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  1. You only have to check out my own build to see I spent 4 months listening to them unfinished - taking out the drivers to paint takes a good deal of motivation (some might say half a bottle of it...) 🥳
  2. I’ve been really wanting to try build the deep well QRD panels - I prefer the framed appearance. However, the skyline diffuser would be much simpler to construct, one size of timber cut to different lengths... This looks impressive (and time consuming!) though
  3. Interesting, thanks for the description. Also @Batty , is the sub for the ML-1s the new project? So many projects in that shot..
  4. I’m interested to hear more about your biamping setup - what speakers & Xover arrangement?
  5. Lot's of info going on here, but I'll just offer what i've been looking into recently for organ reproduction in classical music: tapped horn subs? If size is an issue then they're a no-go. With >300L speaker now in the listening room, I too am struggling to figure out where I would fit some of these reportedly organ-worthy subs...
  6. I’m still recovering from dojg the curved pieces on my FLH... but for the whole cabinet and where it’s going to be visible as well.. that impressive. any plans to imitate the SF style grille out of string type material?
  7. Ohh I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for the heads up re Asahi Black
  8. As you said, could be that applying too thick because of application method means more needs to be sanded off to get an even finish than I experienced. Otherwise, I’d just suggest a lighter touch when sanding maybe? Don’t know if that helps, but I think I was going too far in my middle coat and backed off on the amount of sanding/force required. I’m with Pkay, super keen to see the finished product and hear your impressions
  9. Hi mate, They are imposing - it was a little shocking when I first wheeled them inside! I imagine / intended them to be similar in size to the Autographs (an endgame build to DIY if there ever was one), so in that respect don’t mind so much with the size. Total height on castors is 1300 I had initially finished with a few coats of Tung oil. This succeeded in giving some yellowing, making the birch less of a stark white and more vintages in appearance. However the poly IMO was well worth adding. I sanded with 2xx grit after each coat, using a foam block (cut off piece
  10. Eventually I might step from my dual concentric ‘wannabes’ (Beyma’s) to some MG15’s, but these cabinets are truly lovely piece of carpentry. GLWTS
  11. Some reading matter for tonight’s listening session 😊😊😊
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