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  1. I found a sealed Aussie Maxicut for $5.. would love to hear that one.
  2. That’s even a reasonable price if it’s VG+... NM and genuine VG++ US1st pressings, ORGs and MoFi are in the $500au territory, give or take. I’m hoping to have the ORG versions of incesticide, in utero and unplugged by the end of the year, unplugged is the tough one to find - just missed out on a sealed one for $200 - hoping for VG++/NM for $150ish (patience, patience, patience).
  3. Apologies, this is the ORG version: https://www.discogs.com/Nirvana-Nevermind/release/2045333 ORG is sort of like MoFi, but IME more intent on recreating the original release master with a few minor tweaks and more concentration on the quality of the chain first time around, as opposed to a whole new master from scratch like MoFi. Sort of recreating a perfected version of a first pressing, direct from the tape.... when they’re new they are about $70au... so significantly cheaper than a first press, but they catch up. All three are pricey though! Maybe one day...
  4. Polarising - It sounds like a professionally made demo tape. Sort of like the Steve Albini masters of in utero, but not quite like bleach (original sub pop pressings or the sub pop analogue reissue - it’s been ruined in new remasters). My second favourite is any 1st pressing - those are still ‘slicker’ than the MoFi, a little compressed, but early ‘90s compressed, not brickwalled and ruined like the new ‘remasters’ (the one’s I’ve heard anyway... I can absolutely appreciate why many (if not most) have this as their go to... we’re talking different as opposed to better/worse. I’m yet to hear the ORG version, but my understanding is it’s pretty close to the 1st pressings. Nevermind is my most valuable record (by quite a bit) - but I’d love to have a 1st pressing to have the best of both worlds (I have an original release CD, which gets me through, and the MQA on tidal is pretty good too). It’s just a little hard to justify even further considerable investment for a copy I’d be happy with (NM).
  5. It’s definitely a rock evening, much similar, and much the same between the two exhibited here (also Never Mind the Bollocks which played as one of a few in between). much prefer my ‘listening view’
  6. How good is Friday night? The beer is also good have a great night all!
  7. I’m interested in hearing your feedback regarding sibilance on the two carts.
  8. BBC: Sonos boss says speakers will work "as long as possible" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-51231363
  9. Artist: Infected Mushroom Album: Vicious Delicious Track: Becoming Insane Notes: Distinctly hear each of the speakers on the intro and a 3rd sound emerges in the centre, as if you you have 3 speakers.: Terrible mix, as you described.. sounds like three speakers - complete amateur hour... Artist: Yosi Horikawa Album: Vapor Track: Letter Notes: The intro is 3d. You can hear the scribbling, 1 line on the page at a time: Stunning: an aural work of art!!! There are no speakers (but a meaningless, pointless song...).
  10. Ty - I had to return 3 copies (au ones) to JB - 2 were warped so badly they were unplayable and the third sounded like a brick walled MP3 (which is a shame as it’s an astounding album).
  11. Given some of the OPs preferences, I agree BotT, but also Blonde on Blonde (my personal favourite rock era Dylan - what genre is BotT anyway?) should be perfect.
  12. Washington (DC, not the state) 3 weeks ago.
  13. $34k!!!!! LMFAO!!! They’re good amps... but there is far, far better for the $$$.
  14. It’s stunning - but be quick, there aren’t many new left around and after that the price skyrockets on these.
  15. Love this album, and Bob in general. Dad definitely had this cranked many a time as a kid (to my mother’s disgust - to her he had long ago ‘sold out’). I love both eras of Dylan - To me (maybe not to you and that’s fine), it’s the last great Bob Dylan album (He still had other very good albums after this - just not great). Totally worth the money and the opportunity cost of having five other awesome albums.
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