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  1. The EPSON brand is renowned for good black levels. ( I have no experience with them) The BENQ does not have impressive black level but it sure has impressive colour accuracy and sharpness. If a seller is saying the BENQ has better blacks than EPSON then walk away.
  2. Of course it's in the menu. Turn it off, it on by default, nobody is making you use it. To increase contrast or the perception of it.
  3. Note. As you can see from my signature , I am partnered with BENQ, selling these in Adelaide. I'd like to confirm this is the dynamic iris and it is normal behavior. BENQ hat off > I am also slightly disappointed in the dynamic iris , more so the noise than the brightness fluctuations. I personally find the brightness changing to be minor and the noise to be slightly annoying , given that my W5700 is directly over my seated position, so too close to not hear the iris. I even sent the unit in for service ( iris noise ) only to be told it was normal. Having said all that, I always leave the iris on OFF when using a 4K UHD disc. The Panasonic player has excellent tone mapping and therefore no need to enable the iris. I strongly urge you to get a Panasonic 4K player and do the same thing. When using my Apple TV 4K I leave the dynamic iris on low, it's not so annoying IMHO. Don't be too disheartened, the PJ still has great imaging if you use the right settings.
  4. thats what I'm worried about. I wasnt sure if the listing quoted was correct name
  5. A person who wanders around town with his underwear on outside of his jeans and/or shirts on inside out.
  6. Yes, thank you Is there an actual name for them.
  7. I'm a big boy and have given my share of sharp and over aggressive comments in forums over the years. In the newsgroup days I would hit back at comments like Andy's and start a never ending fight. So this is the mature me. in my 50's now
  8. I would love to and to actually see them but I am too scared to pull it all apart .
  9. They did not come with any , they weren't necessarily required since they had internal switching. Problem is over time these switches become corroded or such and channels stop working, that requires terminating the pre-out>pre-in , or at least that's what often fixes the problem with this model.
  10. nice. These are the go, I presume they are standard size quoted 14mm on consumer amps? Yamaha RX-V1 in question
  11. I have 3 x older amps that I am using with 6 CH input. These amps only have FL, FR, C channels for Pre-Out to Pre-In , therefore only 3 required for each amp. I do not have amps that have only 3 channels.
  12. And I said sorry if that made it confusing I thought it was a very easy to understand question, what are they called and i described where they went from and where they went to.
  13. honestly thats a hassle to get it out and I am clear now what I need. I simply didn't know what they were called.
  14. why, pre-out>pre-in for each , no pic needed I need 5 pairs because I have 3 amps that need 3 channels on each , that makes 9 cables or 5 pairs. Sorry for the confusion,
  15. I can make my own HD-SDI cables since I am a video guy , they would probably work fine like they do with my subwoofer but is 75 ohm coax the best for audio ( im not sure )
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