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  1. Almost I’ll my cables are Bill’s, fantastic cables.
  2. Item: Marantz MM7025 2CH Power Amplifier Location: Greenvale Victoria 3059 Price: $1000. Item Condition: Second-hand, pristine condition. Reason for selling: Funding for a replacement power amplifier to match my fussy Focal speakers. (see detailed explanation in extra info) Payment Method: Pickup Only - Cash. Extra Info: Purchased only 13th months ago (29th Oct 2018) brand new. I have no idea about the usage hours, but it's not too much at all. (I have to share a room with my son and an xbox). Orginal manual and box. The story: I was talking to one of the owners of GL ProSound about the Focal headphones I had recently purchased and was enjoying while my car was getting something fixed. He said he had a pair of Focal Aria 926's upstairs and if I wanted to have a listen. Anyway, I feel in love with them after listening (connected to a vintage Luxman) and impulse bought them on the spot and had no idea about HiFi stuff, just loved listing to music. The problem was; however, I didn't own a power amp or anything to go with it and not knowing bugger all, I grab a Marantz MM7025 as it has the recommended power, was a Marantz and heaps cheaper than a Luxman. While the system sounded great, the speakers always lacked something in the midbass that I feel in love with at the store. After talking to several StereoNet members, and retail stores about my setup over the last 13 months. It had been mentioned a few times now that; while the Marantz is a top power amplifier, it's not a good match for my Focal speakers, especially if I'm chasing that mid-bass as my Focal's tend to be a little fussy as to what's driving them. So, after much procrastination, and hesitation, I'm going to sell the Marantz, and save up for a while and see what happens. Cheers. Photos:
  3. Hey @Uglu. First up, thank you for the reply, photo and troubleshooting tips, it's much appreciated. With the L/R volume difference; it was doing my head in so I spend some time with it, and it appears that even digital playback via the Node 2i its there also, just not as noticeable. So thinking it's either a speaker placement, seating location or pre/amp issue. Unfortunately, I've tried moving the speakers a little and not having much luck. I've adjusted the anti-skate best I can where is sits with only just the tiniest amount waver, which I think is the anti-skate weight style on this turntable, that moves as it dangles down for a couple of minutes or so when you lower the tonearm down. (I might have to post a small video to explain that better?) As for looking a little bent, the photo does make it ever so slightly worse looking, but it does seem to be somewhat looking at your picture, It doesn't sit as nice as yours. I'll have to look it up when I have a little time this evening, but I think this tonearm can be manually slightly bent by hand to fine adjust it. Maybe, hope so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .So maybe that could be an/the issue and a way to fix it if true. Thanks again. Leo.
  4. Thanks folks for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. I’ll probably grab a .75 cable from Geoff and do a little rearranging. I’ll also keep the current cables for now, in the event (hope) I can one day afford a second turntable Also the phono pre isn’t in the best place, but the angle of the photo makes it looks a lot closer and worse then it is in relation to the power points. Cheers again.
  5. I really need to spend more time with it, but the right speaker highs are new clean on both sides, so that little bit of distortion appears to be gone. However, the volume still seems to be slightly favouring the left channel by about 1 or 2 dbs (possibly my cartridge alignment skills and/or eye sight are crap). Overall sitting back, playing it loud, I honestly can't hear a real difference. But once again, I set it up had a quick play and lost the room back to the kids. I'll try and get more time with it soon. Cheers.
  6. Hi all, Quick question/ opinion, please. I’ve got a lovely Aurealis interconnects I’ve had for some years now. They are 1.5 meters long. However, I’ve now moved things around, and it’s way too long. (see photo) Do you think it’s worth replacing it with a shorter set in regards to less chance of interference, loss etc.? They do hang down to the floor behind and doubles itself up with the other cables including power. There isn’t really a clean way to run it as it is so long, unfortunately. Cheers.
  7. Thank you Star Track courier for my late night delivery 🙌
  8. Thanks all... I’ve looked, read and asked, and I’ve ordered an other DL-110. As @Ugluhad basically said. I couldn’t find a cart that could beat it for its price with the same quality, that I at least know and like the sound of, and works with my turntable and phono pre. I hope to one day either new or preferably via a SNM ad, purchased a second and higher grade TT where I’ll have more options available to me. Until then, the DL-110 is fantastic and hopefully will still be delivered today by 9pm. Thank you all, and I look forward to the time I can purchase my second TT and once again be back here to bust some bulls with my dumb questions, lol Cheers.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions and things to consider. My phono stage is a ifi phono 2 which should be more then fine. https://ifi-audio.com/products/micro-iphono2/ Unfortunately, the budget is extremely low due to recent our goings. The cheapest I can get the DL-110 for is $285. So I could up to $500 if it was worth it. If not I guess I’ll just grab another. As for MC or MM I have not idea/ opinion on which is better so could go either way. Cheers.
  10. Thank you. I do like it, but was purely a recommendation and it was to replace the stock Ortofon 2M Red that come with the TT, so don’t really know any better. However, since I need to replace it, where could you go from here without blowing the price crazy? Cheers.
  11. Yes, the sound issue seems the left channel is a little louder, which never was a massive issue, but I’ve now noticed just recently that the right channel high end frequencies, is its a little distorted which you really hear it in the tweeter up close.
  12. Good morning. I know this is a hard question just by looking at some bad photos, but do you think the cantilever is bent? From the front it looks very much so, but from underneath not so much. Cheers.
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