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  1. I use Bryston DAC with my N10. I think someone has one for sale on SN site at very attractive price?
  2. I ended up getting rid of the hum by earthing from subs to ground pin on my preamp
  3. Sorry Ugly, I meant sold to The Blues, subject to posting quote.
  4. Sold to Ugly pending quote for postage.
  5. Item: Record Doctor vinyl record cleaner Location: Melbourne 3106 Price: $200 Item condition: excellent, having had little use. Reason for selling: they told me it was noisy...and they were right, so decided to upgrade Payment method: Pick-up - cash, EFT transfer, COD only. Extra info: Comes with original packing, brush and cleaning fluid (70% full).
  6. My experience was positioning my two REL’s ‘by the book’ - that is facing towards listener just didn’t work Rotating them got me the best result. I now have one sub forward facing and one 80-degrees to listening position. Go by your ears🤙
  7. Looks like a typo to me. This article then goes on to talk about the 3.7i, not 30.7i.
  8. Does it come with a bag of spare fuses?[emoji6]
  9. For me, one of the great things about entering the world of magneplaner ownership was how it solved/resolved the whole dilemma of stereo speaker purchase and cognitive dissonance that is often caused. I bought my first pair of Maggie 111a’s 30-years ago (or more[emoji848]). Thoroughly enchanted with their sound, when time came to upgrade, I simply purchased the new model - no audition was required. My thinking was (is), if you love the Maggie sound, then the new model is going to deliver more of the same...only better! So my upgrades have been done without even auditioning. I now run 20.7’s, and if my finances (and listening room) ever stretch to 30.7’s, then I would buy these the same way. I do audition other types of speakers from time to time just to see what is happening in the market. Happy in my Maggie ecosystem [emoji846] Cheers
  10. I’m running 20.7’s with Rel subs, Templestowe Melbourne if you’re interested in having a listen.
  11. This is gobsmackingly dumb behaviour by both brand owners. I think the word within the hifi community will be “weigh up the risks before getting involved with either of these brands”.
  12. Time to go to ACCC. The product must perform in home as demonstrated. Take them to ACCC!
  13. It really is time for Bryston to get serious and distribute through a HiFi company, not a bloody software company- a la Busisoft. To muck customers around like this is just unbelievable in a competitive market. Bryston make great products, but they seem to be controlled by engineering boffins who really are on a parallel universe when it comes to customer support and satisfaction. And just to confirm-I am a Bryston customer running Bryston gear...but boy-oh-boy to hear another story like my experience proves they are slow learners.
  14. Just to comment on the “bench-tested” replacement option - your problem will be if the store doesn’t experience the same voltage spikes the problem will only manifest itself when you use the replacement in your environment. I went through this having ‘loaned’ my preamp back to Addicted who could not replicate the fault. Upon bringing the preamp home it blew a fuse within 24-hours. Bryston make some lovely products (I run pre, power and dac Bryston), but dicking about with Busisoft ain’t gonna pay dividends. Tell them to fix or refund!
  15. If you are dealing with Jesse from addicted (forget dealing with the other team as in my experience they are clueless) mention my experience with pre amp blowing fuses (only 18-months ago and resulted in me saying either fix it or refund - so likely to remember). Slightly higher rated fuse fixed it.
  16. I went through exactly the same thing with my Bryston BP17 cubed pre amp. The problem is the fuses are not rated to cope with our voltage variation. Ended up getting slightly higher rated fuse (with Bryston blessing). The whole process (going through Bryston and Busisoft) was not particularly great. The Bryston guys seemed reluctant to modify fuse rating, even though I tested my power over 2-days to show it peaked at 250v). Good news is never had a problem since upgrading fuse.
  17. Item: YBA CD PLAYER Purchased 2015. Location: Templestowe, Vic Reason for selling: I bought a SACD player Condition: used but in perfect working order Reason for selling: I bought a SACD player Price: $1,100 Payment method: cash or PayPal Details: Comes with original packaging, user manual, remote and purchase invoice. Audition welcome. Pick up only. Templestowe Victoria. $1,100
  18. I agree Grizzly. CD’s are an Op Shop bargain! I use the cheap price to: a) discover new music (only a couple of dollars wasted if it sucks); buy that album by the artist who you really only like 1 or 2 songs, so have resisted buying whole album I know I could probably download...but for a couple of dollars I can own FOREVER on a CD[emoji106]
  19. Had my 2 REL’s singing with my 20.7’s for a month now. I started the journey as a bit of a skeptic, but am now a convert...completely...absolutely. I’d recommend giving it a go to any Maggie owners. After all IMO it’s not the subs that ultimately won’t integrate to your Maggies, it’s the combination of the subs, Maggies in your particular listening room/position.
  20. 5 new SA90 tapes in original box. Are They worth $30 to anyone? No longer required as I don’t have a player. Can post at buyers expense.
  21. A bit slow getting back to you on this...but I am using REL S3’s. Your probably going to get a lot of opinions on this, so keep in mind your listening room is likely unique - so what works in others’ rooms may not work in your listening environment. If you’re in Melbourne you’re quite welcome to come and listen to gauge for yourself. REL themselves recommend S5 subs for 20.7 Maggies, but they are too big for my room. Cheers Glenn
  22. There’s lot of opinions on marrying Maggies with subs, but thought I would share my recent experience. I have 20.7 Maggies. I home demo’d a single REL just to gauge for myself whether going down this path had merit IMO. I now have 2xREL’s running. It took me a while to find best positioning, but now have them integrated so that it has taken the 20.7’s to a whole new level! I am extremely pleased with the results! I started positioning the REL’s based on REL website suggestions, which didn’t work in my listening room, and sounded awful. I decided to be guided by my favourite reference book “Get Better Sound” by Jim Smith. Smith advises that there is no way to know which positioning nor even which way they should face until you’ve got them in your listening situation. I gotta say he’s on to something. Looking at how I’ve positioned mine you could be excused for thinking it’s random. But it works! One happy listener [emoji4]
  23. Very interesting Mike13! Please let me know how you go with the DEQX. in the meantime I’ll check out some of those cheaper options.
  24. Thanks metal beat, I didn’t realise Bill sold DEQX, but sure makes sense to have a chat with him!
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