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  1. Agreed on the resort brothers. Have their orange LP release, but no their more recent one - didn’t realise it was live but that’s cool.
  2. This reminded that I have a pair in a draw too. So, I guess, if someone wants a full set plus a spare driver - get in touch.
  3. Seems like the place to add that DSotM puts me to sleep 😴 But I’m a sucker for audiophile classical releases (and blue note for that matter) 😄
  4. In Queensland and have records but not of a size yet that it has become a burden. always open to buying locally though, so if you’re selling or having a GtG, count me in! My justification is that if I stick to just one source (vinyl) I’m ‘doing my part’ in being rational / minimalistic (aren’t we just so great at deceiving ourselves..?) Ash
  5. Nice. I was thinking a 20kg bag of brickie sand in the base, then another on top (the pillow case idea was pretty solid, might copy that as well) 👍
  6. Excellent, thanks for chiming in! Ok as I sort of expected, it sounds as if the castors are not optimal. They offer such ease of use - and I am in no rush to fill 12 M6 holes in the bottom of each cabinet if they were removed - that I’m thinking i will also investigate some mass loading. Maybe I’ll have to build some trolley / bases and isolate the speaker from the base.. and at the very least buy castors with brakes 🤭
  7. I stumbled upon some old threads where enthusiasts have used sand bags to mass load their speakers - either on top of the cabinet or inside. Apparently some speaker designers (Totem) even build in mass loading capabilities, cavities to be filled with kitty litter or sand. One of the reasons (there were many... see this ‘review’ for example http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1299/sandbagging.htm) for such mass loading is - to put it simply or as I could understand it - to lessen the motion related to the driver motion... Now I have large (300+ litre) cabinet
  8. Following with great interest. What a dumpster find!
  9. Sounds perfect. Just when I finish a build with 4+ sheets of 24mm AA birch ply...
  10. I'll have a play around. Tends to be hair-raising working with wires finer than a strand of hair!..
  11. Ok great, thanks. Currently have tape but was concerned about the sticky potentially ripping if trying to remove, so I lined it with paper such that the wires only make contact with the paper. Will give some small rubber bands a go. Part of the issue currently is that the strands are separate - if they can be plaited it could be easier to affix them.
  12. Xovers sounding fantastic thanks mate. Enjoy the freedom of attaching to speaker jacks on the rear of speaker as well. No glariness and discovered in a loud session last night (only listening through the Squeezebox) that the other frequency extreme is more than satisfying and may even sound better without the sub (fast and responsive, not bloated; not a bass head, personally). Tamarisk pulling its own, yep. It’s quiet!! Remarkable volume from those few watts, as in the aforementioned loud session. Sophia looks fantastic, would be purely out of a SQ interest that I’d try the UX280 glo
  13. Finished replacing more caps in the PH16 phono stage this morning. To add to the K40Y-9 for output, a pair of Teflon FT3’s were installed. Over on the PS board, Elna silmic ii caps were installed parallel to replace some 3300uF electrolytics, as well as some other smaller value caps. (It was a squeeze) It fired up first go, which is always a welcome surprise. After quickly reattaching some external Audio Note Tonearm wire which hasn’t got any stress relief and broke/disintegrated (have heat shrink en route), listening again For the first time in a few days 🎶 W
  14. Had the same issue. Needed approx 18-20mm screws (!) Easiest/fastest place for me was Ebay
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