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  1. 5 new SA90 tapes in original box. Are They worth $30 to anyone? No longer required as I don’t have a player. Can post at buyers expense.
  2. A bit slow getting back to you on this...but I am using REL S3’s. Your probably going to get a lot of opinions on this, so keep in mind your listening room is likely unique - so what works in others’ rooms may not work in your listening environment. If you’re in Melbourne you’re quite welcome to come and listen to gauge for yourself. REL themselves recommend S5 subs for 20.7 Maggies, but they are too big for my room. Cheers Glenn
  3. There’s lot of opinions on marrying Maggies with subs, but thought I would share my recent experience. I have 20.7 Maggies. I home demo’d a single REL just to gauge for myself whether going down this path had merit IMO. I now have 2xREL’s running. It took me a while to find best positioning, but now have them integrated so that it has taken the 20.7’s to a whole new level! I am extremely pleased with the results! I started positioning the REL’s based on REL website suggestions, which didn’t work in my listening room, and sounded awful. I decided to be guided by my favourite reference book “Get Better Sound” by Jim Smith. Smith advises that there is no way to know which positioning nor even which way they should face until you’ve got them in your listening situation. I gotta say he’s on to something. Looking at how I’ve positioned mine you could be excused for thinking it’s random. But it works! One happy listener [emoji4]
  4. Very interesting Mike13! Please let me know how you go with the DEQX. in the meantime I’ll check out some of those cheaper options.
  5. Thanks metal beat, I didn’t realise Bill sold DEQX, but sure makes sense to have a chat with him!
  6. Thanks so much for the great feedback. My situation is: I don’t have a dedicated Hi-Fi room, so must live with some arrangement compromise; I am running Magneplanar 20.7, and just ordered 2xREL subs after playing with a single sub for a week. I had the sub come in so it was very subtle, just providing me that low rumble I was missing on things like some bass guitar, cello etc. I created a play list on the Aurender N10 covering a wide range of music, from vocals (Amos Lee) to piano (Yamamoto tsuyoshi) instrumental (Oregon, Crossing) to some bass heavy pop (Bliss). The sub definitely bought some things to life, but as will surprise no one, the trick was getting enough from the sub on subtle strings, without it being a bit messy on the base heavy pop stuff. I played with sub positions a little (but limited by my room), sub aiming direction, listening position (only minor adjustments available to me) etc etc. I guess I was thinking that I could adopt some optimisation technology to fine tune. The RELs should arrive next week so I have a bit of ‘playing’ ahead of me. Cheers
  7. I’m interested if anybody has had experience with this or similar products for sound optimisation. Reading the blurb they can diagnose and filter (fix?) most room acoustic issues such as bass traps etc. They’re costly, but prom a lot from being able to replace your dac and even preamp. Any experiences or thoughts welcome.
  8. Cafad I have a Genesis CD which was my second YBA player. The Genesis is a nice player, although can be a bit forward in the midrange for some set ups. If you can afford the Passion, I’d say go on do it!
  9. Item: Magneplanar 20.1 Location: Melbourne Price: $6000 Item Condition: excellent with no faults or concerns Reason for selling: Now running 20.7’s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Item: pair of 20.1 in excellent condition. Oak timber with off-White cloth. (Can provide set of original Magnepan black cloth sets for those who prefer the monolith look 😀All original packaging. Non smoking household. Originally Purchased on consignment from McLeans. Location: Templestowe Vic Price: $6,250 Item Condition: Any test and audition welcomed as these are in faultless working order. Pictures:
  10. Nice to see the turntable taking prominent position VK. Welcome
  11. Sorry Jumbuck, I don’t quite understand why my messages aren’t getting through i wii send again.
  12. John PM sent again tonight let E.G. me know via SN if you don’t receive.
  13. John I did send response. I’ll try to track and see why you didn’t receive they ar still for sale. @The Drake
  14. Hi PeteJan from a fellow LP12 owner.
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