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  1. We would recommend our Red Series V2 Power Cable for DAC/ Streamers. Pre/Power we would recommend our Blue Series V2. (Note: Being a heavier gauge cable we recommend purchasing the next size/length (0.5 metre) to accommodate for bends ect.) http://www.egmaudio.com.au/product-category/hi-fi-audio-power-cables/
  2. Yes, we offer 100% money back on all our products.
  3. We offer the following Lengths: 0.5metre, 1.0 metre, 1.5 metre, 2.0 metre, 2.5 metre, 3.0 metre, 4.0 metre & 5.0 metre. Longer custom lengths are available please email us sales@egmaudio.com.au
  4. The Grey Series V2 Power Cable was not blind tested as it over preformed and exceeded expectations over the other power cable. It was designed for a price point of what we believe an entry level power cable should be and what is extremely affordable to all audiophiles.
  5. EGM Audio Blue Series V2 Power Cables is currently our most premium cable. (Grey Series is our entry level and our Red Series is Mid-Tier). It is a heavier gauge cable (12 AWG). During our testing we proved that the cable is suited best on Audio equipment that draws high current e.g. Power Amp & Mono Blocks to get optimal performance.
  6. The Grey Series V2 Cable was tested on several systems within HiFi Shops, Audio Clubs, Audio Manufacturers and Audio enthusiasts. Systems/ Equipment we tested against were single source and amps within a price range between $500-$3,500 and complete systems of up to $10,000. We tested our cable against several cables ranging from the standard manufacturers supplied power cable to leading popular manufacturers (RRP $129-$650) cable. When tested against standard manufacturer supplied power cable, we had a notable difference with improved sound quality 100% of the time. When tested against power cables RRP $129-$400 price range we had a notable difference to slightly notable better sound quality with our cable being the preferred cable 100%. When tested against a series of cable in the RRP $400-$650 price range we were the preferred cable- our cable was either slightly better sounding or on par but a $550 difference in price. Notable difference feedback received ranged from lifting the mid-range woofer to notable difference in the back ground sound. It is important to note depending on the equipment/ systems used there will always be different results.
  7. There was a couple of plug-in updates on the site which could of caused an issue. Website cart is up and running. You can contact us direct at sales@egmaudio.com.au or 07 3841 3718.
  8. EGM Audio Grey Series V2 - Our Entry Level Power Cable EGM offers the best entry level Power Cable (1.5 M length) available on the Australian market under AUD$100 (RRP). We have done extensive testing, both in Australia and overseas with HiFi Specialists, Designers, and Focused Listing Groups. Our product is comparable to competitors’ cables that retail for over AUD $400! As always, we are so confident in our products that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Features of our High Grade audiophile power cable: Improves sound and picture quality of audio and AV products EMI/ RFI protective screening 16AWG 3 core, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper Designed and Made in Australia—230v AS/NZ Standard with IEC C13 or IEC C7 Plug Top 5 Year Warranty EGM Audio Hi-Fi Audio Power Cable: Grey Series V2 This Hi-Fi Audio Power Cable is part of EGM Audio's Grey series and it is the perfect entry level power cable. Handmade to offer high quality performance at an affordable price, the tinned copper braid/screen provides superb protection from any external interference from other audio equipment. Available in a variety of lengths, our sturdy handcrafted cables are a great investment if you’re looking for a long-lasting and efficient power cable! Perfect for home audio set up, our audio power cables are ideal for replacing all your basic power leads with a more adequate cable. This cable not only delivers excellent performance, it also represents outstanding value for money. EGM Audio’s Power Cable Construction: Layer 6: Nylon Sheath – Outer jacket gives extra protection to the cable. Layer 5: PVC Clear Jacket – This outer PVC jacket helps give the cable axial mechanical strength and resistance, while providing a high degree of flexibility to the cable. Layer 4: EMI/ RFI Screen – Copper Tinned Braided Screening will protect your cable/ audio equipment from external and internal EMI. It is the best level of protection for Audiophile Systems. Layer 3: Inner PVC Layer – This resistance PVC barrier protects the inner cores of the cable from any interference on the EMI screen. Layer 2: Conductor’s PVC Jacket – This special compound electronically extruded evenly around the copper conductors are exclusive to EGM Audio’s Power Cables. It has a very low dielectric, and this remains constant over wide frequency ranges making this the best available on today’s market for Hi-End audio systems. Layer 1: Conductors – 3 core, 99.999% OFC multi strand pure electrolytic copper. Highest purity of copper available for any Audio Equipment on the market. Available for purchase at Retailers and at http://www.egmaudio.com.au
  9. Hi, Banana & Spades are sold individually via the EGM website. We will be doing packs soon. Our Bananas and Spades have a base alloy of high percentage copper with a small amount of zinc and then they are plated. Cheers Joel
  10. EGM Audio is a subsidiary of Queensland Speaker Repairs—an industry icon in Queensland for over 25 years. EGM is the brainchild of Joel Massey who has been around hifi since birth. Joel and the staff work closely with some of the best minds in the audio industry. Joel works to ensure all products are of a high quality and are suitable for our customers. EGM supplies and manufactures OEM parts for some of the leading International Brands in the hifi Industry. The staff of EGM Audio strive to make the best audio equipment at a price that is acceptable to our audio clients. EGM Audio is very excited to announce the release of our own HiFi Audio Speaker Cables and Power Cables. These are handmade: Joel personally oversees the cables’ production from start to completion, ensuring the best quality parts are being used. If you require custom, Australian, hand-made, high quality speaker cable, you should give Joel a call at EGM or visit our website. http://www.egmaudio.com.au/
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