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  1. Nice bookshelves you got there mate! How are you finding them, do they benefit from the sub. I'm running mine without atm but considering adding one and SVS tick a lot boxes 😁
  2. Aaahhh now I wish I hadn't pulled the trigger on the R3s 4 months ago! Exact same colour preference too. GLWS
  3. I've had the R3s since June this year and couldn't agree more, hard to beat them for SQ and WAF in this price bracket. Only dilemma is grill on (and protect the drivers from inquisitive little fingers) or grill off (and display the Uniq driver and shadow flare in all their glory) 😂
  4. As a current owner of Paradigm Studio 60s v5 (possibly soon to be ex owner) I can empathise...these are amazing value for money speakers both in looks and sound department. Best of luck with the sale.
  5. This had me stumped too...thanks OP for the helpful thread title
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