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  1. All good... would change a cable (I have some that cost more than the TV) or a component on the 2 channel system before swapping the TV. we just want to get the best out of what we have without going over the top.
  2. My TV is HDR, but I don’t t believe Dolby vision*? KD-70X6700E First I’ve heard the term.
  3. You might get better separation placing the tweeters on the outside.
  4. Hi I’m a hardcore 2 channel guy. I sorted a NAD758v3 for the Mrs, Dali Ikon Speakers. We have a 70” Sony LED ($2k... so probably considered average in videophile circles). I can wax lyrical on anything 2 channel, HT is a weak point. Seeking recommendations on a 4K UHD/Atmos playing spinner that’s not ‘too good’ for what we have, and not a POS. <$500 preferably, willing to go over if there is a good reason. Fire away!
  5. Another favourite: Competitor ticket price on TV: $2499 My ticketed price: $1499 Competitor discounted price: $1999 My discounted price: $1450 He bought the same TV from the competitor for $549 more because they gave him a $500 discount and I was only giving him a $50 discount. I think I did the maths in front of him on a piece of paper about 5 times...
  6. Back in the day when I used to sell this s**t (along with some decent mid-fi) I actually had a customer purchase something like this as not only was it thousands of watts, but the 0.05%THD (20-20) of the real amp i was showing him was no where near the far superior 10%THD... Bigger is always better, right?
  7. Searched up this thread for that exact reason
  8. I haven’t looked at mini systems in over a decade... good to see they are still bull****ing with the best of them. https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/home-entertainment/hi-fi/sc-max9000.html
  9. I imagine CD will be the majority loser. Ty Pre: EC 4.7 (Serviced and bought second hand from Tivoli) Pwr: AW100DMB (Serviced - bought from a prominent EC user on the forum)
  10. Mine are: 49.5% LP: Planar 6/Dynavector 49.5% Stream: Bluesound Node2 1% CD*: TEAC VRDS-10 *JJJ like a version and about 10CDs that aren’t on Tidal.
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