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  1. I have this version as well as a turntable set up disc set, Omnidisc, that Telarc did back in the 70s that has the cannon shots cut at about 4 increasingly loud versions one after the other. The Audiomods & Dynavector DRT XV 1S sails right through the album w/o issue but on the setup disc version it can only play the first & second versions of the track and then loses control on the louder tracks..
  2. Great looking unit. Love the execution.
  3. Chet Baker Sings & Craft Recordings Chet box set of Riverside recordings. All mastered by Kevin Gray. Slays the OJCs I have.
  4. I have to say David is one dedicated music lover. What an amazing collection of lps and audio gear.
  5. I’m enjoying mine a lot also. Pic was from first quick install to make sure there were no issues. Final setup incl a USB scope, Feickert Protractor & AnalogMagik software.
  6. One of the best budget phono stages was the Rotel RQ 970BX which can often be had for $100 on the second hand market. Lots of threads on upgrading them as well if you ever get the bug.
  7. It was considered one of the best tables at the time. It means it's still a very good table. Clean it up, take some good pics of it & sell it privately s/b worth $1.5-2k I would think if everything, incl motor are in good shape. FYI hifishark.com is always a good site to get a current selling price from.
  8. At $1k I would say the best Rega 3 & cartridge you can find second hand.It's the entry into higher priced spread but ticks enough of the boxes to be satisfying to most ears. Bullet proof & non fussy. Lived with one for a few years and they can sound very good through a well matched system. You will need a phono preamp of some kind so hope the $1k budget is for tt only.
  9. Baerwald because it's the most common and I trust those in the industry who came before me & not that I've tried others. However, I have spent real money on set-up equipment such as the most recent Feickert protractor, AnalogMagik software, digital microscope, etc and have learned to dial it in.
  10. Yeah, I'm not risking a $7k cartridge on a whim. In addition any lp even slightly wet would have any nearby dust mote fully affixed to it. I'd love to see someone proposing this to take some high res pics even with a cheap usb microscope. They take pretty good pics if you're slow & easy with the adjustments. Play the lp after the application then take a pic of the stylus & canteleiver after 1 & another after 25 or more plays of treated lps and lets see if there's any liquid creeping up the canteleiver.
  11. Not a chance in Hades I'd ever apply anything to my records other than cleaners that were fully rinsed off with plain distilled water.
  12. I have the Valab LCR III as well and I vouch for it. My last long term cartridge was a DV20x2H so I know how well the 2 fit together. I think the L version would be even better as there's lots of adj for low output MCs. Another one to consider would be the Gold Note PH 10. It stretches your budget new but if you look around you might pick one up second hand. I haven't heard it personally but it gets glowing reviews from owners. Andy's would be worth trying as well. All you have to lose is a little postage.
  13. To get excellent SQ & artistic merit I'd suggest the best steal out there is Pablo Records or Capitol Records.
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