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  1. ‘Dave with an M Scaler would be nice, but if one already has the TT2 and m scaler, IMO, no need to purchase a Dave in addition.
  2. With that combination you own, you don’t need a Dave.
  3. Sticking with Tidal, far superior phone app and better music selection.
  4. I met this “Celebrity” today.
  5. It’s laggy here on all formats (app and Node2i) and the disappointing thing so far is that a lot of my favs on tidal arn’t on Qobuz.
  6. Just made the move and left tidal for Qobuz. It’s a smoother sounding service.
  7. I’ve been under a rock, is Qobuz available to Au yet? Nevermid, just saw the thread.
  8. I either shop at Len Wallis or the lifestyle store now, once I know what I’m buying, I just hop in the car and enjoy a nice drive. Better deals, more variety.
  9. So have some figured out by now that it’s not “just a Yaris” ?
  10. I’ve been buying hi-if since 87 here in Canberra. Not one dime of mine ever went into the hands of Duratone. Hated that place with extreme passion. As for the other established store still open, well Sydney is a far more better option.
  11. yes, but there’s another context, liking ones post can be ( I’ve seen it) a way of disliking another’s posts, because that function doesn’t exist. And another example, one person blatantly says “ I don’t like your opinion Jeff, your full of it” and that comment gets lots of likes. It’s a cowards way of sticking it to someone, I’d rather they’d chime in and say it outright. BTW, I’m not fussed if you agree, I’m just making the point,
  12. lol, it is, my question to you was to explain it, but your not actually explaining it to me, but to see if your on the same page.
  13. I don’t know why this point seems to be missed by a few, this scenario is crystal clear.
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