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  1. First day of setup after a 10 year absence from hifi... worked a treat until I knew what size stand I needed
  2. Until recently I had a Dynavector P75... dead silent on +63db gain.
  3. Happy to stand corrected! I’m still chasing an ORG, but Nirvana is the only band I’m happy with a few ‘just because’ albums anyway. Maybe we’ll get more of the chatter etc between songs like in the DVD.
  4. The original LP (and CD?) was shortened to fit on a single LP... so it’s the first vinyl of the full concert.
  5. Sorry if already covered. Attention Required! | Cloudflare WWW.DISCREPANCY-RECORDS.COM.AU Full concert + rehearsal on 2 x LP. I’ve ordered, but cannot comment on what it sounds like yet.
  6. Slight copy of @Willmax... thanks for the inspiration... creates a nice ‘void’ for the music to emerge from. New NAD c658 with Dirac doing a great job.
  7. I have recently acquired its baby second cousin, the Luxman 590... It’s 30/60 x 2 watts destroy the (so advised) 150 x 2 of the NAD in the loungeroom, and gives my previous EC 100/200 x 2 a run for its money.
  8. Bluesound Node2 regularly available $400-$500 depending on condition.
  9. End game for me... should be doable in a few years if I’m lucky.
  10. Thanks all, thought it worth asking. I might have found one from a member.
  11. Any old stock Nuwave Phono Converters sitting out the back/on the floor you need to get rid of?
  12. I stream tidal and Qobuz (and have used it via 4g on my phone) without any issues, and have not had any freezing issues (check your NAT settings). I tried Spotify premium, and it still sounded like a screeching garbage in comparison. Tidal and Qobuz both ‘bottom out’ at CD quality (though tidal has the odd MP3 - just not in anything I listen to that doesn’t also have at least a CD version). I’ve not had many issues with content, but I’m also a ‘50s-‘00s rock person.
  13. Perfect for a few weeks, and considering shipping to and from, probably cheaper. You could also keep it or sell it on afterwards. These were reputed as ‘British voiced’.
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