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  1. New stock is being manufactured as we speak. Hoping early June, just depends on logistics. But get your order in now while they are a great price and we can ship as soon as they land.
  2. Looking good! We originally got them in for customers who lived by the ocean to help protect their equipment. After talking to some well known people in the industry and doing the test myself on my pre-amp, I was sold, it did improved the sound quality. Cheap and cost effective.
  3. Due to the success of these little stoppers, we are currently out of stock of the RCA. - All current orders will be filled. But don't worry we have more on there way and they can be purchased on back order - Order now as they are great value!. New stock early/mid June they will be available in retail packs of 12. with a new price structure XLR Female/ Male & Banana Noise Stopper still in stock. Stereo Net Review https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-egm-audio-cable-range EGM Audio Website http://www.egmaudio.com.au/product-category/hi-fi-audio-connectors/page/2/ Cheers EGM Audio
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