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  1. Hifi Collective, also with Gareth who is based in Melbourne
  2. the speakers used at the hifi show were the F502SP's so smaller than the F703s' the 502SP uses the 5 series body with the 7 series drivers. They are impressive, The 703's and 704's are a jump up. I love the range, best things we have put on in years.
  3. yes, we actually have a walnut and black 704 available. the black ones have just arrived and in our showroom. Also, we will soon have a traded up 703 available in walnut which are being traded in on a pair of F1-10's
  4. This was a first for me and we think for Australia, Fyne F1-12 flagship speaker from Fyne Audio, we have been loving the range of speakers from this relatively new company. The opportunity to document the delivery setup and listening experience could not be passed, so please enjoy our video. The room we are in is yet to be completed also the equipment will change once we make final selection, when complete this will be a great music room, at first I thought the speakers would be too big for the space based on their sensitivity but boy was I wrong, I am sure Marc can explain this muc
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