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  1. Cheers, I’ve registered my interest on the Lenco Heaven thread. Sounds like a good idea. Haven’t started the build yet but it looks like the wait on the controller is considerable so that’s ok..
  2. Nice crossover I thought buying eight posts was a lot.. !
  3. Awesome. Thanks that ought to do the trick
  4. That’s ok for a 4-pack. Look solid too. Shame how there’s the very budget and then the exxy - no real in between 😅
  5. Cheers, they’re an affordable option. I was thinking these, but no info on length and I think it’d be a stretch to fit with 24mm ply (even with a rebate): https://www.partsconnexion.com/KLEI-86830.html#51799
  6. Item: 8 speaker binding posts Price Range: offer Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Need two sets of four binding posts to finish off DIY speaker project.
  7. Very well regarded phono stage. Wish I was in the market
  8. The guy selling the new DC motor and controller box thingy on LH, does anyone know whether that’s a speed controller as well (I.e. you wouldn’t need Nigels or any other additional boxes?)
  9. Technically power amp with attenuator: Tried connecting to speaker output REL style and had an unsightly hum. edit: I see I was a bit confused. This isn’t going to apply to my amp unfortunately
  10. Sorry to go off topic, but I’m curious - my amp has 1 input and I’d like to connect the REL... could i use this splitter you speak of?
  11. edit: fixed driver binding post by getting back behind the soldering iron. Happy camper once again!
  12. Never seen another Valve Audio owner in Aus. I have the original Predator integrated
  13. Yes, they’ve been so easy to use so thank you. Interested if you can make a pair with the optimal Xover you mentioned though. 1st order 1100.?. When you have the time
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