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  1. Hi all, happy holidays! first time posting here... I have the task of setting up my dad with a new stereo system for his birthday this year and need some recommendations on receivers and speakers. His current setup is one old school amplifier hooked up to two big old JBL's that and only has a cd player connected, this is located in the kitchen for when he is cooking. He also has a receiver and some smaller bose speakers at the other end of the house for listening to radio. My idea is to buy him a new stereo receiver that has multiple zones to replace his receiver, and new wireless speakers to go in the kitchen as the second zone. Any recommendations on what to buy or any better ideas would be greatly appreciated! Budget: ~$1,100
  2. I'm after the beauty of a 4K HDR TV, on a pretty tight budget... There seems to be lot's of "factory seconds" options on gumtree/facebook marketplace (usually Hisence or TCL) as well as the Kogan range that fit my budget. Anybody have any experience with these options? Or have any other suggestions ? Budget: $600 - $1,000 Size: 50" and above Quality: 4K HDR
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