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  1. Further information: a brilliant pair of stand mount speakers made form the well renowned Mike Lenehan. These were the only pair made with the Satori driver. The following is an extract from the lenehan audio website, note this is for the standard ML2s, my pair have the larger 7” woofer and are slightly deeper and heavier at about 30kgs each Cabinet Composite 18 to 36mm HDF laminated to 4mm sprung steel plate. Differential Cancellation bracing utilising 25mm hardwood dowel and 18mm Birch Plywood. Crossover construction:
  2. Further information: These were new in dec 2018 and are a one of a kind prototype with the 7.5 inch satori MW-19P papyrus woofer. I’m lead to believe the sound quality is somewhere between the Reference and Limiteds. I have not done a comparison so can’t confirm this, but can say they are a very high quality sounding speaker and exceptionally well constructed. They have a beautiful gloss black finish and are very solid weighing about 30kg each. They have been well looked after and present as new. I have the original boxes and interstate courier can be arranged at extra cost
  3. Hi, I have been dabbling with hifi for a few years now, mainly buying here n there off Stereonet and other sources. Finally signing up here in order to sell some gear on.... talk soon Chris.
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