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  1. You're telling the story Yes I also worked out with the help of a voltage drop calculator the drop was only 0.8 volt over that distance, thus making Mr Jaycar's theory incorrect. But it does work just fine, if something is incorrect it surely can't damage anything at those ratings.
  2. The sub and processor both have proper 3 pin grounded electrical IEC connections. Is that why it works? I dont know much about electricity
  3. My problem is solved!! After trying again with new mono plugs, today it works. I must have had a dodgy plug. So to put this to bed this is what I used. 1. 100M roll 1mm single core electrical cable https://www.bunnings.com.au/olex-100m-1mm-white-single-core-electrical-cable_p4430102 2. Mono plugs https://www.jaycar.com.au/3-5mm-metal-mini-plug-with-spring/p/PP0116 No soldering required. All i did was strip the core wire about 1/2 inch , slide it through the pin and bend it back, then lightly crimp with pliers. It seems it does not matter if the core wire touches the other earth part of the plug either.
  4. Went to Jaycar and he thinks the processor isn't outputting enough amps on the trigger wire to make it 15m Integra DHC9.9 , from the manual When triggered, the output from a 12V TRIGGER OUT goes high (+12 volts, 100 milliamperes max). Whats the point of trigger outs if you can't go 15m or so.
  5. I get that but it is in effect an audio cable ( not a good one ) I wonder if you only connected the tip wire would it still work or not.
  6. That's because they were made as an audio cable i presume. I'll give it another go today. Who knows, perhaps somehow I was using the wrong end and sending signal to the other cable . ( I really thought I made sure not to but I've done dumber things before ) I'll report later thanks
  7. yes but thats for purpose of mono audio, not 12V trigger. Why would you need insulator for a simple electrical pulse? Like in smoke detectors I use this same wire to connect all my units together for multiroom alarming. There is no shielding just a single core 12V signal. As mentioned,. I tested with a short 3 ft cable and it works fine with no insulator. Unless someone can explain to me otherwise
  8. Thanks but do you need two wires
  9. I'd love to revisit this thread as I am rather having a difficult time here with 12V triggers. The whole mono 3.5mm male jack to male is simple, very simple, until you need it to be 20 meters long!! I can;t find any easy way of purchasing such cables and so i go about making my own. Here's what I tried. Using a test piece of wire , single core without shielding, I soldered a 3.5mm mono jack on each end, tested on my subwoofer and pre-amp very well. So then I have gone to run a 15m and a 20m cable ( 2 subs ) through ceilings and walls, only to find this time it won't work. I'm wondering if it's my solder skills or I am wiring it wrong, if indeed maybe i do have to use a shielded audio cable and not a single core electrical cable? From what I understood, an audio cable works fine ( mono ) but the shielding is not required only the hot main wire, thus I'm using single core electrical. Does anybody know exactly how to wire your own 12C trigger wire, I cant even find any YouTube on it.
  10. Item: VAF LFE-o7 Location: Adelaide southern suburbs Price: $600 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + 3%, Credit Cards + 1.8% Extra Info: The sale does not include GST as it wasn't purchased part of business. Will not ship , must pickup in person or paid in advance and arranged own transport. Happy to demonstrate Would suit somebody with an existing LFE-07 to match . I don't know too much about subs to explain much, since this is the only one I ever owned. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. yes, guess work oh, not good this is fine, there's some good 5 feet to a curtain ( not a wall )
  12. I'd rather the 2000 pro Never thought of that, you don't need to match the subs at all? Integra pre-pro + 2 x Yamaha RX-V1 gold versions ( yep, they look and sound the part )
  13. No. I'm not sure, just going by the general guidance of YouTube That dual subs is better and more even. I really don't know what model would suit my space, I have a VAF LFE-07 that is fairly underpowered at 250W maximum output. My room is 4M wide by 5M deep and high vaulted ceilings ( 11 foot )
  14. In my space I only have room under my screen for a 400mm high sub so I was considering the SVS SB3000 which comes in at a handy 397mm . However I might like to get dual subs , one at the front and one at the back. In this case, would it be advantageous to get the SVS PB3000 at the rear since I won't have height restrictions? Thanks in advance
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