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  1. very nice Jake, red Yams look lovely on those stands.
  2. Hi Robin The 124 is a wonderful tt. Unique with idler and belt. Difficult to get it to be entirely silent tho..... Loads of bits to be replaced and serviced. motor for starters needs service, motor grommets need replaced, belt. Idlers are hard to come by unless u go for the O ring metal ones sold by some chap in Italy Hopefully u can still use the original. Re plinths there are 2 schools of thought: The solid plinths like Peter F above and if u go that way i suggest you consider doing away with the rubber 'mushrooms' and bolt the thing to the plinth If u go lightweight hollow plinth ala Ortofon style new mushrooms are recommended. Hopefully the top platter is ok - Its nice to use some folks do away with them and put something else onto the heavy platter. oh yes there are 2 versions of the lower platter in the later mk II - yrs is a mk 1 so perhaps its only the better heavier iron platter . Lots of fun to have . In has PRAT !
  3. I know someone who is delighted with his pair of Nord stereo power amps that run the NC500, in a semi actively driven system. Silent, plenty of bass grunt. 700 wpc into 4 ohms i believe, 350 into 8 From what i understand from him the NC500 s are a step up. I am building the same speakers - upgrade of the NS1000 actually by replacing the bass driver and putting it all in new cabs. We are using analogue LR crossovers though rather than DSP. I cant afford the Nords at the moment so i will use power amps that i have to kick things off. i think D class is the way to go.
  4. hearty congratulations again. Its a lovely amp alright
  5. i have a 70 They are really nice sounding amps . Yours is very nice cosmetically. Congratulations. Sound excellent driving vintage JBLs I even had mine driving NS1000 for a while
  6. toe in, tilt, the works ....... here......
  7. cant believe what i read on that thread well i suppose they are luv em or hate em spkrs
  8. TDL RTL3 I ve had since 1995 originally with the A400X (that i still have lying around somewhere). Good fun speakers that are cheap and rock out.
  9. its got a rumble filter - for noisy tts of the day!
  10. Hi guys I am pretty new here Luv Sansui . have AUs 111, 70 and 9500. Came across this on ePay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sansui-Q-3535-Stereo-Tube-Amplifier-First-Stereo-Amplifier-Working-w-Demo/132935057989?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26algo%3DCOMP.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20171012094517%26meid%3D20b857a83a734187815112ddac0327d3%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D132942342457%26itm%3D132935057989&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219 yipes what a long url hope it opens . the info near the bottom of page is of interest to Sansui afficionados I m sure Cheers
  11. Mine was a little job - just 4 MDF front baffles. John did them in a jiffy , all nicely cut out using CNC and having the benefit of Jakey's Yammmy drivers at hand . My brother brings them home at the weekend. Can wait to get my paws on them
  12. Hi Steve Good to know u are well! Are u using the standard NS1000 crossover with the different midrange and ribbon tweeters? I been on a bit of a roller coaster since i posted. I got in touch with AE abt the dipole subs and was going to get a minidsp and follow your steps. I was advised that the way the mini dsp has to go A to D and then D to A again might not b great with analogue sources. and that dipole subs with open baffles would be ideal in largish rooms. What i am building now are larger cabs that will house the Yamaha tweeter and midrange and woofer from scanspeak that outperforms the venerable Yamaha woofer in every way - and this will be driven semi actively. Also constructing a 2 way analogue electronic X over will power 2 stereo power amps. Woofers are driven 'direct' while i will build simple passive 2 way X over using premium parts to handle the Yamaha tweeter and mid. All in the works at the moment... Ooogh, very cosy in there . 18 watts of valve power is all u need . My old sansui AU70 can make nice music with the NS1000 Cheers S
  13. Yes Scanspeak 12 in woofers. You re a star Jake, Big Thanks.
  14. JakeyB congratulations on your fine new NS1000 s. They look fabulous To digress slightly if you guys dont mind i am building a modified NS 1000 of sorts, driving them semi actively The woofers will be replaced by scanspeaks that go lower but would be optimal in larger cabinets. My attempts at the front baffles here in Kuala Lumpur were not satisfactory so guess what, i contacted John Woodhead and he has done the MDF fronts for me. As u can see the Yamaha tweeters and mids will be retained. The CNC cuts look perfect. All in hardly 48 hrs of sending him first email! My brother has picked them up and will bring them home in Feb. Thats a pic of one of them taken by my brother on John s workbench. I cant wait to get my hands on them and make up the rest of the cabinets. My brother also sent me a pic of Jakeys 's lovely cabinets a few hours before they were picked up. This thread and this Forum has been amazing for me. Thank you Jakey and John
  15. Nice.... i have just got another pair of these babies, newer with 6 digit serial numbers. invitable AB test against my older ones - it was obvious that the new ones sounded better . Quite a revelation but understandable. Drivers in good nick so it has to be crossover component deterioration Instead of just recapping i am about to 'semi active-ate' the old pair .
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