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  1. Item: Inner Ear Monitor Location: Sydney Price: $2000 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Need the money Payment Method: Pickup or Mail ,Cash, Paypal,Bank deposit Extra Info: These were actually replaced by Audio64, because I used to sleep in them (I know stupid) and a faceplate came off. There are small marks on the edge of particularly one faceplate. It looks FAR worse in the photo, because iems are obviously tiny in real life! (They get picked up if you put them in your pocket - alloy). Hence the 8/10. I’ll provide receipt copy obviously. Original bought Aug 18, but replacement in December. (I’ve slept with AirPods since, you’ll glad to know). They sell for $3099 at present. Come with box, tips, spare MAM 15 (to adjust base primarily) and a $250 Moon Black Dragon cable (new). Sorry I sold the original, as I prefer the Black Dragon’s ergonomics. They sound perfect. Best iems I’ve ever had - and I’ve had many. My trading record can be found on Headfi.org. 100% positive. I’ll mail it anywhere in Australia. Pictures:
  2. I recently scored a very new looking but second hand Vincent sv 238 Mk for $2k... and o.my.god. My Merantz pm8006 just was lifeless with my Contour s1.4LE, but that 60 Class A Watts (which some doubt) and 400 watts into 4 ohms has (quite naturally), changed everything. I heartily recommend, if looking for power and watts.
  3. That is interesting. By sheer coincidence, I nearly bought an A3 (I guess version 1, not A3.2) from Gumtree - presently on sale for $1000. I was gun shy that it would not be more powerful than the Merantz - but I guess this was baseless. What speakers did you change the Contours for? Did you become dissatisfied with the Contours? (... This author asks very fearfully!)
  4. Just posted basic feedback on buying a Vincent SV 238 Mk for driving my Dyn S1.4LEs - so far it’s been 36kg of Joy. Obviously can’t speak to reliability yet, but I’m thrilled with the performance and cost. Very, very happy.
  5. General feedback... ended up getting two amps in succession. The Merantz PM8006 and the Vincent SV 238 MK https://6moons.com/audioreviews/vincent/vincent_2.html As posters here would expect, the Merantz couldn’t quite make them happy. In an A/B test with my Elac 244.3s, the latter, at half the sale price completely trumped the Contours - which at the time was a bit demoralising. The Chinese German Vincent has now produced the sound hiding in the Contours the entire time. Just delicious and a bit astonishing to me... (you can read about specs but until you HEAR it!) Pity the Vincent resembles an aluminium Mac truck in our living room, but I’ll take that sound. Phew - this has been an expensive procedure...
  6. I have the universal version - just awesome iem. Nice set up, and GLWTS
  7. Damn, my next speakers... GLWTS. I keep expecting these to be gone.
  8. Fortunately for me and not for her, I happen to be the one who carries the hot wallet... but that is my cross!
  9. Mmm, partner will not be thrilled.. still thank you indeed for the feedback.
  10. Hi guys / gals I am acquiring the above speakers and my research thus far causes me to feel pretty confident that neither of my integrated family entertainment focused amps (Yamaha RX V773 and Onkyo TX NR737) will be up to snuff. It will live in an apartment living space approx 4 m x 8 m (or less likely a 4 x 3 - but my Elacs 243.3 seem pretty happy for bedroom duties, and are driven comfortably by the same Yamaha - to my ears anyway). Any suggestions for suitable amp budgeted at $1500 second hand (max.)?
  11. Hi all, arriving pretty ignorant about higher end audio, except for a little niche in IEMs. Looking forward to learning so I can limit my next few inevitably expensive mistakes...
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