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  1. You guys who all have this unit seem to be pretty impressed with it. I’ve got a Yamaha WXC50 which is a semi decent player, but the DAC lacks warmth and body. I’ve been trying to save for a Chord or Gieseler DAC, obviously both more expensive and I’m really hating on the yam; however this DAC has become a very attractive now. Will probably still need to use the yam as a source, but yeah. Will need to keep a look out for a deal.
  2. I wasn’t going to; but I can’t help myself 😞 Thanks to Thornbury Records for the fast delivery and great packing 👍🏼
  3. reeza78

    Minidsp Umik-1 USB calibrated mic

    Will go backup buyer please.
  4. Really loving them both, but really blown away with the recording quality and the experimentalness of Herbie’s stuff.
  5. Thanks @scuzzii @evil c these come in today, some of my favourites so far Now to stop spending any more money on vinyl 😂
  6. reeza78

    Tidal Holiday Offer

    No sorry, never had this issue with any of the downloads from them or streaming from them.
  7. I’ve also used this code “WELCOME15HD5VFTA” a few times for 15% off at HDtracks, even though I’m a returning customer not a first time customer and it’s always work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. The whole regional licensing thing in these modern times is ridiculous. Not with HDtracks, but other sites with PIA and PayPal I’ve grab DSD stuff. I think it was https://store.acousticsounds.com/ I should try it with HDtracks, but might have to VPN first, then create a new fake US address account then PayPal.
  9. Hi @OzflyerHopefully @Bill125812 will get back to you soon and help you out with a cable. I’ve messaged him a few times lately with no reply, thinking he is away on holidays at the moment. Or he is avoiding me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, when I first auditioned the Focal 926’s it was with a high end Marantz 7.1 integrated amp (not sure the model) and was blown away but them. I went back a week later for an other audition and the guy set up his personal old Luxman pre/amp he was trying to also sell me and was even more blown away by these speakers and purchased them; the speakers not his Luxman, I could afford to unfortunately Anyway, I purchased a Marantz 2ch power amplifier and used my WXC50 as my preamp/ streamer and was a bit disappointed with it all. I then replaced the WXC50 as the pre with a Vincent preamp I purchased from an other member here and all of a sudden I had all the midbass back and it was so much closer to the audition sound. I fined the WXC50 works pretty good as a dac/ streamer only still but it’s definitely something I’ll be replacing as it’s my weakest part of the system now. Also I’ll be one day replacing the Marantz power amp with something a little more matched to the Vincent and a little more powerful, as the Marantz is really good, but the Focal definitely need/like more power. These speakers are fantastic, but they do need some decent power 150/200w and some quality hifi gear to get the best of them. Not really sure about the naim uniti atom, but from a quick look, appears to crap on the WXC50. You made need to post the question about the naim uniti atom in an other thread in the DAC/ source section however. I’m looking/ toy with the idea on the highly recommended budget friendly DAC Klein DAC III by Gieseler $700 made by hand in Queensland and running s/pidf out from the Yamaha to the Klein. Meaning I can keep the WXC50 which for me works perfectly, but able to replace the DAC part with something great. An all in one dac/streamer would be great, just depends on the budget to get something decent I guess. I hope I’ve been able to help a little and not confused the crap out of you? Cheers, Leo.
  10. Thanks @Wimbo for some more great suggestions for me to to look into. I has couple of records already on my wish list I just ordered the other day first. So I’ll be doing a lot of streaming for now and slowing calculating my new vinyl purchases. FYI All the Jazz stuff I’ve listened to through via Tidal HIFI’s settings have been fantastic sounding. Its just a shame I didn’t ask this question about a month before Xmas when my wife was hassling me 😂
  11. @Citroen Sweet, thank you. Will definitely check them out.
  12. @evil c @scuzzii @buddyev Wow! Thanks guys, lots of information and lots of new stuff for me to go out and explore. Much appreciated all. Cheers Leo.
  13. Thank you. Will check it out. Don’t get me wrong, I do love some chilled out jazz too, but something about that faster/ manic stuff just gets me; and I can only assume because of my younger years playing drums in bands, I love the faster beats/ drumming and the fact it’s not just about the main artist but the band seems to get a go.
  14. Hey @scuzzii @evil c you guys might be able to help me out with this one... I’m more of a metal head/ rocker, but I love just chilling out to some good jazz music from time to time, I have Mils Davis Some Kind of Blues on vinyl, but every else I just stream. Anyway, I tend to love to more faster frantic style, something like Jon Coltrane’s Gaint Steps. Anyway since he has a huge catalogue, can you recommend my first John Coltrane album that would be not only a great album, but also a great vinyl pressing too? Cheers.