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  1. Update, Dekoni earpads and XLR cables have come in lol 😂 The speakers also arrived, man I really should have got some speakers for my PC much earlier, the Edifier S350DB package is surprisingly good. Sub goes well in my PC room (Small bedroom size), sounds good too, really impressed by it for the money honestly.
  2. Actually, might have to go the SMSL SU-8 V2, didn't realise the Topping only had stereo out, whereas the SMSL has both RCA and XLR out. So I can use the XLR to AMP and RCA to my monitors that are on their way. Also, silly question, but they both don't come with RCA or XLR cables right? If so, what interconnect XLR would you recommend and 1-2m RCA cables?
  3. Wow, yeah that's a bit rough mate... Maybe it's not a part that's out of stock but a fault in one of the parts then...
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! the sp200 seems good, stuck between the su-8 V2 vs Topping D50S now lol. I've seen that some people have said it's good to pair a balanced output with a balanced AMP input if the AMP is balanced... What difference would it make putting an unbalanced output from the DAC to the balanced AMP input? The Topping D50S? If so why do you say that? Because they are both black? lol
  5. Well, it seems that the Topping DX7 Pro manufacturer are out of stock of a part/parts and won't be shipped till mid February at this point. Anyone Know of any other place that sells them that might have stock? Or of something of similar value, but just as good/better? (Was the best option for me out of those suggested so far IMO) Or should I just wait for them to ship out?
  6. Ahhh RIP, went ahead with the purchas about an hour or two before there were a bunch of comments ahah.... Oh well, my brother might want to upgrade after I get these and he tests them out 😂🤣 I mean the AMP/DAC should last me basically forever and if I feel like I want to upgrade my bro probably wouldn't pass up the chance. What I bought in earlier post quoted below. That's my thoughts with going with the DX7 Pro in the end, ample power for any headphones I might go, and will only need to upgrade them to suit what I want at the time. Priority is and will likely stay gaming and YouTube type stuff with occasional music thrown in, I doubt that will change in the foreseeable future too.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I think I might just pay the extra $200 for the DX7 Pro to sort of future proof in case I decide to get more demanding/higher ohm headphones. I'm one to try to future proof and have as much last as long as possible unless there is a good reason to upgrade in the future. I haven't regretted spending extra on other stuff in the past, or spending A LOT extra than planned on my HTS/Music setup so far 😂 😂.
  8. Alrighty, so it seems I'm going with the DX7 Pro, MMX 300, Dekoni Choice Pads, and I've decided to grab the Edifier S350DB 2.1 set lol. Will be good to have something that doesn't clip when I don't want headphones on watching YouTube or something like my monitors speakers 🤣.
  9. Thanks mate, you make me think the DX7 Pro may very well be the best option for me lol. Out of curiosity what speakers are you using on your desk for PC use? Cheers. Where'd you buy the DX7 Pro from? Just that Amazon AU says 3-5 dispatch time so wondering if there's another Aussie place I can get one from? Schiit, now you have me thinking of another combo. 🤣 However first comment on second page got me comparing the specs and tests of the DAC and AMP vs the DX7 Pro ahahah. Now I'm thinking for the same price I might be better off getting the DX7 Pro as I think(?) that would be fine even for higher draw headphones.
  10. Thanks I think I found them! I thinking of going for the SMSL M500 because I can get it from Amazon AU, and it's price is lower than all of them with very, very similar performance except for the AMP being a little weak compared DX7 Pro . It's also $100 and $200 cheaper compared to the Sabaj and Topping. Compared to the Element it's about $200 cheaper, plus I don't have to get it from overseas and I can have price protection (If it goes to a lower price in any store or online store in Australia you can get the difference refunded to your CC!) and use my CC for 6 months interest free ahahah. Thanks, I'll probably upgrade in the future eventually but not for years ahaha. I saw the Schiit stack you're talking about, but I think I'll want the ability to have the stereo out for active desktop speakers I'm very likely getting. (Strongly considering the Audioengine 5+ (not wireless version).
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! Will have a look through them. Any of them you'd recommend over the other for any reasons? Good point with the used Element 1, Element II not noticeable improvement I think and I certainly wouldn't notice it I think. Also noticed you had one for sale, I'm guessing that's sold as the ad is a month old? Sounds like I'd probably prefer the MMX honestly. Thanks for that! I've also seen that some headphones sound much better with better AMPs, is that the go with the MMX300, so it'd be worth grabbing a better quality AMP/DAC? With the Dekoni Choice pads which ones are the way to go? (As in material as I see there are different materials for them that they offer) Also which ones fit the MMX300? Do the ones for the DT990's fit?
  12. Also are there any other DACs or AMPs (or combo type) that you'd recommend? Seems a bit strange spending almost double on that then the headset?
  13. Ok thanks! Now I'm tossing up between the MMX300 and the HD6XX (Or HD58X??) with a desktop mic (or mod mic) and the Element II DAC/AMP Combo. Any thoughts on which one would be the better choice?
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