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  1. Awesome SimonS As things stand I will prob go semi active analogue, Will need 2 stereo power amps this way ie build 850 Hz EXO (ElliotSP) - have ordered the board. I have secured H92 horns altho they will be in the UK, till i can figure out way to get them to KL. Have also bought pair of 077 tweets ( one of my 2405s is actually a 2404 ! - long story). 2235H s are in LA but I can make do with the LE15Bs I am curious what power amps used , especially for the woofers - did you go for one of those powerful Class D professional amps such as from Crown / Behringer? Is there a thread of yr build ?
  2. I can understand such a radical approach would irk Lansing fans. On re read of the AK thread I posted above I am clearer that what was done was a semi active drive. The Venue360 was used as a 2 way XO. Beyond about 1kHz ie HP leads to a power amp that feeds the N8000 passive 2 way XO that feeds the compression driver and tweeter I will probably opt for an analogue 1 kHz electronic XO . Probably a kit from Rod Elliot Sound Products Low pass will feed stereo power amp to drive the LE15Bs (later 2235s) High pass to N8000 passive XO to the compression driver and tweeter. This will rid of the LX16A and should bring about significant improvement . even with the LE15Bs. The XO shown below is one of the LX 16A and N8000 I made up a few yrs ago when going from 2 to 3 way. I had reused some parts from the original LX16 Fortunately the bits I used for N8000 were at that time new and of high quality. I will re configure the XO. ..and will report back
  3. Thanks for your thoughtsRobbee we ve have had the L 200 since 1973. They were my dad's and I must say I have never liked how they sound. When I built the new cabinets we decided to follow the dimensions of the 4333. I guess some L 200 owners try to turn the speakers into L 300, or better. As I was stuck with the LE 15 I went the LX 16 N8000 route, rebuilding the crossover but sas I mentioned adding the tweeters did not improve the sound quality. I am prepared to have another go and I think digital active would be the best way to have a play around. The system should be able to analyse each driver and come up with the appropriate crossover frequencies and delay et cetera, maybe some equalisation. Should be a bit of fun. And I anticipate things will be better when I get my hands on the 2235 woofers. I had a communication with somebody knowledgeable with JBL on AK and he said the LX16 is the weak link and mentioned that the LE 15B works extremely well with LE85 in a two-way system directed by the LX 10 crossover. And apparently the 'butt cheek' 2344 horns take the LE85s to greater heights. I do not know and will not be following that route. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/old-vs-new-jbl-2216-le15b-vs-jbl-2216nd-1-in-l200s.830641/ On this thread the author replaces the LE15B with these formidable 2216ND1 s and everything is directed by DSP, in fact by the Venu 360, so I think I will take a similar route.
  4. Got some information back from Harman. The Venu360 can be totally customized. Can link or unlink everything and have 3 inputs to work with, as well as having availability of 96khz sampling rate (the PA2 is 48 only) as well as digital AES input.
  5. Very nice Jan, well done and cool R2R
  6. A few years ago I made new cabs (because of damp rot of the originals) following the 4333 dimensions for JBL L 200 that I converted to three-way, by adding 2405 tweeters and building new crossovers following the JBL pathway of LX 16 plus the N 8000. The result has been quite disappointing. Sound as bad as before basically but just goes a little higher. The LE15B woofers are probably the worst to carry the JBL logo. I do not think much of the LX 16 either. I believe my LE 85 s and the tweeters are working fine. I contemplated building the Nelson pass version of theL 300 passive crossover but I do not have the full complement of L300 components. (actually I have bought a pair of 2235 woofers but they are with a friend in Los Angeles and I am not sure when I will get them. And the horns on my LE 85's are the shorter H 91 rather than the longer H92) I am contemplating going fully active and fully digital. I think this is probably the best way to get the best of these components. I will stick with the LE 15 Bs until I get the 2235s DBX make something called the Powerail PA2. Although it is predominantly for DJs using powered speakers I believe it can be adapted for my purpose. There is another thing called the Venu 360 also by DBX This is twice the price and may be overkill, but I think provides the flexibility with D to A conversion. Wondering if anybody has done this sort of thing with their speakers, old or new. Thanks, and I look forward to opinions.
  7. Hi Kevin. Yes its certainly a very nice looking headshell. And heavy ! When i ordered my Jelco, the seller in UK enquired what cartridge i was going to use. He recommended the HS 30 on account of the DL103 that i intended to use. So the DL103 sits in the HS30 and i use an old ortofon MC15 mkII super in the standard HS25 headshell. Too bad Jelco have pulled out of the arm making business Cheers
  8. Hi I noticed you have the heavy Jelco headshell HS 30 i believe. Very nice I have one carrying the DL103R in a Jelco 850S. May i enquire what cartridge are u using and why did u decide to buy the HS30? Ta
  9. I use 2 stereo Class D amps to drive semi active ugrade of the NS1000 that i built. ( designer JK Wilkes, Durham, England) preamp - 500 Hx eXO (kit from Rod Elliot) >500Hz - TPA3255 - simple passive XO - Yam mid and tweet < 500Hz - Nord One UP NC500DM - Scanspeak woofer the TPA3255 are cheap made up boards from China, powered by Meanwell 48V 600W switching PSU. Yes it drives the Highs amazingly well. The Nord has tremendous power and grip on the Scanspeaks. ( i have used it to drive a pair of standard NS1000 and it does so very well indeed) Just received a little amp from China using the TPA3250 just for messing around. It drives an old modded pair of JBLs nicely. I am getting rid of all my old amps.
  10. cool. i bought it a couple weeks later in Dublin. uk pressing its still one of my best sounding LPs
  11. I am eyeing an Infinity Black Widow to go on td124 to carry either the SL15Q or the V15III. Would that be a good choice for both/either of these cartridges ?
  12. cheap and v cheerful tpa3255 from China w 48V psu.
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