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  1. It’s not whether you can hear a difference or not, being a tight ass or whatever, it’s labeling a product as being fashionable because one doesn’t themselves feel the need to upgrade, is what I have the issue with.
  2. The particular pair he owns are considerably more than 8k, I’d trade my 8k ones in for his any day 😍
  3. Fashionable,? I buy them because they are better than the last generation 🧐 It’s funny, because it’s not considered fashionable, but purely acceptable when another Gieseler DAC is released.
  4. Here’s a link explaining the major issue the car has with apparent warped rotors, the rest of the issues are minor quibbles. https://stingerforum.org/threads/faq-vibration-under-braking-warped-rotors-no.9761/
  5. I won’t be bothered with it, I hardly even watch Netflix.
  6. GT logo sticker I got from Merica
  7. Best thing about going to Bunnings in the morning to buy a hose, apart from the morning Bunnings sausage sizzle, is driving this car. It’s only done just over 1400km’s but that machine has been so smooth last 200k’s, it’s such a pleasure to drive.
  8. Never had this issue with this dac or the Qutest.
  9. The thing is, if Rob Watts is saying one thing, in his situation it’s probably true, but for anyone else’s system, it’ll have other possible benefits. If you buy a dac because the review says it’ll make a perfect piano sound, but you find it doesn’t, maybe the problem isn’t the dac. When I buy a new piece of gear, I see what it does in my system, and base it solely on that and that alone. Reviews are are simply a guide, ultimately it’s within your system where a benefit will work or not. Over time you'll learn who's reviews are worth anything over those who aren’t, for your individual situation.
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