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  1. I A/B tested the Ultradeck and Planar 6 before purchasing. I went with the planar 6... but I certainly couldn’t say one was better than the other. The Ultradeck is very impressive and should steal a lot of planar 6 customers if they compare the two.
  2. I received my copy on Monday. The sleeves have minor scuffing (I personally don’t care, but I understand why others do). I had no detritus issues and the playback is flawless. I hope MoFi rectifies yours ASAP.
  3. Did you purchase it from a dealer? If you did, take the node and the oppo to them to have a play and test on their equipment.
  4. My first ultradisc one-Step Can’t wait to listen.
  5. 96khz is the sampling rate, not the frequency output.
  6. Discrepancy records in Melbourne got me in a NM US 1st pressing. They got two and gave me the better one. They will of course need to sell the other (I’m guessing EX+ to NM-). No affiliation or benefit. I paid $90 for what it’s worth (as part of a package with a few other finds) and it’s significantly better than the recent RSD remaster (my disappointment was the reason for having them find me a 1st pressing).
  7. Try switching off “MQA external DAC” if you haven’t the firmware upgrade for the 205 to recognise MQA.
  8. Another album that sounds like my childhood: NM+ (media) US 1st pressing. As it fast approaches 50 years old, I’m impressed the cover serves its purpose.
  9. You should be able to set the TV to output PCM: http://docs.esupport.sony.com/imanual/LA/2014/KDL-55W957B/ltn-dvbt_uen/c_extsnd_digaout.html my current and former Sony both work (more or less) like this.
  10. Sure did (and I still have Tidal). I also use a bluesound node2. I have a CD transport hooked up via the bluesound for my very few CDs that aren’t on tidal. It was instantly, and glaringly in-your-face noticeable.
  11. Spotify vs Tidal was night and day for me. Spotify sounded thin and hollow. The experiment led me to realising why Beats headphones are popular.
  12. Those look spectacular. Do you have a build thread I can’t find? What’s up with them?
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