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  1. Haven't heard any Aaron towers but I also have the dual 8" Aaron SUB120 and for a measly 100 watt 8" it sure goes loud enough (95+dB with a little more to go) and relatively deep. In my setup, it reaches down to about 38Hz (32Hz with a 4dB EQ), handles some really loud & deep LFE in movies surprisingly well, and the amp doesn't get all that hot either, fair bit of excursion behind it. If Aaron is consistent in the slightest, I bet these towers are something really nice for their price. Good luck on the sale!
  2. Hello. I've had an account on here for a couple months, just decided to start posting. I'm relatively new to the audio scene, only about 7ish months into it and really enjoying it. I haven't got anything all that great yet (JBL Balboa, Infinity R152 and a dual 8" sub), but I'm working on it lol (hence why I'm here...). That's about it, not all that interesting, huh?
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