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  1. Makes sense as Midland and Cannington are the stores who apparently no longer sell Focal.. and who told me no WC Hifi store does anymore No big deal, im happy i should be able to actually demo the speakers locally!
  2. As a follow up to anyone interested - I ended up speaking to Busisoft AV who are the distributors.. It seems as though West Coast Hifi Oconnor and Ossy Park still are selling Focals. The stores must be independantly owned, as I have obviously gotten some false info from one of the other stores unfortunately. Oconnor is due to get the 826s this week, and Ossy Park will get some stock of the Chora range next week apparently.
  3. I did scan through their website before making this thread but it looked like they only sold headphones Will give them a call on Monday! Thank you
  4. Yea im hoping they sound as good as the drivers look.. ive got their flax plant ceiling speakers in a different part of the house and im really happy with them Wasnt exactly going to buy another set of speakers, so im not in a rush to buy anything else!
  5. Thanks mate, Ive just looked them up.. i will try them tomorrow or Monday
  6. One thing i have personally noticed about all-encompassing hobbies is that as you get older, more knowledgeable and acquire more good / high end ****.. the less "hungry" you are for the hobby (it doesnt necessarily mean you are less interested in the hobby though) Once you climb Everest, the last thing you're going to want to do is climb another mountain next week Dont run your high end gear for a few months.. you'll forget how good and fun it is when you turn it back on next time.. and in the meantime, listen to different and/or less preferential artists
  7. Hi all.. I've just seen that Focal have released their "Chora" line and am keen to have a listen / possibly purchase the 826s I called West Coast Hifi where I bought some Focal speakers earlier this year, and was told they are no longer selling them due to a distribution change in Australia Google has only shown me Car Stereo sellers in W.A. Anyone know who is slinging Focal in W.A. now?
  8. Setting up / packing away an ultra short throw 3 times a week is going to be a super annoying experience. Gradenko's idea is much more sensible
  9. The manual for your chosen projo will tell you the drop height specs.. but i guarentee you wont need to mount it central to the image
  10. I work for an AV intergrator and have never heard of this recall.. also have never seen one have it's mounts fail Have one in my house, I'm not concerned tbh
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