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  1. And the best song, Election Day, that DD never did.
  2. Yes, it’s a Comic movie with substance, for once. Probably a better Joker than Heath’s.
  3. Not in order Live after Death - Iron Maiden (This album changed my life) Into the Gap - Thompson Twins (first “Band” I followed) Arrival - ABBA (helped me appreciate melody) Passion and Warfare - Steve Vai Jonathon Livingston Seagull - Neil Diamond (my childhood, love of music) You don’t bring me flowers - Neil Diamond Altered State - Tesseract (helped me get over the death of my dog Russell) Reign in Blood - Slayer Master of Puppets - Metallica Conspiracy- King Diamond A Show of hands - Rush Rebel Yell - Billy idol A Road to Hell - Chris Rea Man of Colors - Ice House Lykaia - Soen The Bridge - Billy Joel The Piano - Michael Nyman Dynasty - Kiss Hunting high and low - A-ha Final conversation of kings - The Butterfly Effect Migration - Dave Grusin Awake - Dream Theater Greatest Hits - Air Supply ( those harmonies) The best of - Rolf Harris Chronicles - Rush
  4. Just watched Joker. Finally……………………………………………
  5. Don’t agree, when you have Jurassic park on CAV laserdisc and one has to change sides 5-6 times during the movie, nothing compares to the inconvenience of LD.
  6. 3v on my Qutest can on a rare occasion cause input distortion, so it’s set to 2v.
  7. Imo, if you are considering buying one now, dont bother. Horrible tech, even in It’s day it was tedious, quality was all over the place, and compared to today’s disc, LD’s novelty will wear off quickly.
  8. Quit a fitting song, being the last song on the last album.
  9. Ahh man, my fav band of all time. You were a champ. RIP.
  10. But they weren’t met 😉
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