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  1. Thanks, If you dont mind whats the setup you have gone with?
  2. Thanks guys, I'll try to update my Avr and Sub first. Any decent AVR/Sub i should be looking out for?
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Im planning to spend max 3k (planning to slowly buy items when I have enough savings). What should be the first item I should update?
  4. Hi Folks, Currently I have a 3.1 setup with 2 Q Accoustics 3200 bookshelf speaker, concept 20 center speaker with an old Yamaha sub NS-SW050(got it for 50$). powered by Sony STR DN-1080. I have attached my current room layout(its not an ideal format for home theatre setup ). I'm Planning to add 2 floor standing speaker, move bookshelf to rear mounted on wall and a good sub. Is it a good idea for going with ceiling speaker/upfiring speaker. need advice on how to progress? since room is less than ideal should i just stick with 5.1 or go with 5.1.2
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