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  1. Further information: Selling my much loved rme adi-2 DAC as I bought a benchmark dac3 for very cheap. The benchmark has analogue inputs which I need and goes better with my benchmark AHB2 amp so I'm regretfully selling this as I can't afford to keep both. This is the updated RME adi-2 DAC FS with larger remote and AK4493 chip. I ordered it from Audio Impact in italy a few months ago so it is only very lightly used. Save on import duties and shipping! Can include original receipt upon request. I will include an Australian power cable along with the original EU power cable and
  2. Here you go pops ? They sound good, especially when cranked. Great balance overall and like you said they disappear so you don't feel like you are listening to two boxes. I wouldn't say they are the last word in detail/resolution, the treble is just smooth and pleasant to listen to. I think the detail is there, it's just not the focus as it is on some other audiophile speakers. Overall they're fun to listen to and I think they look pretty good so I'm happy for now. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey pops, sorry been very busy with work. Yes! picked them up and happy with the sound. Will post pictures as soon as I get a chance
  4. Thanks guys. Pulled the trigger on the AP's. I think they are about right sizewise for my room and hopefully sound great with a range of music. DT's did seem good too but I was a little worried that an amp would blow out on them and be impossible to replace. Also would have been hard to get them due to requiring freight. Someone already bought them so hopefully everyone's happy. Cheers Andrej
  5. Thanks for the replys so far! Will look into those options. Lenehan tend to be out of the price range as do r3s. Room is approx 3.5m X 6.6m with glass on one side of the speakers and hard reflective walls. Speaker will sit opposite the couch in this floor plan. I have a Velodyne SPL-800R subwoofer I can use but struggled to integrate it in the current room, probably because of room mode (to be fair I didn't spend much time I just tried it out and decided not to use it. I'm also in an apartment so am worried about too much bass annoyi
  6. Hey guys, first time posting an advice thread so please go easy on me. I'm looking for some speaker recommendations to pair with a benchmark amplifier and RME adi-2 DAC. At the moment I want to spend $1-2k on stereo speakers. I'm open to floor standers or bookshelves but they need to have some bass extension (nothing crazy just want to be able to use them without a sub). I've thought about kef ls50s but never pulled the trigger, as I'm worried they'd be a little thin sounding in my set up. I'm close to ordering a set of Revel concerta2 m16s as they can be ha
  7. Is one of the speaker cones punctured or just pressed in?
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