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  1. Nice amp for the price..... hmmm tempting. 👍
  2. Final price drop!! Can’t get this price anywhere for these speakers. Will keep if not sold in 7days.
  3. Never seen that one before, specs are good and also looks good. Seems I have a bit of homework to do.
  4. That does look good and at a good price will have to have an audition
  5. Didn’t realise they let you do that. Would be nice to hear it in your own environment. 👍
  6. I will have to try find someone who has Hegel and dynaudio in the same shop.
  7. Ok I’ll have to check it out. It does look awesome. Thanks for your help 👍
  8. Ok cool. Looks nice 👍 I have seen them online but never saw them as an amp I just thought it was a streamer and dac. Is the 40watt enough to run say a medium size floor standing speaker eg: Dynaudio Contour 30’s?
  9. I would like to have the Dac built in. Need to make as easy as possible for the other family members. All in one solution. Streamer I’m looking at bluesound node 2i and using Apple TV for non hi res files.
  10. Item: Dynaudio Focus 200XDs (decided to keep connect box and iso pucks so only selling speakers now see below price change. Location: Melbourne Price: $4000 Item Condition: Used. Near brand new no marks at all. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:In perfect condition. Connect box and iso pucks NOT included in price. Price negotiable within reason. RRP when purchased in 2017 was Dynaudio Focus 200XDs- $7499 Photos: I’llAdvertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Hi, Just wondering what people would suggest on a integrated amp around the 3k-5k mark. Been looking at Hegel, moon audio and luxman. Any suggestions welcome.
  12. Hi, Been browsing the forums for a few years thought I should introduce myself so I can get involved. Names mark have an active Dynaudio set up but looking to go back to an analog set up over the next year or so. Will post some pics of new gear as it happens.
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