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  1. Item: Chord Mojo + Chord Cable Pack for Mojo Location: Brisbane Price: 530 ONO Item Condition: Perfect Working condition, cable pack mostly unused Reason for selling: NLR (moving towards 100% analogue) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great working condition on the Mojo. Well-known DAC/amp suitable for headphones, IEMs, have even given it a whirl with desktop use between laptop and amp. Selling as money towards other components, currently working on switching most of the system up to vintage components (so there may be more classifieds yet). Included cable pack is the offical pack from Chord for the Mojo, includes cables for all the different connection options on the Mojo, as well a module for easy connection to a mobile device and bands for holding them together as a 'stack'. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks Pictures:
  2. crtexcnndrm99

    SOLD: FS: [RELIST + DROP] Campfire Audio Atlas IEM

    Trust me, buy local for these always turns out cheaper... I just had the rude shock of $310 in import taxes on one of their other models Absolutely stellar brand though
  3. Unfortunately, about 9000 reasons [emoji6]
  4. In 10 years time I’d hope to have a pair of these beauties adorning my living room..
  5. crtexcnndrm99

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Man the local postie and I have a great thing going... Original UK Decca or EMI for the classical and early Jap pressings for the other two. Tonight shall be a good night.
  6. crtexcnndrm99

    PSU Upgrades for Phono Stages.

    Haha thank you, I expected as much. The difficulty of an old house with very few wall sockets. - Ash
  7. crtexcnndrm99

    PSU Upgrades for Phono Stages.

    Cheers, both, that’s plenty to look into. Wasn’t even aware 12v was a potentially limiting factor. - Ash
  8. crtexcnndrm99

    PSU Upgrades for Phono Stages.

    Would upgrading the stock standard wall wart with my Dyna P75 make a difference, noting that it’s powered by a power pack into an extension lead going across the room? XD
  9. crtexcnndrm99

    Rega Planar 2 Tweak

    Like what you’ve done there. The method for ‘cupping’ those squash balls is an idea I might steal too. From the first pic it looks like the table is sitting off the table via the horizontal plank with a screw at either end (and the screw wresting on a coin)? Did this replace the squash balls?
  10. I may have made a mistake and the seller removed sold items from his post. In that case I’ll update with pics and details when I get home then. Thanks for letting me know!
  11. Item: Led Zep 'Coda', Boston 'Don't Look Back' Location: Brisbane Price: $55 for the lot Item Condition: Reason for selling: Thought I'd try some classic rock, didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped, just purchased some jazz to replace these. Selling to recoup funds for newer purchase. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Thought I'd branch out to some classic rock in my system. Quickly discovered I don't enjoy such rock in my system. Bob Dylan is about as far as I'll venture for now. Would rather spend on more Bill Evans anyway [emoji6]. See the linked thread for thorough details from chimchimster from whom I received these last week (have only played once each since they arrived). Pictures: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/262554-70s-rock-vinyl-us-and-japanese-pressings/?tab=comments#comment-4065782
  12. crtexcnndrm99

    SOLD: FS: Premium Classical Vol1. Lps

    Recently paid considerably more to get that Cello suites box set from overseas on Discogs :’( Can highly recommend the recording though!
  13. Curious if this would fit a rega arm?
  14. crtexcnndrm99

    FS: Premium Jazz Vol 5. Lps

    Love me some Art Tatum. GLWS!
  15. crtexcnndrm99

    70's Rock Vinyl, US and Japanese Pressings

    Hi, I’ll take Boston, Bowie, Hotel California, Led Zep and Before the flood if available. - Ash Edit: may add Beatles White album too. Cheers