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  1. I live in a 3 bedroom house that was built more with economy than fantastic internal wiring in mind and I was wondering if it was possible to buy high quality power sockets and have them fitted-I also have about 6 components running off a single power socket with surge board (there's only 1 socket:-( ) which can't be good has anyone else had to deal with anything like this-it all works but im running electrostatic speakers, a power amplifier and 3 others on the one source-what can I do
  2. As stated above wondering if anyone had been fortunate enought to try both types of these great technologies and to share what they thought of each. I've owned a set of vintage Acoustat electrostatics for a while now -which i really enjoy but I always wonder what the other side of the fence sound like...:-)
  3. 😞 thats a very sad story-people just dont get the ventilation concept sometimes -I keep my gear on an open stand my wife keeps trying to talk me into putting it in a cabinet-but thats one area I WILL disobey 🙂 mine seems to run hot on one of the channels heatsinks when pushed but is ok again when at normal listening levels. Normal behaviour I gues....
  4. the tech said it was transistors and the bias was out he wanted 500 to fix it and id heard of the glue on the circuit boards melting and it happening again to people so when this came up i grabbed it instead
  5. I think that Nelson Pass of Pass Labs fame designed the first 555-dont know what happened after that but hey its a good foundation to start from 🙂
  6. well having had the two amps back to back within 2 weeks I thought that the Adcom has a much wider soundstage and is clearer on vocals than the rotel rb 1080 I had. not to mention tons more power but i guess it probably works different in every system also my speakers are electostatic which are not at all efficient..... so probably the adcoms extra current helps
  7. Nice thanks for showing me that- I'm using it in a computer audio setup with Jriver media centre as the hub on pc and output to a NAD c510 preamp dac and im running a set of Acoustat spectra 11s
  8. Im running a 2 channel stereo setup for my home theatre system and are loosing a lot of power because of 5.1 anyone know how to change this in the settings-I've looked but have not been able to locate it
  9. I bought an Adcom 555se yesteerday to replace my dead Rotel rb 1080 was wondering if anyone owned one or had in the past and what they thought-what gear they had with it
  10. wow thank you i did not know you could change the mode on netflix I will give it a go the nesxt time i fire it up- shoud help a lot I got rid of my surround sound setup when I got the Acoustat speakers they are 6ft tall and very accurate with imaging no need for a centre channel so its not like you miss much by the time the electrostatic speaker has worked backwards as well so I dont need 5.1 output should work great keen to try it out 🙂
  11. I find I have to turn my preamp up to a stupid level 15db! to get decent volume when im watching netflix through my computer-Its a 200wpc amplifier-powering a set of electrostatics admittedly-anyone else had this issue and what did you do and is it a case of some amps matching better up with this preamp than others?
  12. hopefully its something simple like that I took it to the NAD dealer in slacks creek they have fairly good techs there
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