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  1. Now that Netflix is looking at dropping their streaming bandwidth in Australia to possibly SD, due to the Coronavirus, this will be the dealbreaker for me. I have been a premium subscriber paying maximum fee for 4K content for a long long time. I have been questioning the content value I have been getting over the last year - per Als original post. Prime might follow suit it seems so I might drop that too. After the virus wave passes I might never go back. Will stay with Apple TV/ iTunes for rentals and buy more discs.
  2. Great news Jim. Pity this had to be so painful. Hopefully all parties involved have learned from this saga and customer service will be what it should be in future. Always a shame to see a fantastic product let down by poor customer service and support. Enjoy your NEW N7!
  3. I agree Al and Bob. It can overly complicate and financially challenge one's life to pursue that last little bit of perfection that's always just too far out of reach! Happy camper here... for now 🙂
  4. +1 for the Peerless PRG-UNV. Sturdy, easily adjustable, and slide in/out of projector
  5. I watched this disc last night Al. You are right - reference material! 60FPS also wonderful. Pity not in Cinemascope though.
  6. Anyone feel like a trip to Amsterdam? 🙂 https://mailchi.mp/madvr/madvr-envy-at-ise-2020?e=c6ef7eefb7 Not sure if our pockets will be deep enough, but this sounds like it will be an amazing device.
  7. Thanks Al, will take a look. Was this on 4K disc or streamed.
  8. I just signed up for the 7 day trial of Apple TV+ on my 4K Apple TV and N7. Watched 2 episodes of For All Mankind last night. Was blown away by the video and audio. To my eyes and ears was probably the best quality of any streaming service so far. HDR and Dolby Atmos - wonderful, and the N7 shines. I encourage you to take look if you haven't already. For All Mankind is looking like a great series too - 1st episode slowly sets the stage, 2nd episode better - so stick with it.
  9. My UPS was put to the test last night. We had a 45 minute area-wide power blackout. I was a few minutes into watching Treadstone on the N7 when it happened. It was a bit surreal when everything went silent and dark except for the projector, and the UPS which began emitting its warning beep indicating it was now running on battery. I powered down the N7, letting the fan cool the lamp normally. So The UPS has already proven its worth to me! 😃
  10. I’m glad I helped with your decision Jim. You also get some quite reasonable spike and surge protection during mains supply, which is a bit more insurance . John
  11. Before I bought this unit I did a bit of research. I recall there is a review of the unit online somewhere that shows the output generated in backup mode on an oscilloscope. The sine wave generated was shown to be more pure than the mains sine wave. You should be able to find this via Google search. Of course the "pureness" of a sine wave is a somewhat subjective thing, and the more money you spend the closer you might get to perfection 🙂
  12. CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCDa-AU This is the one I have. It is by far the best value pure sine wave model available in my opinion. I believe a pure sine wave type is important for the high end projectors we are using. It's also the only silent one I could find at the time (fan only runs when mains power fails) so ideal for home theatre. Very happy with mine. They advertise that this also includes a battery replacement within 2 years. https://www.austin.net.au/cyberpower-pfc-sinewave-series-1500va-900w-10a-tower-ups-with-lcd-and-6-x-au-outlets-cp1500epfclcda-au-2-years-adv-replacement-incl-int-batteries.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgpj8473Z5gIVlBaPCh1YSgPwEAkYCyABEgLTGPD_BwE
  13. I have a small UPS on my N7. It provides surge and spike protection, and true sine wave AC output as soon as power fails. I get 10+ minutes of backup allowing plenty of time to shut the projector down normally upon a power outage - permitting the projector fan to cool the lamp etc before shutdown. Given the cost of these projectors, vulnerability of their power circuits, and the the pain in the arse when you have to pull one off the ceiling and take it in for repair, I believe one of these is cheap insurance. The one I have runs silent until mains outage, then its internal fan cuts in. I also have it backing up my HTPC. I would be happy to provide details if anyone wants more info.
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