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  1. Thanks - have tried both. It’s a new system and the Blue Node is the only input source I have so not easy to tell what the ‘right’ sound it. The two methods sound different to my ears but I was hoping someone would know whether with AirPlay the phone is the source and whether that adds a layer of compression/compromise. Thanks.
  2. Hi folks, Could anyone tell me pls. Is there a difference between: 1) playing a song on my Node 2i using the BluOS app on my IPhone using the Tidal service, and 2) opening the Tidal app on the same IPhone and playing the song using AirPlay to select my Node 2i as the player. Does anyone definitevely know the answer? I’m wondering whether - in scenario 1. - the Node plays the song from the Network internet connection, and perhaps - in scenario 2, the phone uses its internet connection to receive the song and then streams it to the node. In any event, say it’s a Master or HIFI quality song on Tidal, is there any difference in quality between 1 and 2? Many thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Rockymc Did you end up making a call on this? I’m about to get a streamer for my Elex-r and have the same questions. I was also being recommended the HEOS hs2 by the shops but members here seem to feel it’s not as good as Bluesound.
  4. Thanks! Have made contact. For others interested they are selling around $675 new now.
  5. Thanks very much. It’s pretty complicated once you get into it! Knowing that Bluesound and HEOS link are the source (ie files play from them) is helpful vs Airdac where the phone is the source. This leads to a further question about Airplay. It seems to me that using something like Tidal or Deezer at highest quality over AirPlay will lead to a loss of quality as AirPlay needs to encode at a slightly lower quality than is available from those services (?). Finally it seems hard to know whether one or the other system (Airdac, Bluesound, CXA (rdac?)) will sound best with my set up (which has been described as a bit bright). I suppose it’s a matter of paying what you can...? So CXA if I can manage the budget, then Bluesound and so on? With volume control is it acceptable practice to use the streamers app volume control instead of The Rega? Also is the sub woofer out on something like the HEOS a meaningful feature for my set up if I want to add bass in the future for music listening or this sort of ‘active’ sub a lower quality option than is suitable for a proper hifi? Sorry for so many more questions..any insights appreciated.
  6. Hi Hydrology, thanks! I spoke to these guys and they said the better unit to the HEOS at my budget would be the Arcam Airdac - half price. https://www.apollohifi.com.au/arcam-airdac-airplay-digital-to-analog-convertor.html anyone have any thoughts? I know I’ll loose Bluetooth but not a big deal. And with AirPlay ( I use Apple) I don’t need a great app. May be a way to get CXN type quality at a good price?
  7. Hi, Not very experienced with audio and want to add streaming to a second hand hi-fi system: Rega Elex-R + Elac 244.3 I’d like to do it as cheaply as possible without completely killing the audio quality of the system I have. I’ll use Tidal or Deezer as advised (or Spotify) for my music source. Ive been told the HEOS 2 ($599) is a good enough system. Next step up I think is blue sound (?) and then Cambridge CXN (v1 is on sale) but the Cambridge is double the price ($1100 + $150 for blueetooth). Has anyone got experience with the quality of using HEOS Link as a DAC? (Or or should I sell the Rega and get something all in one? I’m told this is not a good path generally.) Many many thanks in advance!
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