pete
  2. Feel free to message me, I'm happy to give a demo if its a convenient time. Amps are currently being repaired, so hoping to have the system back in a few weeks.
  3. Hey Mate, Been looking for a BIC F12 subwoofer for awhile so I'll buy this. Don't suppose you're able to meet closer to Greensborough by any chance though? No dramas if not, I'm still keen, its just a bit of a trip by Uber... Cheers, Pete
  4. Hi All, Been a lurker for awhile so thought I'd introduce myself so I join the discussions. Got bitten by the audiophile bug about ten years ago when I setup room correction using BruteFIR on a linux PC, from there have been incrementally building and experimenting. The pride of my collection is an LXMini plus system (using Davey's dual subwoofers for base) powered by a very nice set of custom built Hypex UcD power amps I picked up from a member on the oplug forums. Have a bit of an itch to experiment so looking to build a gainclone amp and maybe try a pair of Nuraphone headphones and support a local Melbourne company. Listen to everything and typically have ambient music running when working from home, but always keen to try music that brings the best out of high end equipment. Cheers, Pete
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