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  1. My current "digital" music setup is thus - FLAC files ripped from CD are stored on HDD of a laptop which is connected by USB cable to a MF DAC then on to preamp, power amp and speakers. I use MusicBee to organise and play the music files. Sound quality is pretty good (although I have to admit a preference for my vinyl source) and it is a relatively convenient setup. My question is would I be better off sonically with a dedicated music streamer with internal HDD to store the files. If so, what are some recommendations? Interface needs to be via Android as I don't do fruit..........
  2. Interesting. The Gold Lion has made a significant difference to the sound. More tightly focused bass, better imaging and more "air" around each instrument.....even the wife commented on how much better it sounds.....Guess the old valve was at the end of its useful life?
  3. I replaced the rectifier valve in my recently acquired Modwright LS100 this morning. This was what was in it. Anyone identify it? Replaced with a Genalex Gold Lion which has made a very positive difference...
  4. Hi all. I've recently upgraded my preamp to a Modwright LS100 which is surely one sweet device. However, its shown up the inadequacies of my DAC - no real surprise there it is a Musical Fidelity V90. Don't get me wrong I still think its a great budget device but the rest of the system is now streets ahead of it. I'm looking for something accurate but not cold. It'll be used for streaming FLAC files from a PC via USB and digital audio via Toslink from the TV. Budget is up to $2k. Any suggestions??
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I've decided to leave it as a single ended system........
  6. Thanks for that info. So how would one go about converting the non-balanced end to balanced.
  7. Hi all I recently acquired a Modwright LS100 which has an XLR input that "is wired unbalanced". Now having a background in pro audio I understand the difference but can't get my head around an XLR connection methodology with balanced XLRat one end (Project phonobox RS) and unbalanced XLR at the other. Can anyone out there bring me up to speed on how to tackle this?
  8. Apologies for the spelling mistake....
  9. Item: Plessey S1 80wpc integrated amp Location: Canberra Price: $600 plus shipping at cost Item Condition: As new - no scratches or dings Reason for selling: Upgraded to separates Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I went into Len Wallis Audio in November 2016 with the intention of buying a valve amp but after auditioning a couple then listening to the Plessey I bought it and have never regretted it. Simple signal path with only an input selector (4 positions) and a volume control so distortion is kept to a minimum. Has a good headphone amp built in. This amp would suit someone getting started on the "mid-fi" journey or setting up a small or second system. I used it with inputs from a Rega TT via a phono pre, CD player and TV sound via a DAC. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. I use a Denon Pro CD/MP3 player as transport for CD's connected via coax to a Musical Fidelity DAC. Works a treat but still doesn't sound as good as vinyl..... 😀
  11. Not much info around the net on these. One test suggested they were quite transparent and maybe tending towards a bit dry? Anyone owned this pre or heard one?
  12. Only other source is CD - Denon transport through a Musical Fidelity DAC. Sound is definitely smoother from that source, which is what makes me think cart.
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