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  1. These are killer speakers. Owned the slightly bigger ones (243.4s). such beauties.
  2. It looks as nice from the back as front! Very cool.
  3. This shouldn’t last long. Nice.
  4. Nothing but love for this line. GLWTS
  5. T The beautiful thing about this second-hand sale forum here is you can basically sell the Marantz and the loss you wear on that, you are able to make up on something with more power. When the C1s came up, I sold my Marantz for $1250 and then paid $1400 for a SP331 Power Amp + Vincent SA-T7 Tube Preamplifier. Once invested in the hobby, it's moving seats around on the deck ship. (I already owned the Vincent SV238 MK - different system, but I liked it so much I was (and am) glad to stay with Vincent).
  6. Great amp, it made my Elac 243.4s sing. GLWTS
  7. Had the 243.4s - nothing but praise for these winners. GLWTS
  8. Seriously this is a bargain. Geez, had I not just purchased, I would be on this like white on rice...
  9. I have the Contour S1.4LE, and Confidence C1. I haven't found either bright in the least, though read that the S1.4, deliberately smoothed a treble edge off from its predecessor (1.3). I'm listening to the latter now, because they just arrived today! Happy evening for sure. I love my Dyns. I own the Usher Mini Dancer Xs (DMD) too, and these are brighter the former two in my opinion, but beautiful in its own way - and don't find them fatiguing. I'll get on with selling the Contour over the next few weeks... I should add, that I took advice about the Dyn's being hard to drive early. I thought that I had dealt with it, by buying a PM8006 Merantz. Then I A/Bd the Dyn's against some Elac 243.3s, to find that the Elac's were smoking Contours! (At 1/2 the retail value and quarter the reputation). I suspected then I did need a bigger amp. So then I got a Vincent 238Mk (after temporarily running it on a Arcam class D). The big Vincent REALLY revealed all the joy hiding inside my Contour's all along. So, in my experience, yes harder to drive. They want power and current. But then the Special 40s I think are easier to drive - or relatively anyway. I think the Merantz may have been okay with that. (It was a very nice amp - I kind of miss it.) I was going to get the Special 40s, but my C1s basically dropped in my lap, so I won't get them now. I'm happy for a while.
  10. Hi - I'll grab both the 1M sommer's..? If available.
  11. I went through the same thing with my audio64 u12ts...
  12. Maybe you should diversify! Yes, that image looks somewhat better than I could cook up on my iPhone...
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