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  1. l didn't know that trick either - l'll be able to use it heaps! thanks so much for your help. rgds...nellup
  2. thanks - that'd be great if you had the review...it doesn't appear to be a lot of different reviews out there. i'm trying to match up some speakers to an almarro a318b - 6moons reviewed the amp and found the speakers a good match. l've also heardsome klipsch heritage speakers - l was disappointed wth the heresy but thought the forte sounded great. Amongst others, i'm considering Zu Omens also. anyway thanks for your help. rgds...nellup
  3. Hi - just wondering if anyone has a copy of this WLM Diva review? It was originally published by staff at Audio Addiction in Melbourne - since then the retail outlet appears to be out of the hi-fi business and their website has been taken down. l have copy of the 6moons review - can anyone else provide reviews of the Monitor speakers? - my internet search is not proving too fruitful. appreciate any assistance. rgds...nellup
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