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  1. I have to do another post as I can’t edit the one above, for some reason. My comment was directed at Snoopy’s comment, not the thread topic.
  2. You quoted me out of context.
  3. Go and listen to a good 2 channel system, let your ears explain your question better.
  4. Nah, it never got used much these days, it’ll be replaced with a Samsung sound bar, my favorite tech recently.
  5. Jakes on his way to mine to buy my old trusty Z9. Been a mate for 17years that amp. Enjoy.
  6. Don’t solder the cable, there’s enough solder in the amp already 🙄
  7. Negotiations? Never. My wife is a fair and rational person. WAF is all about pettiness. My life with hi-if started well before her and my life and concept of what I need to enjoy life, she embraced, and vice versa. This pic is when we started dating.
  8. anyone who watches Cadogen regularly would not think he’s a twit nor does he think that himself.
  9. who should actually really care what his opinion is, he’s just an actor.
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