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  1. yes we use them all the time, we even sell them and so far they are working great. just make sure you are using a high-speed hdmi cable. also the distance affects a lot of the passing of signals.
  2. haha, yeah you can and when it falls just buy a new one. lol
  3. MI TVs are also great, search em up. If you want to go with a known company then TCL is the one for you. One thing to keep in mind, when you buy a 4k tv make sure you have an HDMI Cable that supports 4k.
  4. Yeah, I heard that they are mostly used in companies. Thanks for the response, have a great day!
  5. 2 projectors for $900 is not bad, just wondering because i see a lot of casio projectors and they are really expensive. why is that?
  6. im gonna use it for watching movies, when i turn of the lights of the room it gets pretty dark and the size of the room is about 10x12ft.
  7. Hey Guys, So, I was just wondering what are the best projectors under $2000, I know there are a lot of reviews out there but I just wanted an honest opinion from someone who has actually bought a projector. Hope you guys could help me out.
  8. Casio 4k UHD Projector DLP Chip! It's really worth it.
  9. Congrats on your new projector! just a quick question tho, did you ever think about buying other projectors? like i mean other brands.
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