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  1. I have a Mac Mini using iTunes and BitPerfect feeding a HRT Music Streamer II+ and Naim Nait 2. Sounds terrific, better than my Cyrus DAD7 CD player. Lots of fun using a Xperia Z3 Compact tablet as a remote. All my files are AIFF of CDs upsampled.
  2. Tezzmond

    SOLD: FS: HRT Microstreamer USB DAC

    Would you be interested in $90 plus postage to Adelaide? Cheers Terry Suey
  3. Tezzmond

    Vintage Naim Fan

    Hi: You are on a good thing looking for vintage Naim gear. I own a CB Nait 2 taht I bought in 1989. Boxed up for 10 year swhile the family was growing up. Using with a discarded Mac Mini with a Music Streamer II+ dac. Sounds better than my Cyrus DAD7 cd player. Just got my LInn Axis/K18 serviced so must listen to some vinyl. If you are in Sydney, check out Audio Genisis. Bought most of my stuff both new and old from Harry.