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  1. Lemme know if you need any 240v advice 🤪
  2. @darth vader lol, I ain’t shiited in that for years 🤪
  3. Sime V2

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Ah, here’s the one I saw https://www.mirandahifi.com/products/lumin-d2-streamer if the machine I originally thought it was cost 3 grand, yeah it would be worth it, that circuit board is gorgeous, but what it actually is, yeah, I think the node would be better value.
  4. Sime V2

    Bluesound Node 2i

    @Marc oh, there must be a cheaper version, I was told it cost 3.5k. The one I saw didn’t have the external psu, but looked the same. Miranda Hi-Fi would not stock a Music player that expensive (on display) I just googled lumin and found the product that was identical, my bad. But confused over the pricing 🙃
  5. Sime V2

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Whilst I was in store today to buy a Node2i (non in stock unfortunately) this caught my eye. http://www.luminmusic.com/lumin-x1.html
  6. Sime V2

    Fetch Mighty Aaaargh!

    I’ve got both Fetch’s, temperamental pieces of kit.
  7. Sime V2

    Yamaha gt 5000

    Nice unit.
  8. @lusk only if the vans fridge cabinet isn’t properly ventalated. I live in a van and I had mine running on gas for awhile with no issues.
  9. Sime V2


    That member was me, I tried Clays psu on the Qutest and it wasn’t better, slightly worse tbh. The Dac sounded tense to me, plus the psu got very hot running the Qutest, but that was my experience. I’m running a iFi iPower low noise PSU now and it’s slightly better than the stock psu.
  10. @lusk but when that ammonia system leaks…………………
  11. @Tasso my issue isn’t with movies at all, but music, but that’s getting better.
  12. My advanced cooling system just got upgraded 🤪 Less dust now lol.
  13. If you want to spend some coin, get a Dometic 3 way fridge that runs on 240, 12v and gas, but they ain’t cheap, but don’t make a sound. Just have to make sure I has adequate ventilation.