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  1. Lot of Kanye there, says a lot …………………………
  2. I’ve never had an issue with the levels produced by Audessey.
  3. Depending on what’s actually humming, the tranny or from the driver. Either way, I doubt an isotek will solve it.
  4. I doubt an isotek will solve a sub from humming. That’s a ground loop.
  5. Coming soon https://www.kia.com/au/cars/upcoming-models/small-suv.html
  6. You know what my opinion is and when it comes down to it, your buying more than a car these days. Look up how Kia handled the Stinger yellow paint issue 😉
  7. Will be getting the new Google Nest Hub Max today. I’ve like the original, handy bugger.
  8. Aquaman Probably the most over exaggerated POS garbage I think I’ve ever seen. Movies are getting really bad. I felt sorry for William Dafoe for having to subject himself to this level, but hey, gotta make a living.
  9. It will be as collectable as pop vinyl 😂
  10. Well I bought the LG burner and it’s all good, all the recent disc’s my Apple SuperDrive rejected, the LG ripped them all. Happy Days.
  11. There either a LG DVD burner for $69 or a Samsung Blu-Ray burner for $139, both USB, at a local store I could buy so I might try one of those, my Apple Super Drive is still causing errors and stopping.
  12. Heres the thing. Cd’s aren’t going away, they simply evolved. So instead of a Cd vs Vinyl debate, it will just be a Vinly vs digital file debate, so the people that think cd’s lost war, they didn’t.
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