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  1. Item: Rega Rx1 Bookshelf Speakers - Walnut Location: Bentleigh Victoria Price: $1300AUD Item Condition: As-New Reason for selling: Baby on way.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred. Other means considered. Extra Info: These are brand new not used. I bought and shipped them from the UK when we relocated to Melb in September 2018. I wanted a second set of speakers for maybe a sitting room stereo. Now I need to get rid of them to free up some space and cash. I will post some actual pictures of them, but for now i have just added the ones from the website. Beautiful UK made speakers. As with all rega gear they are top quality. Shame to let them go. They come with these cool snap on snap off magentic covers, as can be seen in the photo with the black ash finish. I have seen these advertised new at carltonaudiovisual for $1799. So I reckon this is a pretty good deal at $1300. If you have any questions or want to inspect, please sing out. https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/rega-rx1-bookshelf-speakers.html http://www.rega.co.uk/rx1-loudspeakers.html The RX-ONE’s can be used on stands, a sturdy shelf or mounted directly on the wall via the RX-ONE wall bracket (sold separately). Imaging and bass response can be tuned by adjusting the distance of the speaker from the rear and side walls. As with all loudspeakers, this will depend on the size of room, flooring and furnishings therefore some simple experiments trying different distances will help optimise the performance to your surroundings. Pictures:
  2. I believe i committed a forum faux pas by not introducing myself. Apologies. Anyway, wifey and I moved back to oz after an 8 year stint in the UK. I always loved music and discovered the brilliance of British hifi and have subsequently brought with me back to oz some nice Cyrus and pmc stuff. I am quite the novicethough so am looking forward learning more about all the nuances of hifi optimization. Expect plenty of stupid questions! cheers James
  3. Thanks for the quick response all. Def going go try some isolation under them. And at 4 bucks from bunnings can’t really loose.
  4. Hi there recently moves here from the UK. Set up the pmc speakers and Cyrus amps. Getting the tower speakers (or feng shui killers as wife likes to call them) out of the box and she notes that they look so much better without the feet. I kinda agree with her. Wondering what’s people’s opinion on how leaving them off will effect them sonically. And if I was to leave them off would a thin slice of something underneath improve them. Obviously this is not optimum for the speaker design but kind of a compromise for the other half.
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