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  1. Ghost4man, Oh so the transformer from Toroidy wasn’t any good. It was producing the dual +\-65 Vac ?
  2. I have fired up the amp very happy...I just need to upgrade my speakers as I don’t like them...I’m currently using B&W CM9S2 . I think they lack punch and depth, but that’s another topic. 😂
  3. The back plate I made my self. Then the labels are printed on clear Perspex attached to that.
  4. “Wow very impressive build there (perhaps the best ive seen). what do you mean by "but for now it’s time to ship this one home!"? So is this going to someone else or are you building it off site” Hello Tubularbells. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been working overseas for the past 8.5 years...so yes I’ve been building this offsite in my spare time. I live in Brisbane..so that’s where it will be shipped back too. I’ve noticed since completing my build, that there has been some newer versions of modules come out..so I’m hoping “Santa” might owe me something special for n
  5. Howdy folks.. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Finally....after 2 years I have finished my build of the Holton NXL800 amp! Its 99.9% completed, just a few other things I would like to do, but that’s for other day. Big thanks to Anthony Holton. Can’t wait to start the next build and to see the new amp modules coming next year, but for now it’s time to ship this one home! I have the audio case. Just have to secure the amplifier in it and pay the freight bill 💵. 🤦🏼‍♂️😥 The main components were 2xHPA NXL800L modules 2xHPA PSU Two V2 power supplie
  6. My version of the HPA-NXL 800. I’m nearly completed...just the decal labelling to go on the front and back panels .
  7. oh nooo. What happened. What gremlins do you have? Sorry to hear.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I’ve just about completed my build, same as yours, but have incorporated the Volt1 regulators. (Last years amp modules). Ended up with one 2.5kVa main Toroidy and 2x 800 kVa Toroidy supplying the Volt1 regulators in a custom 5U chassis. Very tight for space..weight@45kgs 😂. I did find the adjustments of the idle current extremely touchy though.
  9. Nice work..Any reason you did not incorporate the Volt1 Regulator modules with your build. Great build though!
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