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  1. No pm received - maybe it’s an inbox problem? Mods? @Marc?
  2. Hi Bill, Never received that pm or the package. Wondering if I can grab an update? would hate to think that this beauty of floating, lost somewhere in the postal system on its journey all of 30km’s 🤪
  3. Another room packed with stunning large speakers! - we’re on a roll!
  4. Could be keen for two mate.. would depend on 1. How big the boxes are Mark, if I’m going to lug them around for a while before building 😂 2. How will I integrate these into my current crossovers of yours Mark... ??
  5. Cheers yeah what I’d really like to experiment with if I had the time was fabricating some bass bins. Now if I just had a cathedral, I reckon a pair of these a side would do nicely...
  6. $115 for 2 wow. Worth experimenting with. Maybe I should buy these and two plate amps and cut another hole in the baffle of my boxes.
  7. Nice - are these to be your mains now or for another member? Interested to hear the performance on the different 12” woofer. I certainly like the size of the cabinet.
  8. Listening to S02E08 right now 🥳 Like the ideas, keep the eps coming
  9. Always wanting to fiddle (even if I don't have the money), but need to hold off long enough to buy more music... In same camp as above - would like a new space for the system. Feels good to be happy with the system. Good place for you to be. Usually lasts a while (probably until spending a certain amount of time on here 😭).
  10. Thanks for the tip, will first try for some UK vertigo or similar since this is one instance where they are all affordable
  11. Item: some nice SQ copies of the Dire Straits albums recently reissued by mofi Price Range: Market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: thinking someone may be looking to pass on their original copies of the 4 Dire Straits albums recently reissued by mofi, since I know those have been popular and are tops in terms of SQ. Missing some good copies in the collection so PM if you have them.
  12. *buys plane ticket to Victoria* ... Haha, would be a treat to hear a pair, no doubt.
  13. Good to see you might have found a home for that arm 👍 I also reckon it looks better than the VPI, in my opinion (!)
  14. Such beautiful wooden plinths on these. Oh and that they feature in ‘House M.D.’ as well, if that’s something you care for..
  15. Hi Bill, Wondering if the tonearm cable made this Friday’s postie trip... 😁
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