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  1. Ooof the day i don't have net for the day. I'll go backup thanks
  2. I'll go backup backup if they both fall through 😉
  3. Item: Paradigm CC-690 Paradigm Studio 100s Price Range: Paradigm CC-690 ($1000) Paradigm Studio 100s ($900-2400, depending on which version)? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hey SNA, I'm based in Melbourne and would finally like to upgrade my Paradigm monitors to the next range up. Been perusing the classifieds for ages but thought I'd put myself out there to see if anyone has anything. Don't really have a color scheme yet Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Been a long time member but not very active. Just popping my head in for the mass of information you can find here. I own a set of Paradigm 9 v7 and mish mash of other used Paradigm speakers I've found. CC-270 centre Studio 10 bookshelves for surround SVS SB12 NSD An old Sony 12" sub too Was powered by a Denon 3313 but one of the channels stopped working so now powered off a Sony str-dh 550 (140W 5.2 receiver). Would love a set off Studio 100's with matching centre and I think I would be happy for awhile yet. Music listening isn't quite enjoyable as I think I've outgrown these now.
  5. I started off in a shop in Melbourne with a sound stage where he said to just trust my ears. Out of 12 or so speakers I narrowed it down to Paradigms having good sound for my ears. But this was almost 10 years ago now. I don't know what else he had but I've sort of just blindly followed this brand since then. Klipsch sounds great too but haven't heard them side by side. I can't recall the shop I went to unfortunately but a HiFi sales store will show you more range than the Bose/Sony/Sonos range and you can hear for yourself. Everyone has different tastes
  6. I'm in a similar boat, having more presence in this community now, originally to join classifieds but enjoying reading peoples builds and posts. Klipsch have beautiful orange cones, wish I could convenient listen to them side by side to Paradigms I'm seeking.
  7. Welcome Interesting setup, I own a set of Paradigm 9 v7 too and found it's not quite up to scratch for my ears. I want a more full and deeper sound stage. I'm interested in jumping up to a set of Studio 100's but they're sort of hard to find nowadays. I'm using a CC-270 for my centre. Let me know what you're asking for your Centre 1, I may be interested and driving past Geelong soon. PS: What are your thoughts on the Revel setup in comparison?
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