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  1. Very cool. Curious, where’d you get the platter? It’s $799 at aussiehifi :eek:
  2. Great to see an appreciation of the older gear. To earn and wooden skirting steal the show. What platter did you say that was - from a P8?
  3. You don’t need a second pair of ML 15s for rears in your home theatre setup do you? Have a pair I need to sell...
  4. These are great, thanks for sharing. No idea such creations existed. (Although I think it's almost criminal to hide the tubes inside, IMO.)
  5. Ah I see. That’s a small case for a power amp (which is why I saw the tubes and assumed preamp). The PH16 is here, it has the option to DIY with your own case for a considerably less than a built one: http://www.tubes4hifi.com/PH16.htm
  6. wine box tube pre - i like it ha! Do you have any thoughts about the american PH16 tube preamp kit? Been hanging out to order it for a while now...
  7. Bach Cello Suites, original German pressing
  8. Thanks for sharing your experiences That Ayon, although amazing no doubt, would painfully outclass my current system. Still, the ease of use of a cdp appeals and could mean more play time - thinking of finding a Unico Research CDP on the used market? Have to say, I like how small a footprint that unison research amp of yours has...
  9. I like ya thinking there.. would you advocate a cdp over vinyl in bedroom system like this? I’ve recently begun the analogue collecting and upgrading path but it’s honestly a hassle in such a small space. It’s tempting to just grab a tube cdp and be done with it for now
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