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  1. Yup, been a great car, it’s done around 14k Km’s and apart from a exceptionally slight glitchy DCT, it’s been perfect.
  2. ‘Don’t feel to bad, the guy who owns that house is a professional lighting engineer, so not your average joe who sets lights up on their house.
  3. B&W 805D3’s. That 1590 is the next best option, it’s a big fella.
  4. More than you’d think, I also have a 1552 MK2 along with 3 1581’s, the other weekend I did a swap from my 2 1581’s on the front and put the 1552 there, and this after hearing the 1581’s for 5 years, needless to say the 1552 was unplugged after 10mins. World of difference. It’s why I arch up when people put all Rotels in the same category. Those Mono’s are a rare thing, I’m the only one I know of here who has owned them.
  5. See if you can find some 2nd hand Rotel RB-1581’s 👍
  6. It was a brilliant machine, up until the time it’s firmware failed and never worked again.
  7. That’s the one, only the 800 series are made in England.
  8. By the way, I’m not in any camp if you can believe that, but I’m fully aware of the difficulty in this topic, a difficulty that shouldn’t be an issue if there actually wasn’t an issue. But the simple fact that a collective group of enthusiasts in a this subject can’t for one second agree given 1000’s upon 1000’s of posts says a lot.
  9. So how long do forums like this have these debate? Forever? And to what end?
  10. No, there will never be an affirmative answer, and that is the problem. I’m surprised your not getting my point.
  11. What I see is a group of exceptional audiophiles who can’t make their minds up that they do work. The debate within itself is the biggest clue to the question.
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