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  1. Hi, are the headphones still available?
  2. Thanks wen. There's so many speakers and so much information out there it makes the head spin. Thanks for you advice I have a bit of time up my sleeve but will try to get around to hear and test as much I can before committing
  3. Thanks wen, I'll spend a bit more time on the forums and hopefully come up with the perfect solution.
  4. Thanks Jventer, I'll try to get out and about to some of the stores in the new year. My room is 3.6m x 4x8m , wooden floors and Brick vaneeer/ plasterboard, I'm in no real rush to purchase the gear as I'm heading overseas for a month in the new year, Hopefully something will pop up in the classifieds
  5. Hi guys. I've decided to delve in to the world of AV and hi fi and to tell you the truth my head is spinning from all of the info. I'm not planning to spend a fortune on gear but like everyone I'm looking for the best bang for my buck. I'm looking at a basic AV setup initially for movies and streaming audio from spotify Maybe adding a hi fi receiver if I feel that its warranted I guess my first question would be where would my money be best spent. My budget is around $2500 Should I put more in to the speakers or AV receiver at this stage. Would something like a Yamaha RX-D485 Do a good job of driving a set of ok floorstanding speakers or should I spend more on the Av receiver and get a set of bookshelves. Any input is more than welcome Thanks BlackJack
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