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  1. Whinge, whinge... f***ing whinge... No one appreciates blacksmiths anymore either, or your ability to fold a newspaper. CD and DVD are a quaint throwback, but professional photographers? Lol... dodge me some iron... (End result: can I tell what was in front of you at the time? That’s all I care about. Have a look at the dot-matrix prints of any historical event... no one cares. Photography Killed the Oil Painting Star... #boomer
  2. If it has a multi-tap- switch over to 240v... most don’t. Usually a stepdown, or transformer replacement (impractical).
  3. Mine was one of them, and I’m sad it’s gone (downsize). People often forget that it’s a class A, completely analogue phono stage that only runs through the ADC if you choose.
  4. Potentially found - will hear next week - but reality trumps possibility, so still contact me.
  5. Item: Krell S-300i Price Range: $1000 - $1500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I have owned one in the past. I’d prefer a perfect condition at $1500 to a scruffy $1k version. Shipping to Canberra.
  6. Item: MoFi StudioPhono Price Range: $200-$300 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: price depending on condition. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Throwing my own into the mix: Rrp has since bumped to $10,999 - they are sort of Dyn-ish and less than 12 months old.
  8. The woofers look like late ‘90s/early ‘00s Vifa to me (but a widely copied look).
  9. I have a beautiful NM US first press of document - reasonably cheap too for the REM die hards (I think I payed about $30US) sounds better than all the modern represses by a mile, and WAY cheaper than the MoFi.
  10. I have a NAD T-758v3 I’d be willing to move for $1200 for anyone looking. They are very low in power though, but great as a processor, you just need to add power amps.
  11. Median sale price is encouraging. https://www.discogs.com/Sade-Diamond-Life/release/4430974
  12. I took insurance claims for 3 years while at uni (great job any uni students reading - 24/7 hours, most as OT) - never saw a claim denied for anything other than deliberate damage by the insured and an investigator was only brought in if the police were suspicious. An investigation that would hold up in court is very expensive. If you really want to know, read your PDS and phone your insurance company.
  13. Done - also trying to save server space as they are now uploaded twice.
  14. Lazy, I know ^ I have the original boxes, and most of the original packaging, I can pack extremely safely for shipping if required. Focal Micro Utopia, Dali Epicon 1 or similar (not holding my breath, but you never know).
  15. Further information: Approx 12 months old. Used sparingly over the last 12 months and presents as new, short of the lightest of swirl marks on the lid (if you’re looking for them). $2799rrp. Factory fitted Ania MC. I have all the packaging, so shipping is possible. Price includes insured shipping Australia wide. Happy to demo. No offers.
  16. One trip I could manage - but ATM my job is considered “critical”, so two round trips to Melb atm just isn’t possible. Someone’s going to get an amazing g bargain though.
  17. I covered that... there is only one “standing space” in the van with the dog bath, aircon, vacuum system etc
  18. I even measured up the van (my Mrs is a dog groomer), but it would be two trips back and forth
  19. Purely spectacular... very similar to my childhood loungeroom.
  20. Policy for govt. - and once we have our IT upgrade it’s VPN and away I go.
  21. BAU at our office... Critical area and there isn’t the infrastructure to support work from home
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