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  1. Hi, all. I have just purchased the Epson Tw-9400. I'm doing a minor home cinema reno and therefore am months off from needing a calibration as I haven't even set up the new projector. But I thought I'd start this conversation and get some suggestions. I live in the Blue Mountains area outside of Sydney, NSW. Can anyone suggest a knowledgeable calibrator versed in SDR, HDR, and 3D calibrations? Other than Avical they seem as rare as Yetis around here. Any thoughts?
  2. That's exactly my point. Despite the failings or limitations of the review it was still better than Dreamedia reviews. The only other reviews I've come across are European foreign language videos that are useless to english speaking viewers. That's why I say that we need people like Kris or Arrow or Chad, people with calibration knowledge, to post in-depth videos which cover all the issues that forum followers desire information about. Many here don't have access to demo-ing of the new projectors so we depend on the information and reviews of others to inform our decisions. Even Art's reviews at projectorreviews.com seem a bit "lite" these days when it comes fair and in-depth comparisons between projectors. The only other video I have seen is by Films At Home, and that guy has never owned a projector before. I agree about the use of moving pictures in these reviews. One of my main complaints about Dreamedia reviews is that he picks some of the worst films to showcase the image (Mission Impossible, Marvel movies, things with fast cuts and pans). Mark Henninger(imagic) posted a brief review of the Epson 505UB at the start of an owners thread and there's the aforementioned Art Feierman review, but that's about it. Waiting patiently for Arrow's comparisons. It just seems like there is a void there waiting for some talented, knowledgeable person to become the go-to video reviewer on You-Tube for projectors.
  3. That Epson vs. BenQ review by Scott's Tech and Stuff was so much better those terrible Dreamedia Home Theater reviews. Given the lack of good video reviews of these new projectors we need people like Javs, Kris Deering, and Arrow to start making and posting video reviews. Though of course there was still no review about the 3D on either projector. Reviewers really must stop thinking that no one cares about 3D.
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