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  1. Hey, that's good to hear! I definitely don't just listen to metal, including noisy stuff as well like KEN Mode, Deftones, Daughters, Will Haven and the bands you mentioned too. Entirely digital. Primarily streaming Tidal HiFi or Spotify, with a few lossless files of songs that aren't on Tidal or Spotify. PC based currently. But definitely looking into the idea of 'all-in-one' network streamers with integrated amps like the new SVS Prime Wireless Sound Base, or Bluesound Powernode 2i etc. I like the idea of services like Roon too.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this hobby in general. Just looking for some advice and discussion! TL;DR Any advice for some interested in getting into Hi-Fi, that listens primarily to modern aggressive music, that is not always well recorded? What direction should I go? I am someone who has just started to develop a strong interest in the world of Hi-Fi, but has yet to take the plunge financially. However, one thing I have noticed is that the vast majority of people in this hobby/industry listen to and evaluate different gear with primarily soft, easy listening music e.g jazz, classical, acoustic etc. Now, I have nothing against these genres of music, but as someone who listens to mostly metal, hardcore, rock; reviews and opinions on these speakers are often not relevant to me. Sometimes, when I go on forums similar to this one and ask the same questions I'm always met with a few comments like, "Yeah, I listen to metal too!". To which I reply "awesome", until I find out that when they say metal, they're talking about Led Zeppelin or Kiss and not Cannibal Corpse or Lamb of God etc. So basically, what I'm asking is, does anyone have any advice on what direction I should go in order to find a great system for modern metal music? I want speakers that have hard hitting bass, that make bass drum kicks sound like sledgehammers, incredible mid range that makes guitars scream and decent treble that is fast and detailed without being sibilant or splashy/tizzy sounding. When I'm listening to metal music, I want to have my teeth kicked in, I want to feel the bass in my bones and be blown away, I certainly don't want to be completely relaxed or lulled to sleep with speakers that are too smooth, neutral or laid-back sounding. Some brands that people seem to often recommend for metal are Klipsch, B&W, JBL etc. Currently, I almost exclusively use a fairly budget headphone-based setup. With a Fostex TH-600, a Schiit Modi 2 DAC, and an Objective 2 Amplifier. But looking for a stereo speaker setup in the not too distant future. Thanks in advance for any advice or feedback!
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