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  1. Hey mate, hope you find one. It's an awesome little unit, but it's really hard/complicated to use IMO. Manual is like 50 pages long. 🤣
  2. Hi mate, I'm not sure what the year of manufacture is, but it's a V1, a later V1 I believe. The sound: FR is 'U' shaped like the other Abyss headphones. There is some warmth in the bass and some sparkle in the treble, the mid-range is slightly recessed. People like to describe this as having a scaled-down version of the AB-1266s' sound. Clarity, detail, and resolution are near TOTL, but not quite on the level of the flaghsip AB-1266 or something like the Focal Utopia. It has good extension both ends and has a natural timbre, it definitely exudes similar qualities of other high-end planars'. Really good dynamics, speed/decay, TOTL imaging and soundstage.
  3. Further information: Hi, I'm selling my good condition Kennerton Vali open-back headphones. This is the beautiful Oak wood version and retail price was 1400 AUD all the way from Russia... with love. The headphones come with a 2m cable ending in 6.35mm connection and a nice leather carry bag. Fairly firm on price, but open to some negotiation and reasonable offers. I will ship Australia-wide at my expense. Sorry for the terrible photos. Thanks for looking! Photos:
  4. Further information: Hi, I'm selling an Abyss Diana in good condition. No sign of pad wear and a few tiny blemishes on the metal body. Comes with all original packaging and accessories, with a 3.5mm cable and adapter. Fairly firm on price, but open to some negotiation and reasonable offers. I will ship Australia-wide at my expense. Sorry for the terrible photos. Thanks for looking! Photos:
  5. Yes, definitely give them a demo! I'm gonna guess those dull dynamics were Sennheisers?
  6. The Focal sound is certainly intense. They are not sit-back and chill out easy-listening headphones. They force-feed your eardrums every note and detail.... Different strokes for different folks I guess!
  7. Hey mate, yes I own the Hifiman's as well. The Elegia is simply on another level in my opinion. Some people who strongly prefer the 'planar sound' may disagree, but I think the Hifiman sounds boring in comparison, although they will be less fatiguing for the same reason. The Focal Elegia will definitely work for isolating sound in both directions, but it's not 100% though.
  8. Yes, Bengineer is correct by saying the Elegia sounds like the other models in the line-up. They have their 'house sound' and don't deviate too much. I would describe the Elegia as being mid-forward and leaning on the bright-side of the spectrum. Clarity, detail, and overall resolution is very good for the price, phenomenally good based on the current price. They have decent levels of bass, neither bass-light or bass-heavy although I usually EQ a little more bass for my preferences. Not sure why ATA are brutally slashing the Focal models' prices, I'm guessing that they ordered too much stock pre-virus crash and don't want to carry excess inventory? I would snatch up one of the $500 b-stock pairs, I paid way more for mine. Anyway, people often criticise the Focal headphones for being too bright and some say they are tonally off with "fake detail" in the treble etc. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but they sound good to me, although can be fatiguing sometimes. The best part of them in my opinion is the attack/dynamics/slam they provide. Only the Fostex TH series can match them for the 'fun' factor and dynamics IMO, maybe ZMFs also?
  9. Yup exactly, I think that's probably the go. IF they ever decide to or able to sell them again that is... Looking at the reviews for them on Drop looks like a bit of dodgy business went down though...
  10. You know I'm not too sure actually, I don't think I've found any sold locally. Buying them from overseas would be like $3-400. Totally absurd. Better off with the aftermarket Dekoni ones or the Elex pads instead.
  11. Damn, that's a really REALLY good deal! I kinda wish I got the Professional edition instead of the standard Clear. My Clear pads look absolutely rank after using them a lot over the summer. Thinking of throwing them in the washing machine, but not sure I'm game enough to risk it. Replacement pads are so over-priced....
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