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  1. I ended up just going with one amp and 11 speakers running off the one amp. I was going to upgrade to the 8013 but then I found a Yamaha that's slightly better again but 11.2. So that's where I'm heading next !
  2. You can pickup complete wharfdale setups for under a grand which surprisingly sound great
  3. I let you know how running one bs dußl amps must sound . It was so hard to get the rca splitters because nobody sells thrm any.more Does the HDMI cable do the same stuff these days? Or splitters still the way to go? One last thing the surrounds, do I just use the front surrounds or the rear surrounds inboundsurrounds on the sides Thanks!!
  4. I'd love to get your expertise.. it's hard to find someone to help that actually knows what they are talking about. .I kinds wish I'd known someone I could have talked to. Before I began The paradgim 95f have alloy cones so they her. ..,...so they sound great... The krix front and left as well as the center sound from the epic krix are beyond incredieon the front That's why I wanted to run. Both those fronts together from the marantz amd the lx88 The amps I got were 4 channel class's D x 2 ... They are Chinese but they're rewbews they got were p4tyyyy good.. I just with j could find them again
  5. Hahahaha good call... My wife hasn't been too happy with all the spending, but easy come easy go.. the house is pretty big though so I ha e a lot of flexibility here z!!!!¡! But I'd love to have a chat if you're ok with that .
  6. And that's not the worst of it lol.. I've bought more stuff that's in it s way to me, I figured I must need bigger Amps, plus there's more gear here that's not even shown because it's so embarresingmtk have to try and get it it right so many times
  7. Well.. this is actually the second system.. the first I got was a paid of new Klipsch 500w rms subs and then I read that dynaudio was great so I got a v122 center, audience &2, 62 and 72 and when I would turn it up it would just distort.. I thought I must have gotten too cheap a setup.. so I added a big set of paradgim to the fro t to replace the 72s and then I regretted that because no I didn't know you could get 82's..in hindsight, it wouldn't have made any different as the paradigms sounded way better than he ,82s did anyway... So I thought ok I need to build a system for downstairs so this time I wont stuff it up.. and yet.. here I am again...! This to.e I bought two of the on 16 Ultras 16 ported., Can shake the house!
  8. See this is what happens when you really don't know what to buy, where to turn to for help from people that don't want to sell you anything but their own product ranges and you really don't understand how it all works
  9. Even If I run the two krix on the bigger amp? And the two paradigm and the the megakrix center from the marantz?
  10. I'll put a list of the speakers I have together to give you a better idea what I should run where
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