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  1. Dv p

    Post Your 2-channel System

    Bowers & Wilkins 606 in Matt White Cambridge Audio CXA60 Chromecast Audio with Audioquest digital cable Spotify/Tidal
  2. Welcome. You have to audition stereo systems if you’re into music. I was HiFi N00b 3 months ago. But I’m happy that I delved deeper. Enjoy
  3. Dv p

    Hello from Melbourne

    @wen @djb I ended up buying Bowers&Wilkins 606 with Cambridge Audio CXA60. Higher spec system than originally thought. Streaming with Google Chromecast Audio from Spotify or Tidal HiFi Happy with sound. 606 earned 5 stars on whathifi
  4. I’m considering to buy one of them. What’s your subjective or objective opinion about them. I’ve auditioned both of them, but still in limbo. Auditioned them month apart in separate shop.
  5. Dv p

    SOLD: FS: Usher Mini Dancer 2 

    How old they are
  6. @Irek it’s not my budget, it’s my wife’s budget. Lol 😝
  7. @Snoopy8 I really appreciate your efforts to set the n00b like me in the right direction. I would like you to suggest some good `integrated amp with HT bypass` to point me in the right direction.
  8. @Snoopy8 It's budget for bookshelves pair and AVR. Sub would be added later with extra budget of ~1k (svs sb-1000). For now music would be streaming from Spotify very high bitrate. I would buy CD/blu-ray player later when budget allows. No atmos for now but might add it later. It all depends on monies available But this system build is primarily focused on music. Though it should be able to do movies. Is that fair ask? Room is approx 5x4 meters. Opening on one side to kitchen/dining. It's a shared room. As I said, I am new to the scene and open to suggestions. It should not be crazy costly though. My research currently seems to be going down the rabbit hole with million things to consider.
  9. I’m new to Stereophile scene. I auditioned MA Bronze 2 and like it. Denon x1500h was suggested with speakers. If I can find second hand MA silver 100s at price slightly higher then new Bronze 2s, I would get them Sugestions welcome.
  10. Dv p

    Hello from Melbourne

    @wen that’s very cool. Monitor audio bronze 2 are on top of my priority list. + Denon avr-x1500h this Will be my first Stereophile system so not much experience in mix and match.
  11. Dv p

    Hello from Melbourne

    @wen what stereo u own?
  12. Dv p

    Hello from Melbourne

    @wen sounds good 👌