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  1. ahh, you’re one of them.
  2. Stupid speed limit that’s overly policed could be a reason you haven’t been in a fatal.
  3. I did this mockup in my kitchen when I owned a PA business.
  4. All good, me and my two Koreans won’t miss them.
  5. Well I don’t have kids, so that need for space is irrelevant for me, but what I’ve always said to people who ask how I can live this way is this, I have my bed, couch, bathroom and kitchen, only difference between you and me, is the wasted distance between them.
  6. I’ve had a house, prefer this tbh.
  7. Another great relaxing night in the trailer
  8. This is the Neustadt Collection. This guy was obsessed with them back in the 30’s I think, after he bought one of them. He then went to buy as many as over 200 and eventually bought all of the unused sheets of glass that was leftover from the Tiffany factory after it closed. It contains over 250,000 individual pieces. when he died it was only then discovered what he had, his NY apartment was full of them. lucky man. https://youtu.be/S1wSmcde07o That video can’t be embedded onto the page.
  9. One place I’d like to go to before I die.
  10. Yes, that’s a lotus leaf lamp, so..... who wants a kidney?
  11. Here are some examples of the real thing, Tiffany lamps from between 1900-1910, at the National gallery. A few million $$ alone here.
  12. There is a system in that room, based around a Yamaha RX-Z9 and CM Series B&W’s. Hard to tell, the lamps are taking all the glory.
  13. This is the annex as of today. Me like a good lamp 😍
  14. JB Hi-Fi won’t allow you to take any large panel in your car unless it’s vertical.
  15. Good, at least you’ll have a good tv, regardless of “labels“
  16. New addition to the flock arriving next week.
  17. Yup, I had a Harbeth guy over to hear some B&W’s, doomed to start.
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