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  1. cool. i bought it a couple weeks later in Dublin. uk pressing its still one of my best sounding LPs
  2. I am eyeing an Infinity Black Widow to go on td124 to carry either the SL15Q or the V15III. Would that be a good choice for both/either of these cartridges ?
  3. cheap and v cheerful tpa3255 from China w 48V psu.
  4. have 2 of these lovelies. this one bolted to heavy plinth, 3012, V15 III with jico at the moment. The other in hollow plinth, armless at the moment...
  5. I have done just that, set it up to the best of my ability , have the tracking force at 1.5g . So far so good . I have not encountered any tracking difficulties.
  6. is that pre amp kit from www.tubes4hifi.com ?
  7. Great stuff Zog My set up is semiactive driven modified Yamaha NS1000 pre amp to 500Hz analogue eXO. High Pass to power amp to simple 2 way passive XO that feeds Yam tweeter and midrange, both 8ohm. Low Pass direct to Scanspeak woofers 4 ohm, power hungry. All in new cabs At the moment using power amp section of sansui AU111 to handle High Pass ( abt 45 wpc) but its making crackly noises so i am looking at TPA 3255 to take over but TPA3166 would prob be fine. Now using a Nak PA7 to handle the Low Pass, maybe TPA 3255 could replace this. I am looking forward to receiving a TPA3255 amp ll made up, from China. I will need a PSU.
  8. Thank you gents No i havnt checked out VinylEngine yet. I have two td124 s : I had a Graham 1.5 in one but I sold that. (dont like unipivots) That tt is in a smll hollow plinth so will need a replacement 9 inch arm. hence my interest in getting one that can suit both the SL15Q and the V15 III, if thats possible. The other 124 is in a larger heavier plinth and has the 3012 on its armboard. Currently the SL15Q is on it . I will put the V15 in a lightweight SME headshell and swap it on the 3012 .
  9. Hi all you compliance experts out there . What arm can i put on my td124 that would suit both these vintage cartridges. The V15 has a Jico stylus. The SL15Q was my late father's but it did not get much use so is in good condition - it actually sounds quite good in an SME 3012 mk2 but i m sure thats not the ideal arm for it . I am guessing a lower mass arm . i would prefer arm w removeable SME type headshell so i can easily swap these 2. Would the 3009 mk2 be what i need ? Is there a modern arm that would do the job?
  10. I have been browsing Audiokarma Postal to KL is reliable alright
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