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  1. ahh thanks very much. I was subscribed to that model but never got any emails. Perhaps it does not send notification when item is located outside Australia?: Anyhow, I have made an offer ( in hope to get it cheaper ) , will buy it anyway if they decline. Thanks, this is awesome, finally will be able to use the remote without looking at the manual
  2. cheers. I should clarify. Yes that one I have seen on ebay already and am considering buying it. The thing is my remote is model RC-691M and that one is 688M. There seems only one minor difference with one button but I was still concerned, who knows, it may not work at all.?
  3. I have a saved search happening in my ebay, not getting any hits
  4. thanks. I need to go from the Integra though. I should just give it a try at least, I hope I can't damage it
  5. That means going backwards in audio quality that's my whole point. You enter in the game with a higher end pre-pro than an AV Receiver and you end up stuck, having huge upgrade costs or going backwards. It's a statement people, I am not complaining to you like the world owes me something
  6. I know. I wasn't after money Ill keep my eyes on this model but I probably prefer a pre-pro I could but would it be balanced or cheap that is ( my ) question to answer I guess
  7. etc etc I don't really see a point you're trying to make other than you think I should shutup.
  8. I wont touch anything until I know what Im doing and I'm confused, so I'll leave it Thanks
  9. id be happy to get one powered if 2 can't work.
  10. There must be a safety issue, " must not be sold in NSW " Im in SA and no stock anyway So I was hoping someone might have done this before, I appreciate your ideas, I'll just wait to see if anyone has actually done it.
  11. In the Yamaha manual the Remote In / out is for remote emitters and receivers , aka IR blasters. It does not look like its meant for normal power on / off. The other option, the RS232C/Ctrl OUT +5V terminal has a description that says " expansion for commercial use, consult your dealer" Not too hlpful
  12. Thanks betty boop the Yamahas have Remote In and Remote out plus also a control in. So I don't know what the dif is. The DHC 9.9 has IR in A & B and Out plus 12V trigger A, B and C A 3.5 mono cable hey, can I do damage if I do it wrong?
  13. I will never go back to a Harmony. What an expensive piece of confusing junk. YMMV I too have the same issue as the OP just that my volume button for the AVR is bad so I need to use the TV remote.
  14. Maybe a silly question? How can I turn on my pre-amp / processor and have it turn on my amplifiers so I don't have to do it manually? Is that what 12V triggers are for or maybe the IR in/out? I have no idea Integra DHC 9.9>Yamaha RX-V1>Yamaha RX-V1
  15. Looking for recommendations of local ( Adelaide ) electronics repairer who has the experience to do a modification I would like to have the subwoofer .1 input ( of the 5.1 input ) routed to the center rear amplifier of a Yamaha receiver. Is this possible/ easy? The reason is that I'm thinking to the future with Atmos and I want to run two identical receivers to power 11 channels 7.1.4 . If I can't do that mod then I would need three receivers just for the one extra channel. Am I insane?
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