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  1. Bump. Would love someone to save these from an untimely end at next council clean up. Happy to post pics if required.
  2. Hi All, I have a pair of Tannoy Mercury M1 in Cherry to give away - I've owned these since new. One of the tweeters doesn't appear to be outputting correctly, and I'm don't have the requisite skills to troubleshoot and repair (Tweeter appears to be working when running speaker cable direct to the driver) The enclosures also have a few knocks and bumps, which I suppose is to be expected from 20+ year old speakers. Will also throw in some new grille cloth as one of the grilles has a tear in it. Pickup from Southside Brisbane - Either Rocklea during business hours, or Acacia Ridge outside hours. Cheers, TJ
  3. I've recently set up some old tannoy mercury M1 speakers which I've owned from new but have been in storage for the best part of ten years. One of the speakers sounds bright and beautiful but the other sounds very dull with muted vocals - this is immediately apparent when both speakers are connected. I've checked all internal connections and wiring is correct with no apparent bad connections. Crossover looks fine, no visibly damage on capacitors. I've also run speaker wire direct to the tweeter and confirmed that it outputs sound. Have absolutely no idea where to go from here. Please help!
  4. If these were in Brissy I'd be very tempted. GLWTS!
  5. The picture quality is excellent, however I've been using a telstra TV box and the audio sync is unbearable, it just starts wandering and sound can easily end up 20+ seconds ahead of the picture. Currently looking in to alternatives in the form of ATV and Vodafone tv box, still undecided on the path i'll take.
  6. I got rid of foxtel just over a year ago, great decision - just wish I'd done it sooner. Will be using Kayo sports for the NRL next season.
  7. How's the venue at Felons? Haven't made it down there yet, but looks like a top spot from the pics.
  8. Hi, New member here from southside of Brisbane. Mainly joined as I'm currently getting a deck built and want to make sure it has nice sound. Current home setup is very simple: 2 X Sonos play:1 (one in living room, one in master bed) 1 X Sonos play:3 in the kitchen Kids are getting a bit older now so am going to dig my Tannoy M1s out of storage for the living room - currently thinking about powering with a Sonos Connect Amp. Also looking at outdoor speakers - which will also be powered by a connect amp. On the to consider list is Polk Atrium 4, PSB cs500 and possibly PSB cs1000 - unfortunately speaker choice will be budget driven so I'm scouring the web trying to find a couple of connect amps as cheap as possible so I can afford the cs1000s.
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