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  1. I had an appointment at St Vs in the city today and “unfortunately” to get there I have to drive right past Goldmind Records.
  2. Yeah, its the remaster. I found it to be quite good.
  3. Such a fantastic album; awesome sounding recording to go with it. Happy Valentine’s Day to me 😀
  4. Looks great 👍🏼 I can’t wait to get myself one.
  5. If only I had the cash I would have jumped on this... Still saving for my piece of the Gieseler experience.
  6. Looking forward to sitting back and listing to this new purchase this evening. Hopefully it’s a good pressing 🤞🏼 EDIT: Great pressing if anyone is interested 👍🏼
  7. @Gieseler Audio Thanks for the information Clay, I really appreciate it. And yes PLEASE let me know if you get ZipMoney, that would be awesome 👏🏼. I have 2K is ZipMoney and 1K in ZipPay; more then enough for a new Fein and Kraftwerk 😂 Cheers, Leo.
  8. @Gieseler Audio Thank you, looks great... Definitely saving up for one with the 3 inputs, unless you offer ZipMoney any time soon 😂 One more question. Is there a benefit/ negative going the Gross for the extra $350? Cheers. EDIT: For budgeting purposes, which is the correct Kraftwerk PSU? Is it the $295 5 / 7 / 8 / 9v 1.5A version?
  9. Hi all! Are there any posts I may have missed with some cool internal photos of the Fein like there was of the Klein III? I really want to grab a Klein but without 3 inputs worries me a little future proof wise, so I think I’m going the way of the Fein to be super safe and most likely have a better DAC over the Klein. Not having any cash but having 2K ZipMoney ready, I’ve been trying to come up with the best way to get something better then what I have (which I’m really not enjoying at all) I almost pulled the trigger on the Cambridge CXN V2 as from all indications seems to be a real winner for the price. However in the back of my head from all the suggestions I’ve had, I keep looking back at Gieseler. So I think to stop this struggle, the Fein with the Yamaha WXC50 via coax is the best way to go, then save and look for a better transport/streamer only down the road and then I can go USB. Anyway, without ZipMoney I’ll have to just keep saving and hopefully my brain doesn’t do my head in to much in the meantime and change direction again.
  10. While on the subject; I’m thinking of moving from my WXC50 to a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 or even a V1. Do you think this would be a significant upgrade, and more in the SQ area of things? Cheers.
  11. Thanks for destroying our dreams Matt... 😉
  12. Is there any sonic difference between using USB or SPDIF coaxial or it doesn't really matter?
  13. Thanks for the replies, makes a lot of sense. As for Topping you do get a lot but, I’m not really a fan of ESS chips personally, they do tend to sound, well yeah a little sterile as you said pete_mac. Id love to go the Klein and Kraftwerk combo, but I actually want all 3 inputs options available which unfortunately can’t be done on the Klein. May I’ll have to save for the Fein. Its a hard to choose however, Klein and Kraftwerk $995 or the Fein by itself $2000. I guess I would use my Yamaha WXC50 as the transport for now using its digital coax so probably don’t need USB... If I wanted a decent unit to replace the Yamaha down the road as a media player what would I be looking at, and I guess most would probably offer coax out? But then if I wanted to use my computer or PMP I’d be stuck. Cheers.
  14. Good morning all. Almost ready to pull the trigger on a new DAC. Apologies for the forthcoming dumb question and no disrespect at all, just learning still... The DAC chip in the Klein is only a $15 chip; what makes the price so high for the unit itself and what’s make a $15 chip sound good? How would this compare to say something like the Topping DX7S? Can be had for around $600, offers a lot more and from all indications is a really good unit. Cheers.
  15. Would would shipping on something like this be do you think?
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