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  1. Pfft, Canberra oh, I live there ……………
  2. I was loyal to one store once, but things change and time to move on.
  3. I’ve got a stereo pair of homepods, they go ok.
  4. More boxes is a good thing, more the better, but yes, need restraint on the volume.
  5. I’ve been a sound guy, tough job. They need a bit of slack 😉
  6. I only read his final thoughts, and yet again, the conclusion is echoed from most other owners, pure listen ability.
  7. Nails the experience exactly, and I’m glad you got one and are pleased to bits. Welcome to the club.
  8. The only reason I enjoy my system at night more is because the ambient noise levels are lower, but the system itself sounds the same night or day.
  9. Imo, best thing to do is to come up with the best storage solution you can muster, get the system setup and monitor what gets hot and where. The only place my particular system needs cooling with the loads that the amps endure, is just 2 USB fans at the back of the 8805. It’s the hottest device in my setup. Now in summer, I have a Dyson filtered fan in front of the system that gently keeps the air moving in the small room the system is in. This situation, like what amp to buy, is on a case by case situation. Buy the gear, set it up, and then keep an eye on what gets hot and what doesn’t, and at that stage, put measures into place to cool them off or re-arrange them. No one here, even yourself will know how your future system will respond with the combination of gear you have and the ambient temps in will be located in. With the exceptionally small room and the stacked setup it has, no one here in theory would recommend I set it up my system that way, but little does anyone know, it does function, and it’s very well heat managed. Use common Sense and experimentation, because only you will know what will work in your unique situation. Other than that, this will turn into pages of suggestions that will go around in circles.
  10. Depends how hard you push them. Mine are stacked as you’ve seen, but they never get hot. Nothing a USB fan can’t solve.
  11. That’s the brilliant thing about it. I’m most likely feeding the m Scaler into the analog on my pre which may be re-digitizing it, but it’s still makes a marked improvement overall. My system without it, no matter the dac can sound brittle in comparison.
  12. There are improvements to the 8805 over the 8802a, can’t remember the exact details, but it’s not as simple as the same thing with more channels and new HDMI.
  13. No complaints with my system. Just sayin 😉
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