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  1. My first amplifier ever was one of the best in its day.gary the music monster 😁
  2. I understand what you mean Trevor i just fort owners of Maggie’s would have an idea how long roughly the 30.7s should take. It wouldn’t be much different to the 20.7s I would think.i can say without a doubt they are the best Maggie’s I have ever herd already sounding astounding. They just flat out disappear.the clarity, depth.resoulation, imageing. Details, dynamics you name it are they in spades and they haven’t even run in yet.i am still experimenting with placement at the moment I have found the best position yet.gary the music monster 🎶
  3. Thanks tony but I am using chord signature reference xl cables and want the same cable to connect the panels together. What’s seriously on my mind now is how much more are they gonna improve with run in? Anyone have an idea.gary the music monster 🎶
  4. No cable is supplied bill lend me a pair for now, I will be buying a one meter pair of chord Sarum t to connect them together. The cables run from the bass panels to the mid and high panels direction.There is a crossover in each panel so they can be biamped I believe, but I won’t be heading down that path. Gary the music monster 🎶
  5. Windell diller said to me they only fit the bass control dial to customers who have a small room otherwise they leave it out.thats why when I ordered the 30.7s bill asked me what size room I have. In large rooms they don’t fit the control which is better no fiddling around.the sound is good already but I expect it to get a lot better. No manual supplied as yet, which is unusual, I will ask bill about it.cheeres mate gary the music monster 🎶
  6. There’s plenty of space behind them and I tried a disc with good bass and the bass was there sounding big,effortless and very deep,these actually go down flat to 20 hz and quite powerful,of corse it will get better with running in.gary the music monster 🎶
  7. Your right Ozzie I just measured the distance and it’s 3.4 not 2.4 meters. Cheers gary the music monster 🎶
  8. Your right Ozzie the sound is very good already. The speakers disappear with holographic imageing? I am expecting them to get better as they run in ,but very happy already.gary the music monster 🎶
  9. Thanks Andy and I didn’t understand what furtherpale was saying.gary the music monster 🎶
  10. I’m happy to report first listening session has started tonight 😄Bill was down today and we took 6 hours to calibrate them. Bill was absolutely amazing and knew exactly how to get the best out of them. My only concern at the moment is I’m sitting only 2.4 meters from the speakers.it seems to close or I have to ajust to it I’m not really sure. Cheers gary the music monster 🎶
  11. Ratio.could you be more specific Gary the music monster 🎶
  12. What’s a good listening distance for magnapan speakers? Owners of Maggie’s please let me know the distance from your listening position to your speakers.would 2.4 meters be to close? Gary the music monster 🎶
  13. I believe speakers continue to sound better years after being run in.the older the drivers in a speaker the better they sound as long as they are in perfect working order.gary the music monster 🎶
  14. I say spend and enjoy you cart take anything with you when you die. Gary the music monster 🎶
  15. Thanks mate and the speakers keep coming. I just bought two pairs of gale gs401s a pair of custom speakers with ribbon tweeters and the magnapans flagship 30.7s.cheers gary the music monster 🎶
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