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  1. But probably not so welcomed in audiophool’s world. I love my adi-2 so much and it measures crazily good, both in dac part and headamp part, but I still heard my friend.saying t sound “sterile” “clinical” “cold”, although it’s transparent as air , without ANY colourstio. 😂 what a funny community we music lover live in. GLWS
  2. Hi is it still available? Cheers
  3. I am in Kensington vic. Would love to try them out. I’m looking for a pair of floorstander.
  4. Looks good. Could you PM me your phone number pls? I will be back to Melbourne on Friday and hopefully could inspect them.
  5. So I have on hand: Stereo Source: -Logitech Transporter hi-res streamer (Inc.Pre amp) -Meridian 500 CD player -Meridian 566 DAC Stereo Amp: -Shengya A-206 MK-II Class-A Integrated Amp (which I don't plan to use anymore) AV Amp: -an Onkyo (forgot the model) receiver (broken down a few months ago) And I've just moved to Perth so I only plan to bring the devices in green to here. What I'm planning to get now: -an AV Pre amp; -an AV Power amp around $4,000 mark; -A pair of Bookshelf Speakers. What I don't plan to get now: (getting them later) -Integrated stereo amp; -Other speakers; (centre, satellite, sub) And this thread is about the AV power amp in Blue. Thanks!!
  6. Yes I'm referring to a 7 channel (at least) amp. Like the 2 I listed. The Pre I got doesn't have HT bypass (it was a bit old) but I don't mind running the LR channel also with the AV preamp for now.
  7. Thanks mate. Yes I've got a DAC and a pre for stereo. I'm looking for the ideal AV power amp under or slightly above $4000. Later on I'll be using this amp to drive everything else (like you said) and get a much better integrated amp for the LR channel. But for now I'll be using this power amp to work with my DAC and Pre for both HT and Music. I've got an active sub and I don't really care that much about sub so the sub output of the power amp will not be a determinant of what am I getting. The reason I'm getting an AV power amp instead of an AV power amp PLUS an integrated stereo amp is because I know I want to get a much better integrated stereo amp in a few years. After getting that integrated stereo amp I will use the AV power amp (which is what I'm looking for now) for other channel but LR. I'm not planning to replace this AV power amp after getting the integrated stereo amp so I want to get something not too bad hence the decision to spend $4000 on an AV power amp. Hope it clarifies. Hi Snoop! So like stated in the previous paragraph. Green shows what I've got and Orange is what I haven't.
  8. Thanks Dave! Frankly your response was really interesting to read. I'm a regular flyer between Perth and Melbourne so going to Eastern states is not a problem to me. Actually I'm going to Mel to try these amps next week hence this thread. Regarding the Preamp I've got a few things to ask if you don't mind: -Which Emotiva Preamp are you using? (Cuz I've also considered MC-700 but was a bit concerned about Emotiva's build quality) -Which Elektra Preamp are you thinking of getting? -If the dealer which I'm going for the Emotiva XPA-7 has also got both preamp I'm happy to do a comparison between the above two preamps by the way, if you think that's going to help you with your decision making. At the moment I'm thinking of getting a good AV power-amp for both stereo music listening and HT uses. I will be only getting one system at the moment and therefore won't consider using a dedicated integrated amp for music (stereo), even if it comes with HT bypass. So really I've constrained myself to only get one amp for both uses. Later maybe, like after five years, I might get a much better integrated amp for stereo listening. For now, I'll spend the budget on one AV amp.
  9. Hi Guys, Recently came across this 7-Channel Power amp Elektra HD7: https://www.melbournehifi.com.au/collections/elektra/products/elektra-theatron-hd-7-channel-power-amplifier So based on the specification it has got output of 190W per channel when powering 7-channel, with a THD @1Khz < 0.0003%. For 20Hz-20kHz it claims to have a THD < 0.001%. So the extremely low THD got my interest. As far as I know most integrated stereo amp couldn't achieve such low distortion. (If the specification is trustable, of course) Beside this, I also found Emotiva's XPA-7 Power amp: https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/emotiva-xpa-7-gen3-7-channel-power-amplifier.html or https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/emotiva-xpa-7-7-channel-power-amplifier.html Which has got 200W per Channel for 7 channels and a THD of < 0.02%. Which is not bad also. Price wise, Elektra is $4,000 free shipping (Have heard some slightly lower price but haven't confirmed yet) while Emotiva here in Australia is retailed at $2,999. I'll be using it for half HT uses and half music listening...I would say both are important to me but my budget for a power amp for now is this much. Also going with a $1500 AV power amp + $2500 Integrated amp is not ideal to me... So what do you guys think? Any advice? Cheers
  10. Hi Kaynin. Did some research and the Power Amp you recommended was very interesting. It has like the lowest distortion I've ever seen on AV Power Amps. Looks like they are only for sale in Melbourne. I'll definetely try it the next time I am back to Mel. In terms of Pre amp, do you think Marantz AVP8805 is the best choice? I'm also looking at AVR860 from Arcam - Also an AV processor at around the same price mark. But it's equiped with DIRAC room calibration, which has got quite some compliments recently.
  11. Thanks Ray. referring to your 2nd last paragraph I do watch lots of movies. But Mrs and I literally have music on all day (except sleep hours) so I would say stereo playback is important for me. I have considered of getting an hifi amp with AVR passthrough function because I know even AVR850 wouldn't be able to be compared to any two channel amp with a price tag of five or more figures. However, I'll probably just start with one Amp. And get a much better hifi amp when the time comes.
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