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  1. Picked this up from the post office on my way home tonight. It There's a couple areas that are a little delicate on the arm (cartridge leads and anti-skate) otherwise it's a fairly easy install. Took me about an hour to get it bolted in and using the Shure test record set up to a "let's give 'er a spin" level. This is a huge step up from the RB250. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a Hana ML to top off my front end.
  2. What a great experience to have the luxury of going through such a collection at your leisure. I'm sure you'll find many treasures to add to yours. Enjoy.
  3. Ha! When you have a wife with $500 wallet habits and 100 pr of shoes you don't need to ask permission! LOL Actually it's reasonable in price by today's standards. 923 GBP incl shipping to Canada (& then 12% tax when it hits here for import sales tax).
  4. Just heard from Jeff & it should be finished tomorrow. Nice!
  5. I've seen this posted on other sites so thought it would be ok to post it here as well now. The secret is out...LOL. This is the new Audiomods Series 6 tonearm (click on .pdf file to view). The photo is from the Steve Hoffman site where there's a small thread started. He's started shipping them already and mine should be read to go in a week or two. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/audiomods-version-6-tonearm.836500/ SeriesSix (2).pdf
  6. I'm pretty excited about it. Jeff says it's definitely an improvement over the series 5 model (the last one with the RB330 armtube). I have the info sheet incl pics that'll be posted on his website soon I'm sure but don't want to post it as he hasn't yet. It has a carbon fibre & aluminum armtube, detatchable headshell plate (you bolt the cartridge onto the plate then mount the plate to the headshell with a single large allen head bolt. The mounting plate comes in a variety of weights to change the effective mass to the required spec. Adjustable azimuth, redesigned anti-skate mechanism, etc. Being the designer/owner guy he is who cares about this customers he also offers to upgrade the Series 5 arms for a price starting at 175 GBP.
  7. I purchased the table with the upgrades but no arm. The RB250 actually doesn't fit on the Planar 25 w/o counter sinking the armhole so I went a different route and purchased the Riggles, thereby fixing 2 issues at the same time (not having to countersink the underside of the table & adjustable VTA).
  8. I think it's a huge improvement over the stock RB250 mount. Most noticeable was the image size grew considerably and the bass was better defined. The VTAF is very easy to use and you really can raise or lower while playing a record w/o any issue. It's a good investment. That being said I have the new series 6 Audiomods on order which should be here in a few weeks if he's still on schedule. I'm going to try it with this table as well just for fun and also with the Ariston RD11 Superieur I have. I'll keep the winning table which means this one could be for sale complete with the Riggles.
  9. Rega P25, TTPSU & 24 V motor, Tangospinner subplatter, pulley & feet, RB 250 w/Michell Tecnoweight, Pete Riggles VTAF, Dynavector DV20 X2H, Valab LCR Mk III & awaiting delivery on the new Audiomods Series VI tonearm
  10. Indeed. Consider it a chance to show your enthusiasm, esp if oddball releases pique your interest. Mostly it's all about the stores getting people through the doors in more numbers than they would normally but it's not a customer appreciation day so don't expect big discounts. It's a bit of fun, esp if you find a RSD item that floats your boat.
  11. That's a terrific looking package. Enjoy. I went out early to a couple of local stores yesterday for RSD 2019 but was quite disappointed in the selection. I keep hoping for that elusive Bill Evans Resonance release that they've been doing the last few years but they don't seem to come to this small market. I found a few VG+ & NM though at Underground Records and a local thrift store I go through once a week. All in only spent $35 CAD and they're all keepers.
  12. Each to their own cleaning method but how do you know that all of the glue is coming out of the grooves?
  13. LOL...no need to get derailed. I've got about 35 years in this hobby so have seen & heard and used quite a lot of quality gear over the years. Good on ya for having tweaked your system to the n'th degree because that's what the hobby's all about.
  14. IMHO they were ok for their day and were entry level, by high end standards, even then. Recent sales of the arm have been between $200-350 AUD. Table might fetch $100-150. I'd look for a Planar 3 with RB300 at those prices. Not sure the Grace 707 was ever worthy or the legendary status when put up against a Rega RB300, but certainly a couple of their cartridges are.
  15. A decent entry level tt. Probably a common matchup in the 70s. Not a lot of value though. If looking to sell you might have better return selling separately but not sure. Go to hifishark.com to seek similar tables for sale.
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