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  1. Cleaned this afternoon. First play through sounding quite pleasing. Ooh I need a copy!
  2. Well if you need help installing or ahermm listening... Now if only I had a Princess shaped hole in my life!
  3. Keep coming back to this one - UK Decca, Beethoven, Ashkenazy & CSO
  4. So many positive responses already. Thank you all I'll try and get in touch and see if maybe a 'shootout' can happen.
  5. Correct, I'm aware of this... but have been interested by accounts online of the potential SQ advantages of a SUT (reduced noise, improved clarity) - albeit at the expense of the versatility that my current loading options, or indeed a head amp, do offer. The fact that there may be differences in sound between, say a FRT-4 and AI CST-80 SUT suggests there is something going on here worth experimenting with, IMO. Another thought, though I'm not entirely clear on this part, is that given my gain is fairly low (40db) it might be more susceptible to noise or other artefacts from, for example, a head amp that adds some 30db to the signal. Am prepared for this thinking to be entirely wrong though... Cheers for the offer, and more than happy to pay postage - I'll wait on your thoughts re the head amp vs SUT from a sound perspective.
  6. Interesting, hadn't heard of the Raphaelite SUT before. The current pairing would be with the Denon DL301-mk2 (0.4mV). Eventually would like to end up on a Dynavecotr 17D2/3. Curious to see where the differences occur because the tube phono I've been using allows me to adjust the loading to play with increments from 100 to 1k to 47k ohms (currently at 328 or 378). Interestingly enough, the Lundahl SUT were an upgrade option in this phono stage, although I don't think that necessarily means any greater synergy than the other options. Feel free to share your thoughts, but I suspect a standalone unit with the proper shielding of a case is less likely to attract hum from the phono's power supply (or the rather large toroidal in the amp below!). No worries, not in any rush to buy as I'll have to watch the s/h market for the model I decide on anyway. Really appreciate the offer. 👍
  7. Sorry - member of the yahoo group so I get the emails but have forgotten my logon details 😆
  8. Looking to try out a SUT of around 1:10 spec. I see Aurealis audio has a model (3440A) that might suit my needs and budget, but these are out of stock on the site. The problem I’m coming across is the local hifi stores aren’t going to have these to call up for a home trial or something like that. Additional info: Phono stage has 40-45db gain. Intended cart output is 0.28-0.4mV
  9. Be sure to post lots of pics of your new SP100s. 😍
  10. Maybe someone else has the $$ for this one: Cymer amp - 120 tube watts into 8ohms https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wyong-area/stereo-systems/cymer-audio-kt-120-valve-stereo-amplifier/1244605622
  11. Such an impressive analogue collection. Seeing this post I went and impulsively bought another two albums 😅
  12. Anyone bought the Evo 4.2 yet? For the price in store, these are some excellent looking 3-ways!
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