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  1. Taboo indeed 🤭 I have looked foolishly at that site a few times. Even more daringly, I’ve looked at buying them used (!). Thanks @xlr8or 😎
  2. Any recs on good transformers for such a task? Out of interest. It’s difficult trying to glean this kind of info from forum trawling but I still enjoy it...
  3. Again beautiful speakers. maybe should paint the baffles JBL blue to attract potential buyers..
  4. There’s fair talk of interstate transformers here so... Any of the tube gurus know of some good el84 or kt88 circuits that use interstate transformers? Looking for something ‘more iron than glass’ like above, and in the vein of Sakuma San
  5. Sounds awesome. How many watts do you get from the parallel 6as7's?
  6. Nice. Would be interested to hear more about those speakers too 👍
  7. Moved up to North Qld, and just set up the bare basics system. The old Spendors are making vibes listening to ‘Sultans of Swing’ with the iPad as a source. Don’t yet know when the 100+kgs of speaker build are going to make it up here. Pretty sure there’ll be some perfect corners for them here though (see my 2020 build if you haven’t already). You’ll also notice there aren’t any sofas either...
  8. I don’t keep track of my mileage ... but for my Lenco PTP build I went for an oversized plinth that would allow for multiple arms... if you make the cutout for the arm mount large enough it should be flexible to use with different arm mounting distances.
  9. If yours emits the same noise as mine, you might be wanting to lock it in another room at the other end of the house 😄
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