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  1. I only buy the CD if the online 44/16 or higher isn’t available. Buying online saves the trip to the shop.
  2. Anyone still watching DVD’s won’t be buying an 8k screen. But anyway, not interested enough to continue this conversation.
  3. Only problem with 8k screens is the price, nothing else.
  4. Yup, 99% of Spotify users don’t care about file types, so it won’t make any difference.
  5. Context makes a difference 👍 As for the one time only download, if you email them, they let you download what you need again.
  6. How inconvenient is it really, seriously?
  7. So if there was no camera, does that mean you should be speeding?
  8. To be fair, Missy’s voice in that particular track is a bit shyte. It’s very sharp.
  9. My neighbors son just bought an i30N, gorgeous little car. His dad, who is a Holden guy through and through is rolling his eyes at the Korean take over in the street 🤪 This is his dad and his car……………needless to say it’s pretty obvious the days he start this thing up.
  10. If you think $35 is expensive in this hobby, you might want to find a new one. Buy them, and if they don’t fit, move on.
  11. Emotiva are known to use bad capacitors in the past, can’t say what they use now.
  12. Couldn’t say, but it was in the 6-12k ballpark.
  13. Well you did, you took an absolutely random and casual quote I made here that in no way represents what actually happened on the day and the months and years after, to try and prove your pissy point, to try and one up me in this discussion, and in doing so, trying to say that system synergy is irrelevant, which every person in this hobby should know from day one. ’You argue dishonesty, and I have no time for you. In case you haven’t figured it out, my argument has nothing at all to do with Rotel, but has everything to do with how your forming your argument. It’s laughable to even think you would try and point out that I had to do this and then this to get the sound I want, when that’s all we do in this hobby. It’s called fine tuning. All systems that have incredibly well regarded amplifiers have as good, if not better, supporting gear included. It’s dishonest to say otherwise. End/
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