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  1. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1002057635 NMs all seem about that (first Aussie quad).
  2. They reminded me of these, which (also?) used the top end of Vifa for the drivers.
  3. I get a wonderful effect on Led Zep ii (MoFi) where Robert plants voice starts a few metres back, very realistic... and as he winds up it blooms forward and out into the room (he also overloads the mic a few times)... but 99% of the time it’s behind the speakers.
  4. I was wondering the same, especially with the max out just above 20k of CD.
  5. I’m at 100% counterfeit on amazon so far (total of 2 CDs).
  6. Arguably the ultimate SNAer to deal with... only overshadowed by the quality of Electrocompaniet:p
  7. A “completely by chance find”. Far better than the $300ish I was seeing. Not in the rarified area of a Sterling/RL copy of ii though.
  8. Scored this in Melbourne (a holiday ‘home’ from Canberra)... Marked on the ticket as a ‘clean Australian pressing’ and $20 seemed reasonable. A quick inspection revealed “Made in UK” on the label, and “STERLING” stamped next to an etched “RL” in the dead wax, so I grabbed it immediately. After careful research on Discogs when I got back to the hotel, it turns out it’s a UK first press. Win... but playing condition unknown. I have to wait until I return home on Monday night to see how it plays.
  9. When I lose interest, I stop having listening sessions. I have radio/qobuz/tidal playing ‘in the background’, and eventually something grabs me and I’m back down the rabbit hole.
  10. Would there be money to be saved only having to design your dsp to handle a single sample rate?
  11. I was just at my local JB HI-FI looking for a UHD-BD player for our loungeroom. The AV person advised that the only BD players they would sell would be the extremely cheap ones for catalogues, though they could order/transfer stock. This is a shopping centre store, not a destination store (who they expect to continue to stock and sell a few models), but they apparently just sit and gather dust!
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