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  1. Playing favourites Glen, or just ranking by age? 😎
  2. @glenm64 ….. I know you want a set of Tannoy's. The jarrah finish on these beauties will match the rest of your stereo room perfectly. I could always look after your conertos for you if you wish.
  3. @Full Range It was a great concert at the Perth Concert Hall, amazing acoustics in that place. For only 3 musicians on stage they produced a great musical environment. They were relaxed & interactive, Roy even had a few beers whilst performing. I think I still have the ticket stub some where.
  4. I had the pleasure of seeing Roy Buchanan in concert in the mid 80's, unfortunately not too soon after, he parted ways with the world. It was a brilliant concert with only Roy, a bass guitarist and drummer performing on stage.
  5. British Steel was a fair album in its time
  6. Hump day vinyl & a glass of red. Flowers debut album Icehouse before changing their name to the album title Great listening
  7. @wen & @Snapper() Thanks for the heads up fellas and will keep in mind. I managed to pick up a very good condition Sansui AU-517 + AU217 in Perth on Sunday I believe the 517 was one of Skippys rebuilds from a couple of years back. The speakers sound good hooked up The NAD still interests me wen...need to mull it over to see were it can be hidden so the director of home affairs doesnt get too suspicious.
  8. @glenm64 haha howdy mate, I only just noticed your post...I was over east at the time I have a few badly scratched and banged up discs left in the cupboard your welcome to next time we catch up ; )
  9. Cheers Wen, finding a 3020A will be the challenge many do not wish to part with them. What are your thoughts on a Denon PMA 1080A, sound for vinyl etc? Thanks
  10. Thank you for the suggestion Matyk, I would love to own one but I think Batmaqn is on the money with it being an over kill in both investment and quality. Hi Wen, I have a preference to vintage with phono, but open to suggestions and phono will not be a killer as the turn table has a built in pre amp that can be switched on or off. Budget to $600 but can be swayed dependant of options available. One rider is a preference to black if possible to appease the minister of home affairs OCD passion for colour coordination. The specs for the S-T300 are as per inserted tag and all I have. Looking forward to the guidance and suggestions.
  11. Hi all, new here and looking for some assistance with recommendations for an amp to run a pair of Pioneer S-T300 floor standers. Purely for vinyl, turn table is a Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB. I don't have a huge budget, but open to suggestions that provide the warm vinyl sound. Cheers
  12. G'day, after 20 years my vinyl has decided to come out of the closet. Looking to set up a classic system in a separate room away from the home theatre. Interested in information & components to blend with the warmth of vinyl. Cheers Paul
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