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  1. In the last few days have got to listen to a lot of my recent purchases
  2. Looks like mine has finally returned from Kevin's repair as I received the delivery attempt card yesterday from Canada Post. I'll post my thoughts about the whole thing after it's settled in.
  3. I have purchased, or have on pre-order, all of the Tone Poets except Mr Shing A Ling (just couldn't get into it). I've also purchased most of the BN 80th Anniversary titles (again most of the funk based titles I just couldn't get into so passed on). They've all been purchased on Amazon.ca or one of its retailers. I want the items & bricks & mortar here don't seem to care to carry them. The Tone Poets are identical to the Music Matters, other than a couple of titles aren't gatefold. The BN 80s are excellent pressings but packaging is pretty basic (not much different than the 75th anniv). I would have preferred the more deluxe packaging & happily pay the difference but at the price they sell for can't complain at all. Every pressing has been ruler flat & no issues. Tone Poet: Wayne Shorter Etcetera Chick Corea Now He Sings Now He Sobs Sam Rivers Contours Gil Evans New Bottle Old Wine Cassandra Wilson Glamoured Joe Henderson State of The Tenor 2 Lee Morgan Cornbread Baby Face Willette Face to Face Dexter Gordon Clubhouse Donald Byrd Chant Kenny Burrell Introducing Kenny Burrell Andrew Hill Black Fire Stanley Turrentine Hustlin Blue Note 80: Dexter Gordon Doin Alright Herbie Hancock Takin Off Robert Glasper Canvas Johnny Griffin Introducing Johnny Griffin Freddie Hubbard Open Sesame Grant Green Grant's First Stand Lou Donaldson Alligator Boogaloo Donald Byrd Ethiopian Knights John Scofield Hand Jive
  4. Nah, sorry. Not giving up the gatefold Tone Poet Blue Notes. Just buy another record case. Problem solved unless you're living in a tiny studio apt.
  5. So I received an update from Kevin last week. He's still not got to the bottom of it and has decided to just replace the entire board which will mean another few months of break-in when it returns. It should be on it's way back in a week or so.
  6. I like the polished look. Very nice benny!
  7. Wound up purchasing all the rest of the Tone Poet series and the Blue Note 80 that have been released so far except the Lou Donaldson "Mr Shing A Ling" which just doesn't move me. The packaging on the TP series are the equal of the Music Matters BN lps. The Blue Note 80 lps are much simpler packaging but the pressings appear to be as flawless as the TP releases.
  8. Actually it wasn't that bad. About $600 CAD all in. The great part is most of it was purchased online & shipped for free. If I had to pay an additional $20-30 postage (expensive here in The Great White North) for each item I'd not have done it. I would really like to purchase at bricks and mortar stores but in my area none of this stuff is available even on special order. I'm esp happy about the Blue Note purchases because these will probably sell out fairly quickly at these reasonable prices.
  9. I've been on a bit of a premium vinyl buying spree the last couple of weeks: Jackie McLean - Music Matters 2x45 rpm Classic Records 4x45 rpm Blix Street Records 7x45 rpm 180 gm re-issue Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series Blue Note Tone Poet Series
  10. I purchased a copy of Shelby Lynne's Just a Little Lovin' on clear vinyl a few years ago. You'd swear someone had been using it for frisbee in a gravel pit! Noisiest new lp I ever purchased.It took about 5 major cleanings by hand with a mild dish detergent & isopropyl solution. Each time it became a little less noisy until now there's hardly a tick. If there's no visible pressing defects give multiple cleanings a try first. You might be surprised.
  11. If you're just looking for some round pillar carpeted traps you could build those yourself. Just go to the hardware store and buy some sonotube and carpet to go around it. Or hire a carpenter for a day or two.
  12. Nice to know he backs up his work with customer service! He responded in less than 24 hours and said to just ship it back and he’ll look after it. 😀
  13. Just got up to flip the record over and heard an odd sound, like a couple of loud pops through the speakers. Then I heard a low level clicking (off & on) from the Valab (like a relay click). Lights were still on both units. Shut it down and restarted it. Lights on but no sound so I shut it down and took off the tops. Nothing awry that's visible even magnified 10x by a smartphone. It's not the Integrated as I swapped the Phono for the DAC and the outlets that the TT were plugged into played fine. It's the Valab & no techs I know of locally I'd trust to fix it right. It's only 4 months old so hopefully I'll only have to pay for one way shipping. I've sent them an e-mail via their current Valab LCR auction on Ebay so hopefully I'll hear back.
  14. Anyone have contact info for Valab (other than through Ebay?). Need to send mine in for repair. 😣 Thanks, Shawn
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