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  1. Hi RenSheng I think the best computer to start off with is any spare one you have on hand that can pressed into service. I am using a 2009 Mac Mini which is a core 2 duo.....nothing special. If you have an old laptop or small desktop, then this is a good start. A computer with an optical drive will allow you to rip CDS into your library. Get yourself a good budget USB based DAC, such as an Audioquest Dragonfly (Black or Red), Schiit Modis etc., depending on budget. Then play around with the software side of things. I use iTunes with BitPerfect. Try to find software that also allows you to use your iphone/ipad/ android device as a remote. This makes computer based audio a real pleasure. Next, try to rip as many CDs, download or stream as much music as possible so you build u a music library. If you want to commit to computer audio further, then you can look at a more dedicated type of computer and a better dac. Most of all have fun. Cheers
  2. I'd go for a DAC with multiple inputs to maximise what you can get out of your current system. Plenty of options new and pre-loved , especially something with asynchronous USB input so yo play thru your laptop. You could also consider adding a turntable and phono amp (if your amp hasn't got phono input). Now that is another rabbit hole that many of us still haven't got out of
  3. A Sonos or similar system doesn't allow that pride of ownership or the ritual of slowing down with a glass of scotch and a packet of tim tams and listening to your favourite vinyl ,CD or whatever. Takes you to another place.
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