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  1. That’s great advice. And no sound quality is compromised?
  2. Yeh. Although I’m running a stereo amp which is sounding awesome but doesn’t have a sub output, I assume. thinking I’ll have to update amp so will have to do some more research. and so the fun begins. Haha
  3. Picked up a pair of Castle Richmond Anniversary bookshelfs. Beautiful speaker but prob a little light for the large room they are in. I’ll look to add a sub to fill in the bottom end or replace them with a different bookshelf with a little more depth.
  4. Thanks for all the tips guys. Does anyone have any insights into the Castle Richmond Anniversary Bookshelf speakers? https://tivolihifi.com.au/products/castle-richmond-anniversary-speakers would the match my set up ok? thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the reply Wen. Room size is approx 30sqm. budget second hand between 200-400. placement is centre of room backed on wall. the monitor are something I was considering when buying these. I’ll take a look.
  6. Hey Guys. sadly my cleaner just dropped and broke my bookshelf speakers, a trusty set of Jamo e610. I am wanting to replace them but before I do I wanted some advice on models to look at. I am running a modest set up made up of a REGA P1 into a vintage Technics SU-2500 Amp. I usually play fairly chilled music and don’t blow the volume so a natural sound would be preferred. Appreciate any help. Thanks
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