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  1. Hum returened suddenly after a couple happy weeks. Took a while to diagnose. I use a diy electronic XO for the low pass of semi active drive of a 'JBL 4333'. system The hum was caused by faulty DC supply from PSU to the eXO board. I have sorted that out. System is fine now. So there was nothing at all wrong with the MP. Question: Can i safely use 2 x 6N23P tubes ? These are Reflektor Silver Shields ( will retain the stock Beijing 6N11 at the back So far everything is stock standard) Thanks
  2. i have successfully adjusted to gain to next to lowest. Very weird . i still cannot understand how or why that hum came about or how it is now gone.! It sounds good with volume knob useable from 7 to 12 o clock with current poweramps. I will cautiously get into some tube rolling - when Russian 6N23P valves arrive Any comments on those ?
  3. Hi I am the bloke having the hum problem after changing the stock gain settings. Can someone kindly guide me to getting this right. Unfortunately on setting the toggles back to stock standard the way the amp was set, i still get hum! What should i try to do. To reiterate, i havent messed with anything else Thanks
  4. My effort last night bore disappointing results: I pushed down the Rt and Lt toggle switches at postion 1 and pushed up the toggles at postion 3 . Turned ON the preamp. I am meticulous about sequence ie sources, preamp then poweramps ( and reverse order on powering down) I got a horrid hum ! Now mine is a semiactive system the 2 sets of RCA outputs go to 2 poweramps (sansui AU9500 poweramp section and TPA 3250 ) . I got the hum from my Highs and Lows so i turned OFF the poweramp driving tweets and mids to protect them, so just had the Sansui ON feeding woofers. I turned ever
  5. Thanks again R-Y74 I had been using a CJ PV10 on loan but that preamp has ridiculously high gain. That was sorted in the subsequent versions of the PV10 i believe. The volume knob hardly ever reached 7 and I was a bit worried that i had just bought a preamp with the same issue !
  6. Thanks RY74 To clarify, is position 1 for highest gain and postion 4 for lowest gain ? Cheers
  7. Hi I ve recently got my hands on this excellent preamp. All stock standard at the moment. Can someone point out to me the location of the Gain settings please? Are the blue switches at top of pic the ones? Mine is set as the pic above (which i copied n pasted from the original post) Thanks
  8. yes cheap n cheerful TPA 3255s power standard NS1000M s amazingly well. I use a Meanwell 48V 600W swtching PSU
  9. Awesome SimonS As things stand I will prob go semi active analogue, Will need 2 stereo power amps this way ie build 850 Hz EXO (ElliotSP) - have ordered the board. I have secured H92 horns altho they will be in the UK, till i can figure out way to get them to KL. Have also bought pair of 077 tweets ( one of my 2405s is actually a 2404 ! - long story). 2235H s are in LA but I can make do with the LE15Bs I am curious what power amps used , especially for the woofers - did you go for one of those powerful Class D professional amps such as from Crown / Behringer? Is there a thr
  10. I can understand such a radical approach would irk Lansing fans. On re read of the AK thread I posted above I am clearer that what was done was a semi active drive. The Venue360 was used as a 2 way XO. Beyond about 1kHz ie HP leads to a power amp that feeds the N8000 passive 2 way XO that feeds the compression driver and tweeter I will probably opt for an analogue 1 kHz electronic XO . Probably a kit from Rod Elliot Sound Products Low pass will feed stereo power amp to drive the LE15Bs (later 2235s) High pass to N8000 passive XO to the compression driver and tweeter. This
  11. Thanks for your thoughtsRobbee we ve have had the L 200 since 1973. They were my dad's and I must say I have never liked how they sound. When I built the new cabinets we decided to follow the dimensions of the 4333. I guess some L 200 owners try to turn the speakers into L 300, or better. As I was stuck with the LE 15 I went the LX 16 N8000 route, rebuilding the crossover but sas I mentioned adding the tweeters did not improve the sound quality. I am prepared to have another go and I think digital active would be the best way to have a play around. The system should be able to
  12. Got some information back from Harman. The Venu360 can be totally customized. Can link or unlink everything and have 3 inputs to work with, as well as having availability of 96khz sampling rate (the PA2 is 48 only) as well as digital AES input.
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