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  1. The coronavirus has mutated.
  2. Wow, compelling evidence.
  3. After weeks of sporadic listening, the brilliance of this flower finally opened today. And I thought their last album was genius.
  4. Is the CD single sized Billy Joel’s “Leningrad” from the time of the songs release rare/collectible? Ive got it here somewhere.
  5. Well you know where I live if you want another listen. You heard the D2’s here last time, the D3’s kill those. Best thing I ever bought.
  6. I think everyone’s mum liked John denver.
  7. Have you had a good listen to a pair?
  8. A call to Miranda and LWA will answer that question.
  9. Go the Len Wallace in Sydney, cheaper than Miranda, that’s where I got my D3’s.
  10. Listen to them, you won’t get a straight answer here, just bias.
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