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  1. I’ve got a Qutest and M-Scaler combination and I am curious about the results of this too. Canberra also. Also, that combination is available for home demo for Canberra residents if curious.
  2. I love fresh coffee, but I simply can’t be arsed with it.
  3. @DSD_Fan I’ve got a Dolce Gusto machine at work. It’s great because it has milk pods so I don’t need fresh milk when I don’t have a fridge.
  4. I Likes a lot. But yes, I’ve been into Tiffany style lamps for years, but finally found an importer of the kinds I like.
  5. No, just bought them from an importer.
  6. For those interested, some lamp update pics, been spending quite a bit lately, over $12,000 in lighting.
  7. Anyone who thinks pods are better is wrong, and that’s from a capsule lover (but not wrong, just different, but you get my point) I own both The traditional Nespresso and the new Virtuo system. Which one is better coffee, imo, the traditional, but the virtuo has a style all to its own, a lot stronger, more smoother/syruppy. I own the Creatista Pro machine. I agree whole heartedly that if your a short black drinker, your better off with fresh. But I only drink milk coffee, cappuccino, minus the chocolate sprinkles, I add cinnamon. In order to get the most out of the Traditional Nespresso system you need to follow the rules of portion control. The best results that I’ve had in over 20 years using the system, is using one of their 170ml cups, 20-25 ml shot using an espresso pod (kazaar, Napoli etc) and the rest frothed milk, I also heat the cup up with boiling water beforehand. If done correctly, milk based coffees can be very good, enough so that for me, I prefer it over most cafe’ coffee’s.
  8. I’ve been a part of the Nespresso thread over at whirlpool for 9 years and have been using Nespresso since 1999, and yes I owned manual machines before. And in all that time, no one ever has made the claim that pod coffe is on par with fresh. We all know it isn’t, and we actually don’t care. The only people with a gripe is the manual mob and their agenda, there’s no agenda in the pod camp.
  9. @blybo, I edited my post, because I had then read his retailer is helping him, even though the retailer will be doing exactly what the customer would have done, dealing with Nespresso directly. My last post, I’m not getting into another drawn out discussion with you. Period.
  10. People who compare pod machines to real bean machines don’t have a clue as to who the market for pod machines is catering for. And that’s people that don’t care one iota as to how good you can get a proper machine to make coffee. It’s great you can make great coffee, here’s a medal for you, so leave the pod machine people alone to enjoy what they like. This argument is as mundane as a cable discussion. Im going to McDonald’s for dinner, sure I could go get a $60 steak, but hey, both have their place in this world.
  11. 8801-8805 is a nice upgrade, did it myself.
  12. Yup, and walking over to my computer is a lot easier than going to the shops/ordering online and waiting. I only buy cd’s if the online version is non-existent. I’m trying the buy Dizzy Mizz Lizzy’s lastest album and I can’t find it anywhere to buy.
  13. I actually can’t believe this is still a topic for discussion. 2 mins it takes to solve the country of origin issue. And if you can’t, the internet isn’t for you.
  14. If so, ditch it. Never had any success with a top field.
  15. Good, because the opinions of gear sitting on different materials is snake oil (not including speakers, TT’s))
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