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  1. Howdy fellas, just got a question with speaker placement for a 7.1/7.2 system I'm putting together... I have a pair of Dali Zensor 3's coming and will get some stands from Selby. For a 5.1 setup I'll make room either side of the lounge, but for 7.1 how close can the speakers be? I could bring the lounge a bit more forward but not too much, I'm just wondering if I get another set of Zensor 3's or Zensor 1's for rear surrounds and put them on stands too if it'll be alright being so close? BTW I sit in the seat closest to the bookshelf on the left. Also another question, I could get Zensor 5's (I have Zensor 7's as fronts) for an insane price second hand and wondering if they'd work well as surrounds or not? From the same guy I could get some bookshelfs for a good price to use as front heights for Atmos/DTS-X etc too.
  2. I'm looking at getting speaker stands for my Dali Zensor 3's once they arrive and not sure whether I should just get the much cheaper Selby stand I have my eye on ($119) or the dearer Dali stands... Which go for about $20 less than what I payed for the Zensor 3's... I've heard cheaper stands can resonate with the speakers and don't want that, but at the same time I don't really want to spend the same as what I payed for the speaker for stands lol.... So I guess I'm looking for opinions on what to do or recommendations for cheaper stands which people have and don't resonate or adversely effect sound.
  3. It would have to be the Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra subwoofer that I snagged from here. I got Dali Zensor 7's, Zensor Vokal and a Yamaha RX-A 3080 a bit after I got the sub (still yet to get surrounds, should have them soon!). Wow! The sub made such a huge improvement over my old Samsung 5.1 HTiB it's unreal. So much more enjoyable and cinematic! (Even without any surround speakers)
  4. So I have some Zensor 3's coming, but have found some really cheap Zensor 1's that I'm considering using for 7.1... Would there be any drawback in using the different model speakers? Basically the difference is the Zensor 3's are bigger, bigger driver and can go lower. So I'm guessing they will be fine, but just wanting to get some opinions. Cheers!
  5. Sweet, thanks for that mate! I'm happy to mess around in the settings, and app settings, etc. Sounds like I'll be going with the shield. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the info! Out of curiosity what is the apple tv better at that makes you want to use another device?
  7. Well I had an iPhone 5s for a few years before switching to the Galaxy S7 last year (I think it was late last year? lol), and honestly like the Android better. But neither really bothers me honestly. I think I may get the Shield for the fact that it actually supports the 24bit 192Khz whereas the Apple TV 4k doesn't.
  8. What are your thoughts on the Nvidia Shield? It seems that, that may be a better option?
  9. Talking about the remote, it may be able to be used with the Apple TV. My TV includes the LG 'Magic' remote and can be used with other sources (for example my AVR, or even PS4), so I'm guessing it should be able to be used with it, but some functions might not be available if it doesn't have a button for it on my TV remote. EDIT - I mean to change inputs on my AVR or change settings (like extra bass, DSP, enhanced mode etc) I have to use the Yamaha remote anyway lol.
  10. I actually only started streaming after I got my TV, I'm not sure of the reason really, other than getting sick of transferring files to a flash drive or HDD. I first started using the DLNA in built on the TV, then started using Plex a week or two later. I can't remember if the Plex app had to be downloaded or only updated on my TV though.
  11. Well atm I just remux, so I shouldn't be losing any quality. That's what I'm streaming btw, local files on my PC to my TV. Don't have many 4k HDR movies yet, but it's slowly increasing.
  12. Does it support pass through of TrueHD with Atmos? I looked on their site but it says they don't support Atmos and they only support 24bit/48Khz not 24/96.
  13. It seems it may be, although with Apple TV 4k it looks like it only supports DD+ Atmos. Think it'll be cheaper too, as it looks like it could be $400+ to get a 4K HDR compatible transmitter and receiver for the HDMI over Ethernet.
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