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  1. A solid Aussie red & Japanese whisky keeps the TT turning
  2. Check the settings In my Marantz sr6010 the settings have a multiple menu 4 standby shutdown times. I never use standby so I disabled it, I always turn off at the mains
  3. More laid back cool 😎 Lou Reed - "Legendary Hearts" (RCA 1983 New York)
  4. Mid Morning cool 😎 "Robert Palmer" Heavy Nova (EMI 1988)
  5. I know what you mean "Baby's on Fire" prequal to grunge overdrive guitars 801-Live (EG Records 1976)
  6. https://www.auselectronicsdirect.com.au/4-input-2-output-hdmi-switcher-with-audio-splitter Something like this then you can use both the TV / PJ for all your items
  7. Phil Manzanera (Polydor 1977 England) - 801 Mel Collins on Soprano Sax Eno on Synth. Still a great listen !
  8. last 4 the arvo a bit of classic rock .... l.o.u.d .... Lou Reed (RCA 1974) Rock N Roll Animal
  9. 2 x HDMI digital inputs, ie PS4 & Google Chromecast ? 1 x D-sub 15-pin input i.e Video feed from telstra, tv, ? 1 x D-sub 15-pin input i.e computer screen ? as for sound setup a multi switch box or an AV amp of sorts as the sound bar has only 2 inputs 1 digital & 1 pair rca
  10. Serious afternoon Blues Harp time ✔ Sony Terry (Alligator 1984) Whoopin !
  11. Robin Trover (Crysalis 1978) Caravan 2 Midnight
  12. Blve Oyster Cvlt (1973 CBS) Tyranny & Mvtation "pumping loud"
  13. but .... I love my 4K PJ 😱
  14. HiFiBruno The 50mm is great 4 the opposite wall, is there a door there? If so cover it most internals are hollow core. 75mm panels behind the speakers would work great. You'll be able 2 listen louder without muddy bass roll off. I've just replaced a Dual732Q auto & bought a manual Rega P2 with belt, cartridge & stub weight upgrade, cost all up $1k.
  15. IMO get a quality subwoofer also with such a box shaped room build some bass traps where the curtains are and on the directly opposite wall i.e.
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