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  1. Gary janezic

    Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A

    What maggies I don't have any. Anyway I apologize to everyone for hijacking this thread.gary The music monster.
  2. Gary janezic

    Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A

    Sigh is a good idea mate.I just speak the honest true in what I like.I have learnt in this hobby everybody likes there own hifi and just enjoy and be very greatfull for what you have.gary the music monster.
  3. Gary janezic

    Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A

    Your wrong raj bass extension is critical to hearing sound as it is live. Just as speakers that have high frequencies to 40 thousand kHz , no we cart hear that high , but it sure improves the sound of what we can hear , the same gos for the bass. Just look at stereophile , to be full range class a the speaker has to have bass extension down to 20 hz otherwise it does not make the grade.the Logan’s neolith makes that grade and that’s way they are the flagship, so would the 30.7s.i have hi jacked nothin, and I understand everyone has different tastes.i bought the hifi that sounds best to me and it is the Best Buy a country mile to me, I don’t care what other people think or say it doesn’t upset me at all the way it upsets you.people that get upset must not be fully satisfied with what they have.there is no best it’s what the person likes. Gary the music monster 🎶
  4. Gary janezic

    Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A

    The clx is in a class of its own for a electrostatic speaker that has no bass response below 50 hz, this to me is not a true full range speaker and alot of bass, timber and fullness in sound is missing in action.to achieve full range sota sound a speaker must have full bass output to at least 30hz. A speaker that does not ,can not create a true live performance.bass extension is critical to overall sound quality.hear a doublebass played thru a speaker that cannot reproduce bass to 30 hz,than hear a live doublebass or a speaker with bass extension, it's a big difference.so its beyond words to me at least how anyone can call a speaker with 50hz bass limit as a sota speaker I certainly dont.gary the music monster.
  5. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    Your right but I have to say for most people the 30.7s would be the ultimate for them and right up there with the best speakers in the world for an extremely affordable price.jv from the tas has them as is absolute new reference and has said you cannot not do better than the 30.7.he has also said the new allsyvox ribbons could surpass the 30.7s after he had herd them,but he wasn’t sure,only a long review and listen to them would tell if they are better . And even if they were it wouldn’t be buy much,and they both are truly class a speakers . We live in Australia and i doubt anyone in Australia has a better speaker than the 30.7s. The allsyvox is for the select few people in the world. Maggie’s are buy far the largest manufacturer of panel speakers in the world and will always set the standard for incredible value for money.i don’t even think we should bring up these allsyvox speakers on stereonet because of there ridiculous prices.gary the music monster 🎶
  6. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    Allsyvox ribbons are excellent speakers but even the 3rd model from the flagship the buchilli has a rrp $87 thousand USA Dollars ,that’s about 150 aud. This model would not surpass the 30.7s the top 2 models would but not buy much, and they will never be available in Australia.it gos to show what an absolute bargain the 30.7s are.gary the music monster 🎶 ,
  7. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    Yes Andy I certainly wouldn’t use Bryston, not my cup of tea but there are people on this thread that use Bryston with the 20.7s a big mistake .mac might not be the best for Maggie’s but I believe the sound will be nice enough. Gary the music monster 🎶
  8. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    It is mate he owns Martin Logan statements and clx art, infinity Iris v and now 30,7s, money is no object for him.gary the music monster 🎶
  9. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    he went to his mates house in Singapore for an audition. Gary the music monster 🎶
  10. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    The 30.7s don’t need that kind of amplification, you can drive them very well with some Bryston Amplifiers or any decent amp with lots of current capability. Of corse the better the amplifier the better the sound as with any speakers.gary the music monster 🎶
  11. Gary janezic

    FS: EOI Magneplanar 20.1

    Any difference between the two in sound quality.? Gary the music monster 🎶
  12. Gary janezic

    Rega Upgrade

    Well done on the rp10 an excellent tt that’s rated class a in stereophile,and surberb value for money I must say. Gary the music monster 🎶
  13. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    Yes mate I understand what you mean and good luck to people who like two way monitors, they don’t cut it for me and sound like toys that belong in a toy shop.. Buy the way headphones are the same,I’m selling my brand new headphones already,I only just bought them,I wonder how long the 30.7s will last. Gary the music monster 🎶
  14. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    As for small 2 ways or small speakers,I could never listen to these,I had owned harbeth flagship 40.2 reference monitors and sold them off very quickly, they cart reproduce a live event like the 30,7s will or any one box or panel speaker cannot either in my opinion. To me it’s all about a huge and effortless sound with surberb sound quality,nothin more annoying than hearing music trying to be squeezed out of small speakers.gary the music monster 🎶
  15. Gary janezic

    The new reference standard, MG30.7

    Just a word on Mac, in a class of its own.nothin to me sounds as good as McIntosh,I tried a few different brands before going to Mac and it was an easy decision.i could afford just about any amplifier out there,but Mac is my reference buy a mile and always will be,just an honest option on my tastes and what a I like.gary the music monster 🎶