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  1. Hope Savage Geese do a review on this one.
  2. Good luck, looks like a fun car.
  3. Name one issue frequently changed oil can cause an engine.
  4. You still did not read what my oil change routine actually consists of did you.? And that compared to what the majority of engines actually experience in regards to routine maintenance. Two engines. One gets its oil changed every service, as recommended. That engine has 10km old oil with 10km worth of “sludge” flowing within it. Engine two has 95% of its oil removed 3 times with an extractor and a further 3 times the traditional way via the sump. all times the engine has been run to running temps and removed minutes later. So do you still want to argue your mute point? While you may have a point in regards to extractors, but you also have to look at any given use scenario, hence why I mentioned you read my usage of one. Your issue with extractors is only relevant if the use of one was the only way that the oil was taken out of an engine over its entire life.
  5. Correct, my dealer uses Castrol Magnatec professional, and the start stop is basically the same thing. The Seltos especially loves an oil change, the difference with that car is noticeable. I actually look forward to oil change day. Thr Stinger only does about 100km’s a week, so it’s 1500 oil change is a good time apart.
  6. I wasn’t looking for approval, but cheers non the less. I bet if you were buying my car from me in 7 years, it wouldn’t be an issue then.
  7. Think a bit harder. Every 1500kms, that’s 6 oil changes per 10,000 Km’s. I doubt the minimal left over oil in the pan at that interval would be relevant. And in case you didn’t read my post properly, my oil filter gets changed every 2nd oil change (every 3000k’s) which includes raising the car, opening the sump and changing the filter, 3 times per 10,000km’s. So now do you think using an extractor on a new car with frequent oil changes is an issue? I didn’t think so.
  8. My stinger and Seltos both get their oil changed by me every 1500kms, filter every 3K. I use an oil extractor to get the oil out from the dipstick, and via the sump when the filter is being changed at the same time. I use Castrol Magnatec “start-stop” 5W-30 A5 oil, usually bulk up when super cheap has it on sale. It’s takes approx 20 mins to empty and refill using the extractor. I bought a set of race ramps to lift the stinger to change the filter ($750) The cars still go in for the scheduled 10k service (turbo interval) Now, is 1500km overkill, sure, but I’m not poor, financially and in time, and the biggest killer of engines in generally engine wear caused by old oil. My cars will run on honey for the entire life they are in my possession. Even my missus, who doesn’t notice things in general, will notice the difference when the oil is changed after 1500km.
  9. I’ve got a Qutest and M-Scaler combination and I am curious about the results of this too. Canberra also. Also, that combination is available for home demo for Canberra residents if curious.
  10. I love fresh coffee, but I simply can’t be arsed with it.
  11. @DSD_Fan I’ve got a Dolce Gusto machine at work. It’s great because it has milk pods so I don’t need fresh milk when I don’t have a fridge.
  12. I Likes a lot. But yes, I’ve been into Tiffany style lamps for years, but finally found an importer of the kinds I like.
  13. No, just bought them from an importer.
  14. For those interested, some lamp update pics, been spending quite a bit lately, over $12,000 in lighting.
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